A wise man once said &%)*#)%(*_(@^, great words to live by.
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"Not really, you pc nerds are so sad when pc and its 'amazing' superiority over systems is taking a backseat to the exclusive games when it comes to comparing them to the 'amazing' pc."

LOL, I forgot smart people ended last in life and was it cool to type "amazing" so many times ?

"Except, Horizon in 4K on Pro looked better than anything on PC."

Says the one without a gaming PC, and not true...

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" I don't have time to troubleshoot drivers and tinker with settings"

When was the last time you had a PC? 1999 ? drivers update them self's you know? its 2016 and which settings are you talking about ? the desktop background?

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Console fanboys say they don't care about graphics when it comes to PC but fight each other on which console looks best LOL!.

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"Once upon a time consoles were actually more advanced hardware and stronger than their computer counterparts at the time and the defacto hardware for gaming."

The f you talking about ? the first game was build on PC and games on consoles are coded on PC hardware. I can't believe people even agreed with you lmfao!!!!!!!. The first true online game was on PC too, where did you get that info ? Yolozine?

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Lulz I see so many special comments in this article, you can truly tell most people here don't know anything about hardware lol

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"There are no $400 4k pc's! You'd have to include a monitor as well "

Did the PS4 and Xbox 1 versions include Tv's or monitors ?

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I've gotten banned for calling someone stupid and by just typing "M$" lol, but i know how much of a joke some admins in here are tho.

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and it is true, console fanboys are always in denial and think controller is just as good at m/k when it isn't even if you play in 100 sense.... and doom is a joke compared to quakes speed btw.... oh and who ever said cod.... LULZ!

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I know :/, so lame

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" Good for them for making a ton of money for doing very little work"

Good joke

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yomfwee if the average person cant built a PC than humanity is over, I built mine at 14 years old by looking at youtube videos, "a lot of research" LOL!!! like if we where building a freaking plane. I love the majority of people here commenting without ever trying to build a PC Lol.

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There's almost 40k people playing it on steam.

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This is so old and was posted here AGES ago lol

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LOL I know, that guy is special(Dirtnapstor).

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