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All I want from black Friday is .... a New Headset! #15
Well people keep buying their games so....y change if money keeps rolling in. #1.5
"This game makes as much as League of Legends"

=O #2
We are talking about actual sales maybe ? and not an opinions ? and according to sales and reviews it is the must own game. #1.1
PSN has been having probs from what I heard. Not everyone tho, just some. #5.1
Thankful for having my family and health, everything else is bonus. #39
Downloading uplay to check it out then!, this article only mentioned consoles :'( #3.2
They have an nvidia promotion where you get the game for free yet PC doesn't get a beta lol. #3
That have done it with other sites so ? So discrimination then ? because they can blacklist some sites but not others ? That wouldn't hold in a court of law lol and yes you can sue sites. #1.3.3
They should be blacklisted from this site. #1.3
Or use that money for free game dlc and make gamer's happy but nahhh, TY EA.... you really are bright. #1.10
Its probably not gonna be on steam for a while, its EA so its on their origin platform. #3.1
"You have to worry about your PC being able to handle new games. On consoles you're ready to go always."

Don't see how u need 2 worry, you can run about any game with today's hardware. You can adjust the resolution, textures in settings.

"Some games just don't work without tweaking a few settings or updating a driver. On consoles there is no such thing."

Um, nvidia and amd cards update them self's. Twea... #6.2.5
Actually I don't, that's y i'm asking. Ive been gaming on PC for 15+ years. If it was the year 2000 then maybe, but its 2015. Not gonna start and argument because you don't know what to say. If its that easy to name a few, name 3. #6.2.2
As well as diff types or CPU's and GPU's. #11.2
What are these negatives ? care to name some ?

Edit: I'm asking, how am I getting disagrees !

*Note that right now I don't have any disagrees but at some point I will* #6.2
That's y they are adding Christmas lights to the console, to make it "more attractive". #22.1
Its a site breh, ive been a member since 2009 lol. Read my name bruh, what where u expecting. You make it sound like losing a bubble was pretty serious lol, you laugh right ? Mission accomplished. #9.3
I know, every time I find a new way to use my xbox. I use it for everything, lifting, holding things in place, as a hat, heater, as a base for my PS4, you name it!. Thanks MS ! #9
"Correction, this is why PC gamers get stereotyped as weird virgins"

That's what console only owners say cus they don't have it lol, like if console players wouldn't download it for jokes. Heck more console gamers would dl cus the majority are kids and kids fap to anything. #3.2
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