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I want to see the full video :( #1.2
Not that op really. With nvidia's new GTX 970 you can have a really nice freaking build for cheap. If you really want to save a lot of $, build your PC on Cyber Monday #1.1
Nick bruh, you posting on every Driveclub article isn't gonna make the xbox's sales better bro. We know your having a hard time but hey, what can you do right ? Not your fault you chose that shitty thing over a real console like the PS4. Don't worry tho, after this beating there will probably not be another xbox so lighten up. There will be no reason for your to waste your time on gaming sites posting how xbox is supa pro's because there will probably be no new xbox. Hope this... #1.4
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Windows live on PC sucked ass, people even avoided buying the game just to not have to deal with it. Lets hope they keep using steam for their games like Ryse #1.3
You cant re spawn either which sucks, difficulty is retarded and world is too dynamic. Planes can crash on you or get hit by lightning I mean its too unpredictable, it needs serious patching. #1.3
Sashamaz stop bro, you just look dumb. I though u where trolling but then I saw you where serious and felt bad for you. #2.6
"30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING... "

That shit has to be the fking comment of the decade here on n4g. Mods plz give him something. There is no words to describe how bad informed you have to be, to write something like that ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! and people actually agreed LMFAO!!!!! #1.3
Compress ftl #1.2
They know ur pc better than u do duh! #3.2.1
Titan is for working, GTX for gaming.

Btw most games aren't optimized for sli configurations. #8.1
Have the same card, getting a GTX 970 when I can tho :D #2.3.1
and it will look better than this in person. YouTube doesn't really stream full hd.

Btw what vishmarx said is true, high and ultra are the same things right now. They are releasing a texture pack for this game when it comes out. #1.2
I am a troll but I have to be honest here LOL, the pics where obvious on which was which but the gif's took me like 5 secs to realize which was which, finally knew which was X1 cus of the lighting. #1.2
When lol goes down nobody panics LOL!!!!!! ? You obvsly don't visit the forums, #4.3
"your master race ass would rather pay $1500 for graphic cards than pay $5 for games right? "

Um what ? I though i was the troll. The sad part is it has agrees on it, that just shows how lil people know about PC. #1.21
You can tell they are making it more competitive, now it takes 3 bullets to kill instead of 2. Don't know if people will adapt to these changes, now its a hardcore game. #1.16
Kev, kindly I say GTFO #1.1.3
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Then buy a mouse/keyboard and get good ? #11.1.2
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Its better to see the video on the Sony site, this version looks crappy compared to the one on their site. #1.2
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Youtube doesn't make this game justice! Sony did real HD capture there! #1.8
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