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Lelo just mad developers keep ditching the X1 for the PS4. #1.5.3
Yeah vallencer , pedophiles have it hard too. Y cant people just accept them, the world is just messed up you know. I hope one day people will accept them and kids everywhere in the world will know what they have been missing. Y cant people just accept their feelings, many are hypocrite's. No! my thing is ok but yours isn't! because..... uhhhh, what a joke am I right vallencer?

Do......do I need to add the /s ? #12.6

I guess you feel the same way about pedophiles #3.4
Lmfao at the disagrees with nothing to back it up, N4g .... the place where logic doesn't exist :D

Google WarZ Arma 2, have fun. #2.2.1

Don't worry bro you don't have to play it, right now it has more players online than DayZ.

Btw I agree they need to nerf the drops and they said they where #1.5
Its early access .... which is before even alpha.... and DayZ is a clone from mod in Arma so get your facts bro.

They said they are nerfing the drops too. #2.2
They always say the same thing, it never happens. Same with dedicated servers, they say we gonna add them and at last second they say they wont be able to do it. Activition is a joke, so fking greedy. #2.1
CS:GO, over 420k people play it simultaneously

Edit: Nvm, this is only xbox xD #1.4
Um thewhiteelephant the xbox fanboys started all of this with GT5, so maybe you should learn ur history. #1.3.11
First there not 2D and even if they where, I forgot people buy driving games to park the cars next to the fan stands .... LOL just quit at life bro. #1.3.6
Epic did that with UT3 and it killed the whole series :D! #5.3
Is that an oxymoron comment or uhhh ?

Oh yeah you probably don't play on pc and write what you hear from other people cus you provide no examples in any of ur comments.

Nt tho bro #2.2.1
yeah that's y new consoles sale out faster cus people don't care about graphics LOL!

Denial, anyways I still have to buy consoles cus it has exclusives I like. #2.1.2
"but if I had shares in Microsoft or was in some other way invested, I would be wonder why this isn't an exclusive"

LMFAO ? do you even know how shares work ? if more people buy it the share becomes more valuable. That made no sense LOL!, learn a lil about shares before writing about them buddy :) #1.14
That looks really clean, mines a mess inside lol. #1.5
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I rather have the 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate. I'm a hardcore gamer tho, many wont care 4 that lol. #1.2.3
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People are more concerned about what she is wearing and not the fact that the game is about beating one to death LOL. Murder is ok but a slut outfit ? now that's just plain wrong #1.3
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Is that a joke ? A Sony owned company(meaning they have a lot of money to burn) losing to an indie in quality ? is it April 1 or what? If they do manage and lose, who ever was in charge should be fired.

Btw even with the bad reviews(which are the minority, it has a 85% positive review rate from 97 thousand reviews) That game usually has over 30k people playing constantly. #2.2
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Chest hair A.I :O!!!!! #1.9
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They are selling at ebay for 10 grand right now LOL. They have over 90 bids too #2.2
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