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At least we know now who some of the biggest uninformed losers here on n4g are LOL, starting with Genuine-User.

On the topic at hand... its not a hate symbol, I'm sorry this person who wrote the article knows nothing, like a few users here who claim its a racist symbol and apparently there's a white supremacist nation that is somewhere in the U.S marching every day and preventing liberals from talking ? I guess those in the NBA are whites ? all those singers and doc...

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"Dumbass comparison, but hey its N4G"

I think you should reevaluate calling something "dumbass" when you don't even know that N4G isn't the one writing these stories, people submit news articles from other sites.

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"They act like complete kids who scream at everyone they don't like."

Just in case heres this

"If Nazis and white supremacists start to carry them..."

Oh Jezzus Chrizzt, are Germans marching in the U.S ? Who are these Nazis preventing from speaking ? Where is this violent suppression of the opposition? Pretty sure is the left, who are destroying cities, assaulting people and preventing people from speaking, are people completely ignoring all the violence these antifa losers are causing while claiming to be about peace and love, while beating everyone who ...

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They seriously made an apology for something that resembles a meme LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this regressive stuff is getting beyond retarded

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Is the kekistan flag really a symbol of hate now lmfao ?

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"Not really, you pc nerds are so sad when pc and its 'amazing' superiority over systems is taking a backseat to the exclusive games when it comes to comparing them to the 'amazing' pc."

LOL, I forgot smart people ended last in life and was it cool to type "amazing" so many times ?

"Except, Horizon in 4K on Pro looked better than anything on PC."

Says the one without a gaming PC, and not true...

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" I don't have time to troubleshoot drivers and tinker with settings"

When was the last time you had a PC? 1999 ? drivers update them self's you know? its 2016 and which settings are you talking about ? the desktop background?

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Console fanboys say they don't care about graphics when it comes to PC but fight each other on which console looks best LOL!.

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"Once upon a time consoles were actually more advanced hardware and stronger than their computer counterparts at the time and the defacto hardware for gaming."

The f you talking about ? the first game was build on PC and games on consoles are coded on PC hardware. I can't believe people even agreed with you lmfao!!!!!!!. The first true online game was on PC too, where did you get that info ? Yolozine?

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Lulz I see so many special comments in this article, you can truly tell most people here don't know anything about hardware lol

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"There are no $400 4k pc's! You'd have to include a monitor as well "

Did the PS4 and Xbox 1 versions include Tv's or monitors ?

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I've gotten banned for calling someone stupid and by just typing "M$" lol, but i know how much of a joke some admins in here are tho.

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and it is true, console fanboys are always in denial and think controller is just as good at m/k when it isn't even if you play in 100 sense.... and doom is a joke compared to quakes speed btw.... oh and who ever said cod.... LULZ!

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I know :/, so lame

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" Good for them for making a ton of money for doing very little work"

Good joke

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yomfwee if the average person cant built a PC than humanity is over, I built mine at 14 years old by looking at youtube videos, "a lot of research" LOL!!! like if we where building a freaking plane. I love the majority of people here commenting without ever trying to build a PC Lol.

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