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When someone needs to make an article about it you know its not #1.13
DEED I LIE ? or is the xbox selling more ? does it have more first party studios ? are more Indy devs working with xbox ? does xbox have better hardware and cost less ? AH OK #1.2.3
I know :/, everyone knows the PS4 is better I mean look at sales. #1.2.1
I have an ASUS VG248QE and its freaking amazing. 140hz and 1ms delay FTW #1.2
People bought The Completionist package... its $15,000 thousand dollars LMFAO #2.3
Poor guys, don't have enough traffic that they have to do this :'(. You cant cheat traffic with shitty riviews :( #1.3
Actually, it does help in performance #2.1.4
FPS games #3.1
151,119 #9.1.1
Well its not like they are lying.... they max out the PS4 with their ENGINE. They improve it in time and that's how we get better performance. #1.3
Whoot! thx! #2.3
136,185 #9.1
Whew, I had my bible just in case :D #2.2
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BTW i think the game is possessed LOL, it opens randomly on my phone or the music starts playing even when its locked lol wtf xD. #2.1
Im at 86,587 after 4 tries (android) #2
Towelie go get high bro, stop making a fool or ur self #4.2
Bots = Letdown
Maps = amazing
Player count for those big ass maps = SHEET

Overall score = POOP

The views and opinions expressed in this comment are those of FlameBaitGod and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any of the admins in N4G #1.13
I have a ASUS VG248QE and its the best monitor I have ever had. #1.7
Still nothing on android :/ #9
By being a baws obviously

Steam, Thx #53
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