Do unto others as you would have others do unto you


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You can't modify something just because you " paid " for it .There are rules . Go buy a house , see if you can " modify " it into a skyscraper without any kind of permission .

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Opera for teh win !

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"Sony Entertainment has bamboozled you in its little web of lies and DECEIT"


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I speak like that irl but it's not as harsh and aggresive as it seems ! I speak like that but in a very nice way ,lol.
you know when you put your spoken words into text , a lot of things get lost in the way !

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Wtf man , who gives a sh1t about "total of submissions" , whatever that is !

I found these blog posts super interesting and since no one wasn't submitting them I did it , that's it!

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I am sooo going to play some Crash , BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!

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Why o why we don't get mor of these kind of stories about the history behind some old popular games????!!!

Come on devs , we want to hear them . Ok , read them !

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They should change their name to Team Ico 2 !

Of all these so called AAA games , Flower is stil THE game of this gen for me , Ok , maybe not , it's a tie between Flower and God of War III :)

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Good old days ... I still remember the first time I played Crash ... it was like WOW!

And those funny commercials..." You are hurting my elbow " lol

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With all due respect...

Kratos shat on all of them from top of the Mount Olympus!

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Your avatar is the definition of sad...

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This is just stupid

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Panda is right , Uncharted's cut scenes are pre rendered in order to reduce loading times , but the differences between the real time visual vs the pre rendered cutscenes aren't that huge .

Fast forward to U3...this time around the difference between ingame stuff vs prerendered ctscenes seems to be huge , I mean look at that desert scene!!! it looks as good as FFXIII's CG cutscenes!

If U3 looks remotely close to that I will fly to ND's of...

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Wow , Syberia ... good old days...

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Can't wait for insane 3 to be release in 2020 , hell yeah!

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There is not enough month in a year to release all those games!!

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Please go back to your Call of Duty .

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lol @ butthurt JonahFalcon , dude is still bitter because of Dreamcast , get over it , lolz

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