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Although I agree KH began with sony, don't be stupid.

Sony: KH1, KH2, BBS, Re:CoM
Nintendo: CoM, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, DDD

Looks pretty even to me, Bro. #11.2.1
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At E32012, I could've cared less. After the NYC press event, it seems Big N is finally stepping up in the core department. Last Nintendo "console" I've owned was N64. This WiiU looks decent though.

I really liked the link between eastern and western games. HUGE respect right there. Its like the PS2. Seeing as how I enter HD gaming PS3/2011, no launch day purchase here.

Bring a solid star fox, and original SuperSmashBros weighted feel, and we... #1.2
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NFL 2K5: the best there ever was.

People are really stupid. Just like COD, its the same game every year! At the very least, purchase in 3 year intervals. Alteast, you'll have a better chance at improvements. Heh. Its like buying a new car model every year. #2.1.3
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To begin your agruement with "I'm pretty sure he means that...", is a clear assumption. Which means your credibility is based on mere speculation. *smirks* #1.1.2
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I'm sorry, but what??? I picked up my PS2/PS3 respectively 2006/2011. Waited for both consoles to build their libraries. As futureproof and stellar as the PS3 is, it doesn't hold a candle to the diverse games of PS2! Are you stupid? Ps2 was the perfect blend of East and Western games. RPG's and Shooters actually lived in harmony. Sports games and platformers galore!

We didn't have to worry about overpriced DLC, annoying online wussy gamers. What you received... #1.1
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Meh. ARPG all the way. Haven't seen anything come close to KH yet, but still waiting for FFVS13 #1.1.1
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Except good ole' 2k5....*sniffles*

@tentonsoftube: Madden is the king? Well. That's some well crafted marketing EA fed you. No other dev/pub can compete with them, since they purchased the NFL rights license...etc.

That's like driving in a race and all the other vehicles tires were blown out before the race even began. #1.1.1
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Douchebags. Nintendo knew what they we're doing.

2010: "Oh we were gonna have a November launch, but its to early! We need more time :) Gotta set those launch games, and make'em sparkly!"

"$250? We're not arrogant at all! Now go buy another mario game muhaha!"

"Friend codes n region locks for all!"

2011: "hey. yeah you. We're cuttin 80 bucks off. U mad bro? Oh. Well here'... #1
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Absolutely nothing. Never influenced my purchasing. Never will. #1.1
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Firstly, I see your point. Secondly, I didn't disagree with dunno who did that. May have to click #2, just to prove it wasn't me hehe :P

My previous post is focused on launch date, specs, and pricing. The heavy hitters. The speculation for those factors gets a lil boring after awhile. And yeah I've been following. My face was glued to my PC during E3 just like yours. #1.1.1
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Let me get this straight. We know absolutely NOTHING. I love speculation too...but really? Jeez... #1
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Aye. If you're shellin out cash on the monthly? You SHOULD be receiving a better service...

I simply use PSN (no +). To those dudes with Live, if you like what you're usin, kudos to you. I personally prefer my online free. And no, that's not a poke a X-users. #1.1.1
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True. Yet popularity = cheap knockoffs. Case in point, all those lame RockBand/GuitarHero knockoffs were pretty pathetic. Activision milked a music genre for all its worth and practically killed a genre(mind you was roughly 5 years old).

The market follows what's popular. I like racing games and action-rpg's. Both genres have shrunk this gen tremendously. Back in the PS2 days everything coexisted. GTA, COD, stellar racing games like Midnight Club or Burnout all thrive... #1.2.2
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Wow...thanks you guys :D never thought I'd see 3 bubbles ever again! I'll make sure to continue to make thought provoking posts : D #1.1.2
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-sighs- some people just don't want to hear the truth. Its like parents who blame television for screwing over their kids. Who purchased the cable provider? Who holds the power over the remote? Most people "want" other to tell them what to do. What's right/what's wrong. Backwards mentallity, huh?

I've only been at 3 bubbles, so my drop wasn't "too" severe lol. I guess I could fine tune my posts to appeal to the majority of the N4G com... #1.1.1
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Nope. People always complain about these companies "milking us" dry. Yet no one is forcing us to purchase these overpriced content. And that is simply what I choose not to do. I won't shell even a cent. #1
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Screw that. GBA hands down. I hated the library of casual games for my DSlite. Little did I know Nintendogs and Cooking Mama were right around the corner....

If you're a fan of those rpgs(I'm an a-rpg man), ot touchscreen stuff, then yeah. The DS library is awesome. Just like the Wii library. -scoffs- #5.1.1
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I'm surprised. But there aint nothin pleasant about it bro... #1.1.1
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Scribblenauts a core title???hahaha...its a cool game but c'mon bro. Only "hardcore" title I see in that list is KH and castlevania

Where's the finesse of Nintendo E32010??? That show was so friggen epic, but '11 and '12 sucked. 10minutes on friggen harry potter...

Also, I'm friggen sick of E3 now! There's so many titles/interviews that were lost under the huge wave, and we probably won't hear about them for a couple weeks. #1.3.3
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Wow. The man is SURPRISINGLY spot on. Please. Read the blog. Yeah you'll give'em hits, but this dude actually deserves it.

Basically he's saying Nintendoland is a kiddie casual game for casual gamers right? But within each minigame, is stuffed with appealing Nintendo IP's and more importantly "core" gameplay experiences. Its like the ultimate bridge from casual to core gamer. I'd explain more, but just it out.

Personally, Watch D... #1
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