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Comparing week to week sales? Absolutely.
Life time sales? Of course not. Nothing fair or not fair. Just lay out the straight facts.

side note: why the blazes are the ladies in SFV so nude? Not "in the nude". I know its eye-candy, but jeez man. This would've been my first SF game EVER. I like SoulCalibur due to it great fighting animations, and the games aren't so heavily revealing. Small minority I know. Probably why I skipped D.O.A.

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I'm really really looking forward to this game. It oozes the same story Rainbow 6: Patriots was supoosed to be(magazine ads and all), but was reduced to Rainbow 6: Seige :(

So I'm really hoping Homefront 2 can pull it off.

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When I pick up another PS4(give 1st to bro in college), I'm picking this game up.

Alotta love for this title. You can tell. A remastered edition + a next gen sequel? Sweetness. This and Nier:Automata knocked my socks off last year.

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I really really hope the gameplay can stay fresh and not feel repetitive....

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Yo. Ubisoft takes some deserved flack, but their upcoming lineup looks spectacular....

For Honor- that combat looks delicious
WildLands- open world tps....(please no downgrade)

off topic: I left N4G 3 years ago. how did I get 10 bubbles? What happened to the thriving community? Crazy fanboy debates? What happend??

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Highly unlikely. When that campaign began I legit thought it was Sega, not a couple of pie in the sky wishful thinkers....

Also, What happened to the N4G community??? It feels really barren(I left in 2012/2013).

How did I get 10 bubbles???? So many questions man. Does anyone know?

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Dude....this game right here. I never owned or "wanted" to own a Xbox console(team Japan 4evAR!), but....

Quantum Break?
CrackDown 3?
Rare's Pirate game?

man...pretty tempting =D

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Although I agree KH began with sony, don't be stupid.

Sony: KH1, KH2, BBS, Re:CoM
Nintendo: CoM, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, DDD

Looks pretty even to me, Bro.

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At E32012, I could've cared less. After the NYC press event, it seems Big N is finally stepping up in the core department. Last Nintendo "console" I've owned was N64. This WiiU looks decent though.

I really liked the link between eastern and western games. HUGE respect right there. Its like the PS2. Seeing as how I enter HD gaming PS3/2011, no launch day purchase here.

Bring a solid star fox, and original SuperSmashBros weighted feel, and we...

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NFL 2K5: the best there ever was.

People are really stupid. Just like COD, its the same game every year! At the very least, purchase in 3 year intervals. Alteast, you'll have a better chance at improvements. Heh. Its like buying a new car model every year.

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To begin your agruement with "I'm pretty sure he means that...", is a clear assumption. Which means your credibility is based on mere speculation. *smirks*

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I'm sorry, but what??? I picked up my PS2/PS3 respectively 2006/2011. Waited for both consoles to build their libraries. As futureproof and stellar as the PS3 is, it doesn't hold a candle to the diverse games of PS2! Are you stupid? Ps2 was the perfect blend of East and Western games. RPG's and Shooters actually lived in harmony. Sports games and platformers galore!

We didn't have to worry about overpriced DLC, annoying online wussy gamers. What you received ...

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Meh. ARPG all the way. Haven't seen anything come close to KH yet, but still waiting for FFVS13

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Except good ole' 2k5....*sniffles*

@tentonsoftube: Madden is the king? Well. That's some well crafted marketing EA fed you. No other dev/pub can compete with them, since they purchased the NFL rights license...etc.

That's like driving in a race and all the other vehicles tires were blown out before the race even began.

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Douchebags. Nintendo knew what they we're doing.

2010: "Oh we were gonna have a November launch, but its to early! We need more time :) Gotta set those launch games, and make'em sparkly!"

"$250? We're not arrogant at all! Now go buy another mario game muhaha!"

"Friend codes n region locks for all!"

2011: "hey. yeah you. We're cuttin 80 bucks off. U mad bro? Oh. Well here'...

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Absolutely nothing. Never influenced my purchasing. Never will.

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Firstly, I see your point. Secondly, I didn't disagree with dunno who did that. May have to click #2, just to prove it wasn't me hehe :P

My previous post is focused on launch date, specs, and pricing. The heavy hitters. The speculation for those factors gets a lil boring after awhile. And yeah I've been following. My face was glued to my PC during E3 just like yours.

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Let me get this straight. We know absolutely NOTHING. I love speculation too...but really? Jeez...

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Aye. If you're shellin out cash on the monthly? You SHOULD be receiving a better service...

I simply use PSN (no +). To those dudes with Live, if you like what you're usin, kudos to you. I personally prefer my online free. And no, that's not a poke a X-users.

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True. Yet popularity = cheap knockoffs. Case in point, all those lame RockBand/GuitarHero knockoffs were pretty pathetic. Activision milked a music genre for all its worth and practically killed a genre(mind you was roughly 5 years old).

The market follows what's popular. I like racing games and action-rpg's. Both genres have shrunk this gen tremendously. Back in the PS2 days everything coexisted. GTA, COD, stellar racing games like Midnight Club or Burnout all thrive...

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