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Its not your eyes,the framerate is more smooth and stable on the PS4 the face off will soon show this.The Xbox seems to stutter also in quite a few places.

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Xbox one already uses features of dx12 not to mention that the Api in use with the machine works close to the metal already when developing games,its going to gain some more optimization resorces mainly a new Esram Api but that will not improve the performance drasticly like some fanboys are thinking.....people cant forget that the hardware components are what they are weak, and Dx 12 will not change that!

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You can get all for very cheap right now plus a cheap PS3 that is still one hell of a machine !

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But but Sony needs the cash for new games they simply dont have money to support Morpheus development,new games and support the rest of the company just on the back of Ps4 sales and Ps+ subs,so they really need to remaster!This will be known the generation of remasters in the end,sad truth.

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Again nothing of sales for EU countrys,its just sad that Sony seems to put EU ,Uk has an afterthought lately !! Atleast Xbox sales are always for all regions!

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I think that are other aspects that should determine the price of a game more than a game length, lets just say that 90% of the time reviews don't mention fundamental aspects that break more the enjoyment than the length,i for once would like more focus on technical aspects like how smooth is the framerate does it dips below the minimum expected 30fps or is rock solid , screen tearing,game breaking bugs,LOD and texture streeming,objects pop in,this aspects yes should determine the price...

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I would love to see Sony and Microsoft doing the same,release a PS4 and Xboxone with update hardware maybe them we could actually start playing games atlest [email protected] the specs make the first version cheaper and the new ones a bit more expensive.Release the same games on the two existing version knowing that one will be able to support better resolutions and framerates.This new machines are PC based so it would be very easy to do it.

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I would prefer to see a Demons Souls or Dark Souls remaster rather than this! But for Namco and From Software is easy and faster to do DS2 because most of the work is already done since this is a port of the PC version of DS2 with some minor touches.

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Another game that cant run 30fps smooth and lock on new console hardware ! Lazy pure and simple!! I cant support lazy work ,bargain bin for me!

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Another game that cant run 30fps smooth and lock on new console hardware ! Lazy pure and simple!!

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Wait,its not like you are going to pay for trying!

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Kinect 2.0 already fully tracks your hands movements and 3d objects,not to mention Microsoft is still working on improving kinect!So this application makes no sense in my view for gaming,just look at that high input lag.

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Well unless you have your hands tied or any deficiency,you are still owner of your own will so do what ever the fuck you want!But sustain of trolling!

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DC is unavailable but the upgrade part for the PS+free edition its already available,atleast i the EU PS Store.It says comes out tomorrow the actual game! 8/10/2014

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You most likely can bet on that,and expect going further that Ubisoft will always push for parity between the two consoles even if its evident that one is more powerfull than the other.Ubisoft is ass there even on PC most of there games run like crap because they dont optimize them has it should.Frankly my feeling right now is that Ubisoft is the most greedy gaming company!

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If you are talking about gameplay and SP portion of the game i have to agree;Rogue seems to be a much better Single player game than Unity.Unity focus on Multiplayer with co-op and that just ruin it in my view.But people should not Forget that Ubisoft is pushing for games to be connected 24/7 even if they dont need too,Ubisoft is trying to start a trend in the gaming industry by making online a requirement even if the game could have been made with the option of be played OFFLINE ;i guess it...

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The game is boring,every thing about WD is average at best,Ubisoft hyped this game and lots of gamers fall for it !Somepeople give too much credit to Ubisoft and they dont deserve half of it!WD was made to be a cash grab,more than a game that was going to show what the new consoles can achieve fact .

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Unfortunately to M$ the Xboxone does not suffer from the infamous RROD so they cant inflate the sales chart this time around to the same level of sales of Xbox 360,even so i think the PS4 would still be outselling it!

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Well my last comment had the effect it should!

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