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To be absolutely fair to dubstep, it can be used well.

The problem is it's forced on a lot of things that it doesn't really suit, with the recent Sonic Boom trailer a good example of this. #1.1
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You do need PS+ in order to sync the games, yeah. #2.1
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That's fair enough. I'll admit I was perhaps a little cynical, but I still feel it's worth reviewing exactly how the first game was constructed, and whether or not such a system would work in an open world.

If done well, it open world could be a fantastic addition though. That's the catch though, it'd be rather difficult to seamlessly convert Mirror's Edge into an open world title. #2.1
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The thing is that the majority of CoD players play it solely for multiplayer. The game is already in an always online mode for them.

I agree completely, it is a terrible system that hurts a lot of the people who want to play single player games. The Xbox One should burn because of what it's trying to do. But it quite likely will not.
others. #1.1
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From some of the comments I've been seeing from Brazilians, apparently Activision games rarely if ever go on sale. #2.1
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Two kinds of people play techies. Either the most godlike player you've ever had in one of your games, or the worst feeder you can ever imagine. There is absolutely no middle ground.

Lovely quote that perfectly shows why Techies getting in early could either be very good or very bad. #1.1
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Isn't this just a copy and paste of a press release :/? #1
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While I can agree with the sentiment of the article in regards to B grade games, I don't feel Dead Island was the polished game it's made out to be. It was released as a pretty buggy game, with one major issue in a cut scene that cropped up on every system. #1
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It'd help if there was a link or a quote to support what you're saying, I can't actually see anything about how Microsoft leaked the date. #1
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