Do your homework... befoe you make accusations


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Ill be grabbing it, oh wait, for FREE! on PC though as I have all addons. damn fine, thanks Bethesda

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Being a PC gamer with all Add-Ons I am rather chuffed that its free ... for me

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Nothing wrong TBH many girls use Bra padding to hide their nipples, guess Cammy is pissed off with all the gamers only caring about her nipples and not her fighting style.

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Nobody played... over statement

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning- Played
Grim Fandango - Played
Earthbound - Played
Beyond Good & Evil - Played
Dark Coud - Played
Max Payne 2 - Played
Valkyria Chronicles - Played
Shenmue II -Played

Maybe the title should say, should say something else.

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yep and poor console gamers have to re buy games they most likely had on older consoles LOL, oh well thats the life of a console gamer.

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You are always welcome to chat to the artist on the site, even contact the developers/publishers if you feel they where paid, they do not hide anything, even the fact that they messed up when putting this live, which has been mentioned within the comment section.

I understand your issues, as every review is opinionated, some will like it, some will not, its clear that this artist totally loved it, regardless of the flaws that others have seen.

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Because not everyone can afford a high end gaming pc,

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Xbox Scorpio 6 teraflops check this, again PC, by holiday season 2017 will piss all over it. PC again will be miles ahead in terms of technology

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Because its cheaper than a pc and not everyone likes PlayStation or PC, thought it was common sense really

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Totally agree still my top choice of games.

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go and beg activison they own the IP :)

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I am still having to join Q's to enter the game on PC and there is still a heavy amount of people still playing it, all games get a huge influx when it launches then it calms down as other games come out and people get bored.

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Poor lass, its only an opinion... like everyone will agree or disagree... for me she is right to have an opinoin just like all the peeps that comment here, or comment on twitter etc.

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Everybody - I was not, Gamespot lied :LOL

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I am still playing and love it, and I am still hitting queues to enter the game as well, so to be claim its a dead game or lacking in player base makes no sense. Going by just steam stats is crazy... since there are also PS4, Xbox One ico systems as well as Uplay, these stats do not show a true retrospect for its player base.

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@Digital_Anomaly you do not have to be educated or uneducated to understand that this article is an opinion piece and its neither right or wrong :) I simply disagree, oc everyone is welcome to an opinion

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Your opinion like mine is neither right or wrong, this is what makes an opinion so great.

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Click bait tosh....I have only purchased Nintendo systems... so for me as this is my opinion and this is an opinion piece, I Couldn’t Care Less what this author thinks. :)

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for the majority of gamers these days its about FPS and resolutions, even if the game is great, they still winge like babies throwing their dummies out of the prams.

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