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"Do your homework... befoe you make accusations "


Ill by the NX just for the amount of True 100% Exclusive games, that we will never see on any other system #36
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Click biat dribble #36
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We really dont care, Goodbye

From Nintendo #17
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NO! Next Dumb Question please. #27
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I much prefere Biowares, Dragon Age: Inquisition, CD PROJECT RED Claims this is a Open World Game, But its not, yes it has huge areas to adventure in, but I am still waiting on that TRUE OPEN WORLD GAME. Until then ill keep playing Dragon Age and Witcher 3 both good Action RPG in there own right. #24
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The Witcher 3 follows the mythology and lore from the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, changing it just suit the minority, would not be ethical, following the books helps recreate the world of the Witcher to suit the fans of the books and welcome a whole new audence, Gamers.

If you have an issue with the books or the games, simply do not buy them, you have no right to ask for changes just to suit your own personal opinion or agenda. #30
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Witcher 3 should be played on the setting the gamer feels is best suited for him/her, based on how he/she would most enjoy the game, not based a article on shitty polygon #10
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it also shows large areas for Microsoft and Nintendo.. #4
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Derp, the game has just been released this is kinda obvious, click bait crap #11
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LOL More click bait romour stuff... damn come on, they have not even confirmed anything yet #9
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click bait anyone :P #27
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For me its about the story, immersion, re-playability, if you dont find the game enjoyable, then its shit, if you do not feel like wow that was great and wish to replay, then its shit.

A game has to captivate and bring you into its universe, for me thats it.. from basic 2D scrollers to massive open world games.Each one needs to captivate me to want to play them, otherwise, it will just gather dust. #29
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I am running the GTX765M everything on High locked at 30FPS nothing wrong here, However Nvidia are working on a fix for Kepler Nvidia GPU Cards info can be found here, so if you struggling wait for next GPU Drivers coming soon. #19
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Totally agree, you can not score a game max marks, when there are issues, bugs with the game. This is typical ignorance from Review Artists #16
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Another message,

So it seems to me you are pretending to be some kind of big shot reviewer.

So invision gaming community is you? Lol. Never heard of your site. No publisher would ever provide you with a review copy of the game.

You don't even have a review of Witcher 3 on there.

done a little homework I see, but still need to do alot more, just because you or a number of peeps have not heard of the site does not mean we d... #13.2.5
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making me laugh now, really need to do your homework before you ask dumb questions.

Again who are you exactly?

Developers don't hand out review copies to nobodies. Which means you bought a copy if you aren't a major gaming site.

And judging by your biased comments I doubt any major gaming site would hire you. #13.2.4
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Look RocketScienceLvlStuf ,decided to message me instead,

And who are you exactly?

All the major gaming sites that actually matter (ign,gamespot,gametrailers etc) have been given the PS4 version.

I know this type of person, he reads reviews and decides since the majority had a PS4 version to review, then that was the only format being sent out, not like it was based on something else, like lets see, format requested. #13.2.3
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thats a crock of shit we have the XBO version to review #13.2.2
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Welcome to the 21st century, but then again oits adults are their sicks minds pointing out this, no kid would care or even think anything of it #34
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If this is PS4 Visuals damn can not wait to see PC Visuals :) #45
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