Do your homework... befoe you make accusations


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I just want the switch for Mario Odessey and Xenoblade 2

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PC Digital is rather cheap thanks to an open purchase environment and the likes of Greenman Gaming and other cdkey sites.

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Have you heard the term used in the industry, you have the right to play the game, you do not have the right to own the game, so if this is the case the owners of the IP can choose what happens to their IP at any time, the author is right to a degree, buying pre-owned gives the developers nothing, when you could be buying a new game instead which gives the developers some money to create another game, older games are harder to find, so pre-owned might be the only way. So simple answer really ...

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Heading to PC as well , not a true exclusive sorry folks.

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Really you can be a VR ready PC for as little as $500 proof
PC games you can be purchased at much cheaper options thanks to big discounts on CDkey sites, you can also run VR via your mobile phone (many people have an android or iOS phone) and a cheap VR Headset with VRidge and Riftcat.

We don't fail, we understand that console gamers are...

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That's total tosh since you can get a VR ready pc for around $499 and that can run a HTC Vice or Oculus Rift and these are both more powerful than a PSVR


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I am in no way spending on a PRO would rather wait for a whole new system, or the switch

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This site never got a code from Bethesda got it confirmed this morning.... so trust or not trust,

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Yep got it confirmed they never got a copy from Bethesda, spoke to them today.

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Thats a lie, we had a PC code on the 9th for Dishonored 2

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How in the hell did they play this game fully, write, edit in less than 24hrs, codes to press only went out on the 9th ...

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Codes for this game have only just been released, how the hell did a review come out so quickly, we got out code 09.11.2016 from Bethesda

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I can not warrant spending around £800 for HDR and upscaled 4K and some native 4K, pro and new TV and if you want the PSVR pay another £339, sorry but no thanks

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Pretty much confirms jack nothing... until something is announced

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TBH regardless of which is better, I can not use either them, they put to much strain on my eyes and cause sickeness

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PS4 Pro, you are not just paying for the Console you might also need to purchase an HDR Ready 4K TV which is not cheap. £300 for Console 400 for TV = how much approx to take full advantage of the consoles new features and power.

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Graphics do not = best in gaming sorry to say.

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I have to agree, if it was a different author, I would think different, but its the same author

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thinking android could be the best platform for games, and be a good console, when its simply now, and can be seen with every console created on the android platform.

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Dynamic Super Resolution

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. But what does that really mean? It has to do with the differences in vision between the human eye and a camera. Dynamic Range in photography is the range from the lightest light and the darkest dark that can be seen in a photo. Our eyes can see a much larger dynamic range than a camera— and that’s where HDR comes in to make up the difference.

In Lamens terms it improves the quality of a picture h...

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