Do your homework... befoe you make accusations


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There will be no exclusives for the PS4 Pro as Sony have stated all games will work on both the original PS4 and PS4 Pro

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That's a nice brainer

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I disagree, it another cash cow to make easy money, just get on with making new games, stop dwelling on the past,

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if they have finished the game, they had promoted via many interviews and gameplay showcases, this game would have alot more playability, currently in its release version, it just does not have, what we all expected from how Hello Games publicly promoted, which is a shame.

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Nice a 2015 PC launch title heading to console... nice stuff

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Great news for Xbox One Fans

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Nvidia are no longer making M chips, they are using full 1060, 1070 & 1080 chips in laptops now

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and its people like you, that live in a bubble and do not understand that Nintendo support their machines with a shed load of high quality first party titles, and have the biggest Exclusive Game library compared to all other home consoles,

you're missing a huge library of games that only come out on the other consoles - not that many TBH come out on on Xbox One and PS4 that do not see the light of day on PC anymore... more like "a SMALL library of games that only c...

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So looking forward to playing the new Zelda game on NX, on the big screen and handheld... awesome.. can not wait.... I do not buy any third party titles for my Nintendo Systems only First Party, I have a high gaming gaming Rig for everything else.. so very much looking forward to this.

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I am so much looking forward to this, a mobile console and TV console in one, from Nintendo, ZELDA on Big screen and console graphics on the move.. please give now

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Ill be grabbing it, oh wait, for FREE! on PC though as I have all addons. damn fine, thanks Bethesda

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Being a PC gamer with all Add-Ons I am rather chuffed that its free ... for me

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Nothing wrong TBH many girls use Bra padding to hide their nipples, guess Cammy is pissed off with all the gamers only caring about her nipples and not her fighting style.

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Nobody played... over statement

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning- Played
Grim Fandango - Played
Earthbound - Played
Beyond Good & Evil - Played
Dark Coud - Played
Max Payne 2 - Played
Valkyria Chronicles - Played
Shenmue II -Played

Maybe the title should say, should say something else.

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yep and poor console gamers have to re buy games they most likely had on older consoles LOL, oh well thats the life of a console gamer.

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You are always welcome to chat to the artist on the site, even contact the developers/publishers if you feel they where paid, they do not hide anything, even the fact that they messed up when putting this live, which has been mentioned within the comment section.

I understand your issues, as every review is opinionated, some will like it, some will not, its clear that this artist totally loved it, regardless of the flaws that others have seen.

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Because not everyone can afford a high end gaming pc,

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Xbox Scorpio 6 teraflops check this, again PC, by holiday season 2017 will piss all over it. PC again will be miles ahead in terms of technology

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Because its cheaper than a pc and not everyone likes PlayStation or PC, thought it was common sense really

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