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that picture is deceiving damn them sexy retro ladies #5
I just hope we see some more cross platform games, x1 to pc. Forza would be great. My card supports DX12 too.

AMD used Mantle in some games, the performance increase was mediocre. Especially in bf4. Mantle is all im saying is pretty much what DX12 is, benchmarks look good but real world performance not so rosy. Dont expect too much of a performance increase on X1.

MS own the pc market time to cash in. Get some stuff on steam ffs #6
These aint the days of ATi, AMD have upped there game in the Drivers department, if a new game comes out you bet there will be a driver to match, at least in some form of a beta.

Nvidia optimized games run just fine on my XFX HD 7970GHZ edition, you must remember BF4 was optimized for AMD, farcry 3 and blood dragon, tomb raider also. Everyone gets some candy.

Mantle needs to come onto games more though. #14
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This game is optimized for Nvidia users, as are most AAA games from UBI.

You will need at least a i5 2500k quad core processor, with a combination of 8 gig of ram and one of these cards a 780ti or 290x. To at least run the game maxed out at 1080p 60 frames.

Its a new game, prepare for crap optimiztion, right off the bat, the frames will dip everywhere.

Remember, 3 gig of gddr5 ram would be nice and would at least let you use ultra on some of... #35
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damn i never see the video i just see that gorgeous red head... goes back to watch the video... damn redhead she's too distracting. #34
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2005 360 was released

Just saying. #19.1
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Thing is, i was from them days, the old console wars, the jibes at nintendo, the gameboy, hahaha look at those crappy graphics, i was a sega fan, loved the master system even though ninty was much better.

Double dragon, Shinobi, kenseiden, wonder boy in monster land... Ahhh i loved those days.

To be honest it has always been about the graphics, even back then it was always about that main thing. If the game was as good as the arcade version, even though they... #20
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For nearly 20 years, DirectX has been the platform used by game developers to create the fastest, most visually impressive games on the planet. However, you asked us to do more. You asked us to bring you even closer to the metal and to do so on an unparalleled assortment of hardware. You also asked us for better tools so that you can squeeze every last drop of performance out of your PC, tablet, phone and console. Come learn our plans to deliver.

quoted from ms geeza #69
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The bottom line is they are both pretty poor performance wise, Amd APU's lol do me a favour, come on you know and i know they both cheaped out on us with the pure grunt of a console... The cheap so and so's gave us old tech and pretended its the 2nd coming. Im not at all suprised by the reaction of some people, 1.75ghz over 1.6ghz is nothing...

Amd are clever, hell i have a AMD graphics card in my pc but these guys are clever at selling this crappy tech to two compani... #43
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I have played BF4 on the Xbox one at the euro gamer event, its quality, 60fps definitely makes a difference, gfx are good too #20
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I went for oh no wait for it a 7970... The card is a fricking beast.

Mantle is on its way, more and more developers are using mantle for cross platform gaming, Battlefield 4 is just the beginning. Because amd can be found in both of the next gen console expect mantle to be on everything next years line up of games including Titanfall.

To hell with nvidia, the posh pricks.

AMD drivers are much much better than they used to be, they have reshap... #11
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I played this on xbox one at eurogamer last week, i came top, experienced no input lag whasoever, sorry about that #61
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I'll be playing bf4 on pc but just yesterday i played bf4 on Xbox one at the eurogamer expo, BF4 runs beautiful, the 60 frames makes a big difference, although not up to ultra standards on a pc it sits perfectly on high setting with a few things disabled maybe.

Whichever console you choose, you wont be dissapointed. Bf4 rocks #27
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Its the american dream isn't it, its like telling a alcoholic he's an alcoholic, he knows he is an alcoholic but don't like people telling him he is one, just like this game, its the american dream, but it doesn't want to tell people this is the american dream, like a alcoholic.

Yes people america is the alcoholic of this green gorgeous earth! #44
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I have been playing this on 360 for hours, wtf is the problem i had no slow down, at all may some shrubbs popping up but no slow down on gameply... #28
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You was underwhelmed because it was running on ps4, which by all accounts fails in comparison to the pc version. Pc is where its at for BF3 or BF4.

Maybe Cod is the way to go, or wait for naughty dog to do something so sony fans can cry some more. with joy i mean cry with joy :) #1
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Really, your comparing packaging now.

does the xbox 1 have 50% less packaging? #103
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Honestly some of these divs i mean devs really walk around with there heads in the clouds, i mean pc gamers are the same as console gamers, i mean we are human, thats the problem they think console and pc gamers are a seperate crowd, i play pc and 360 what am i, yes im human. Modern combat was a shambles on xbox and the 360, especially coming from bf2 on the pc, hell these consoles especially ms ones they are pc's under your tv, god knows why they treat crowds differently we want the expe... #26
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Its a bold statement, to say they are the best developers in the world when Rockstar, D.I.C.E, Bioware, Cd Projekt, Bungie among others, are more than capable of making superb games. The sales are pony compared to how many console have been sold in the u.s.a

Sales wise halo whupps them good. Longevity well, its a no brainer people still play halo 3, reach and halo 4 in the thousands. #10
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These consoles are essentially pc's why not support mouse and keyboard, this is very interesting and im quite excited at the prospect. I remember playing quake on the dreamcast with a mouse and keyboard awkward as it was it was more fun.

Im a pc gamer and a 360 gamer, K/B m is the better combo though, that first aim means everything and for me its not as quick on the 360. #17
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