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Looks like the fun police are at it again.

Oh Man, its a butt cheek, on a cartoon drawing fighting game thingamajig. I like bums, butt i wouldn't go and buy a game or not buy a game that had a bit of cartoon butt cheek.

Everywhere i read now, its about cock blocking some teenage neck beard. I for one will stand up to (or for) the silent (not so silent on here webz) majority. I say let there be butt cheeks in games, preferably a womans butt cheek(s). And ...

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I dont care, the game looks amazing. Playing on xbox one and the pc when this gets released.

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I had a gaming pc before xbox was released, then i waited for 18 months for microsoft to get their act together and went and purchased one last year, i don't regret it one bit. I even upgraded my gfx card in september three months after buying an xbox one. I play both in equal amounts. This is an interesting idea, let it develop and see where it goes. I like the community on live and have done for 10 years but also like playing the pc when my bird is watching eastenders.


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i just got the gold edition, for £32, theres a bit of messing around using vpns and such, but 32 quid its a steal... Looking forward to this now.

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If it works, maybe you will be streaming your steam library to xbox one.

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I asked myself the same question, but brought one anyway last june, why? i like xbox and it seemed the right time to buy one. Good games coming, many features of the 360 returning, xbox live and basically i missed sitting on the couch gaming with out the hassle of pc gaming brings.

I have a pc and it serves my gaming needs too, i meet the recommended requirements for quantum break, i7 2600k gtx 970 16gig of ram and future titles should they come to pc. I will play it both on ...

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970 ftw, still got love for Radeon though. Tips my hat

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I do hope Red Dead Redemption does come to us, i purchased it on a rockstar sale on xbox live, like for a fiver and didnt even play it.

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It's an ok game, got it for the pc.. The thing that really gets me down is "i forgot to quick save arrrgghhhh!" its tooo fricking hard.

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My girlfriend brought me this game for the xbox one for Christmas, i didnt buy to help "Support the Developer" i wanted it because the last outing was a blast played it on the pc first time round then got it free on games for gold. Cant wait to play it and by all accounts its a pretty decent sequel.

I think M$ cushioned the shortfall in the deal with the endless pit of money they have. Like he cares, the manager bloke he got paid so did he's team he's set to...

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I have seen some great deals for the xbox one and playstation 4, £200 for a refurbished white ps4 is just crazy and £225 for a brand new xbox one with a couple of games. Wished i had the money to purchase the PS4 but feel i purchased a xbox one and havent used it like i thought i would, pc gaming is just better.

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Didnt play this on Xone but on pc, great game...

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I have the best intentions to go all stealth, then 10 times out of 10 ill get seen by some ruskie that i didnt spot and then its rambo style...

Fantastic game, it really is. It's my birthday for real too, playing it last night and they had a birthday cake for me and a song. Brilliant.

Most fun i have had on a game for a while, GTA was getting tired and this just refreshed that vibe.

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These people are talking out of there back sides, since when is not 8 gig enough. My gaming pc runs 8 gig and i can play all the latest games and they never require all my memory, unless there's a memory leak, lol... Seriously though i went from gaming on my pc (i7 2600k, hd7970) to buying an xbox one and havent even really my pc for the last month. Loving the Console and i dnt think it will be a problem.

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its 41 quid wtf

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I think these generation of consoles should be smashing it at 1080p 60fps, it just goes to show that we as gamers have no choice but to roll with the cheap hardware in both machines...

Fast forward 20 months...

Damn that looks impressive, glad i purchased an xbox one last month...

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i think its a pretty good thing for 4 quid a month, a late console purchaser like myself got some games on the go with out that huge cost involved, nice one ea, you cant argue the fact that this company does make good games, i spent hours on fifa and battlefield...

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Glad i jumped on the xbox tip, pc gaming is a lonely place sometimes.

I remember when the 360 got a nxe dashboard, cant wait for this one.

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I was a strictly pc Gaming man myself, but seeing the windows 10 integration and the volley of bad arse games coming xbox's way i chose to dive in. A great purchase if i do say so myself...

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20 months in is well to early to tell, i chose xbox one and pc gaming and windows 10, suits me. Infact its pretty bad arse.

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