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Better graphics wont mean much to me i want good games.

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Dont forget to pay for it before use.

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We don't need score´s we need our own judgement based on words not on numbers.

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FF-type 0 is a must have for me.

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competing with MGS ground zeroes and Last of Us that´s smart. s/

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Not exacly because disrepect bursts outta things like this.

the point is not to take it seriously and accept it.

Being offended depends on how you see things and you guys guys see it the ancient way.

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Shame on you activision you guys backed off.

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Zombies and realistic drama into the mix.

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More PS1/PS2 classics on the double!

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FinalXIII implies that FF13 is the end for FF is satire since i despise ff13

Ninja gaiden 3 sucks not even vita can save it.

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*facepalm* ppl dont understand satire

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At least give a Shenmue reference since that game is based on Virtua Fighter´s fighting style!

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i have 14 reasons to not click on that article.

14 f&&(/)ing pages!

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People will forget this game after a month or so its such an irrelevant Devil May Cry game for the fans in general from the way i see it.

PS All Stars Battle Royalle will be just a reminder for this game´s existence in a year or so.

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Ninja Gaiden 3 Minus for PS Vita coming next year trololo

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Tough love this public demo. (the article talks about the first demo btw)

LIKE: Leon and Helena´s demo campaign:
- Great atmosphere
- T-Virus zombies
- Characters only bring 2 guns (realistic)
- No enemies shooting at you
- A good sense of exploration in some places
- A cool mini-game at the end to find keys inside the police car

UNLIKE: Chris and Piers´s/Jake and Sherry´s demo campaign:

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North America famous isnt worldwide famous lets be clear on that.

Nostalgia is blinding you ppl face it.

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yes since 1995.

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SOCOM in the PS2 never got the attention from Sony because many didnt had web connection to begin with.

SOCOM1/2/3 singleplayer wasnt nothing spetacular.

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Last of Us and Ground Zeroes are definite buys for me.

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