I haven't played anything in a while, Selling my house. But I'll be back, Like the Terminator said!


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Kaka fix your servers

to respond to said poster, every MMOrpg is a grind fest. This game has many life jobs to have you AFK/produce/craft. I mean you can get tired of the 5000+ quest, daily life stuff, grinding. Then go pvp or do whatever you want because the world of BDO is vast to explore. or just go active fish in the deep dark ocean...

I have been on this game for 2 years plus and have the 500 d...

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i would take ports/remasters over shuvelware

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should put an * beside the Switch since it isn't Jan-dec 2017

As of December NPD YTY (from Jan to dec 2017)
PS4: 5.772,773
NSW: 4,829,000 - *March- dec
XB1: 4,294,946

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good to see everyone loves rumors.

people here talk as though this is like setting up a potato farm..

once the main infrastructure is made, they can add to it all the extra stuff you like.

just want something that is stable online MP...the rest is bonus.

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got it on switch...

pretty fun title... almost like snes games... they should remake snes games with higher detail like this. doesnt have to have blood or give the option

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maybe they should of done a price bracket of the top 20 games 79.9 full price, then an other, and so on...

would of been interesting to see all the full priced games.

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military service men need a region free BLray player?

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new to N4G?

you can get down voted for grammar lol

Commenting in a non-fanboy thread ( X fan boy doesn't like Y and you said your piece) X goes in the thread and down votes everyone.

You say something positive, other guys really don't like that sentence;

what would be cool ; if we can put our cursor over the down/up vote and see the list of users that clicked.

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i guess maybe the switch isn't doomed?

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Switch 4K dock... check it out

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Sf alpha series or even CvS2 is my personal favorite.

SfV is too... Error modern and 3D

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They might want to play it handheld? That might be the reason idk

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i think the January direct will solidify that...

strong 2017 and then a list of more strong support.

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you are forgiven my son xD


we need that japanese climax edition lol

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idk... maybe it's worth to have a switch?

if not now but soon it won't be possible to deny it.

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EB called me while i was in a late meeting, i was like "hold on i gata take this"

Your copy of xeno is ready for pick up tomorrow...

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i clicked just because of the pic.... i'm guilty!

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for sure i agree, but i've played through it and it's great in handheld (i use the pro cont even handheld). i can table top game outside. The performance issue isn't that bad. I play MMOrpgs with world bosses or mass pvp...15 fps lol..

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Kingston 128 GB Class 10 MicroSDXC UHS-I Card

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remember, must be micro sd

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i think DF enjoys stirring up the shit storm.

I think 99% of the people that will shit on anything do not own said system or games. Purely give their opinion on what DF says and multiply the hating with others with similar views.

the people that bought this game are happy with their purchase, can they not be happy with a software that DF did not give their glorified 4K 60pfs,depth of field, AA+, and every other technical ultra high spec praise?

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