I haven't played anything in a while, Selling my house. But I'll be back, Like the Terminator said!


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them some big ol titties... aiming with the bow and arrow must be hard....

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yup, still waiting

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Shen Long was never that good as a glitch character, i think they should of made him Ryu's end boss for reaching M.Bison 0 lose/3 perfects/3 super finish and make akuma end boss for everyone else.


shin akuma in USF2 is basically the ultra cheap S.Akuma with demon grab that goes through fireballs or any move... can recover from teleporting without being hit.

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a lot easier than unlocking Arcade mode on SF5 🤔

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just tried the code, Shin Akuma (Gouki) - Double air fireballs but i want to try the standing roundhouse into demon grab -unblockable.

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Bayonetta 1&2 double deluxe pleasure pack?

have a trailer for Bayo 3 included


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So when you guys can't find one, don't blame Nintendo... look we have evidence of why...

I have no interest in thus but im gonna buy it so when they stop releasing them i can sell it for $600+ lol
I'm gonna try to buy 3-5 of em'.
Oh, I've gotta pre-order this. Sell it on EBay for $500. lol!!
Im preordering on...

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just so you understand,

because your local chain has, doesn't mean every walmart has 10. The current system for retail chains do not use a nationwide-E-com service to re-allocate stock to low inventory demand. if it did then for sure it would be a sold out.

imagine we lived in NYC and went to Walmart, place a in store purchase and they pulled it from the nearest state walmart if there are non left in NY... Charge the customer Shipping... i would pay ...

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see you know.. which is cool

how about the others that never follow what's actually going on but instead enjoy adding their ignorant 2 cents...

love how opinion pieces always gather so much heat..

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my friend you might have Canada mixed up with Venezuela =/

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this is a stupid article...

when Quebec wanted to separate from Canada, our Dollar tanked and it stayed there for a bit. It was expensive to buy games but that was an exchange rate issue.

Then when our dollar was equal or higher than the US. companies still didn't revise prices, They still sold the US exchange as though we were under.

The Mario Odessy price holder has been there since march at 99.99 (price holder), there is no way g...

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took that week off just to sit back and relax with E3...

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actually read the 170+ comments,

i believe there is this notion that some of these games are on the same level. P5 or HZD should win GOTY, i mean they were in the works and the gamers love them, received great scores.


I believe LoZ should be awarded GOTD, Will remain a masterpiece for a while.

If you played any of these 3 games for a while and i mean more than 30...50....100++ hours. You know you got your moneys ...

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a negative opinion piece flaring up on N4G.... big surprise xD

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how much can they pump out per month...? 10~12M by year end ... what is that 1.5M per month?

black friday and christmas time ..

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Looks like more NS will be sold over in Japan... I love the series, but a western release date at E3 would be the best for me~

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anyone that goes and plays SF and does a review and says this:

"Oddly enough, I preferred playing the game on a single Joy-Con, which is also, I suppose, The Switch’s ace-in-the-hole."

Review is over. gtfo - thanks.

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ok this isn't a street fighter fan reviewing the game. Sure he's played SF but there is no real gameplay review. He clearly doesnt like the price and mini game extra. He shits on the color edit,He shits on just about everything and the verdict is "Avoid". When someone wants to write a negative review, they will wave anything good away and just keep nailing what they don't like.

Eurogamer - Does the gameplay live up to SF with all the new balancing? The...

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you would think over the years they would get more civil...

just keeps getting worst...

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i read it was nintendo that reached out to Konami and asked for bomby for the NS.

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