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"current Laptop 8800GTM SLi 1GB- 4GB RAM OS WIN7ULT - Current NextGen PC- GTX780 3GB - 16 GB RAM ..."


oh ya i remember this back in the 90s

here we go again. #2
i have the link amiibo.. unlocked hyrule warrior and smash used... and new LOZ on wiiu i guess we can use the same one on that also.. future planning right there :D #15.1.1
what was the system specs they were running this comparison...

at this rate we won't need to buy it, everyone will feel like they've played the game lol #2

going to get one last showing at E3 before it's release in NA... #8
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great... can we get online co-op for christ sakes... #5
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let's go kick some reaper butt, take the fight to them while they sleep!!!

4 player online co-op

more refined online co-op MP #34
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dam straight #15.1
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Pre-ordered..paid in full... Friday 7AM EB...then 10 hours later in can play after work..FAIL LOL #9
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pretty sure this isn't going to make a difference anymore in the sales.

massive Nintendo game available holiday season... it's going to sell no matter what now.

Just waiting for the Bundles to be announced. #1.1
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people, people....

how can we crown this GOTY,,,

Smash isn't out yet.

then we'll see between the two. #11
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dem japanese ...ahh i love it. #2
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5 Reasons Why Toad is Nintendo's Greatest Character

more control, fast, picks up faster,drives great with control. #8
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must of been Nintendo of America staff...

I highly doubt a japanese employee would do this... His own family might cut him off.Probably come home and the wife would hand him the divorce papers lol, Lock on the doors changed, might need to change his name as it would look real bad on his resume.

Seriously, this kind of thing is like shooting your self in the foot. #16
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concerning the gamepad feel vs the traditional controller.

this is basically your personal pref. and opinion. You have to be real about it and if the user prefers the gamecube controller to the Dreamcast then that is their preference. Same as you or me.

2 bundles would created confusion as it is, but you need to standardize what you're selling.

Wii U pro controller with no game - 249.00
Wii U with gamepad + nintendoland - 399.00... #2.4
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(3DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U)

-> PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U)

is it coming to these systems? #5
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have my gamecube copy of FE:PoR

they could make one version like Valkyrie Chronicles... that would be cool also. #14
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i live in estern side of canada and 95% of the nintendo news originates from NOA.

only thing NOC does is small events to promote a big first party game.

Last one was DK:tropical freeze.

more advertisement and stuff on billboards would be great and in the subway.Metros #1.1.1
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still waiting to see some or more wiiu commercials.

Mario kart...

should show someone walks into a early 90s type room and pushing the super nes MK in and they show you the game and it fuses into the next MK,and the next and so on until it hits the HD version.

"MK! it's back and only for WiiU"

show a bundle discount, in stores now.

249.99 Premium Kart Bundle.

included Super Smas... #8
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1) There will be both ONLINE and offline co-op.
Day one

i would suggest people to get this, even if you don't like the button masher, it's going to be a historical fusion.

if there is a special edition. keep it factory seal. #4
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“At Nintendo’s shareholders’ meetings, the shareholders always discuss things relating to video games or such childish topics as ‘what the future of video games should be,’” the investor added.


a shareholder at one of the worlds largest video game manufacturer and publishers meeting had that to say?

He should invest in the food market... he might understand that better than games. #7
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