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for those that claim they will wait for "more" games...

what is more?

3..6..10 games?

or is it one specific game that will trigger "i have to get that now"

always classic to see people say " i was burnt by nintendo" won't fall for this again. it's always cool to have a wait and see perspective. I only wanted the PS4 for game.

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why because of a refresh?

this will not topple the PS2 sales.

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how did you figure it'll be like the WiiU?

I sort of understand why the Sony and Microsoft fans don't want nintendo to have a hit, then the fear of those manufacturers will go on that bandwagon eventually.

just so you know, the PS4 numbers are not impressive even though they are currently ridding a smooth sail at the moment.

2017... the forecast calls for some serious turbulence... if it's not nin...

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did you people read this?

Nintendo Switch with the Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI

Blame nintendo for selling an adapter....

3rd party seller.

Just an FYI, many laptop are being made without an ethernet port. Looks like it gives the manufacturer the chance to have one less item, give the consumers the option to get an extra head ache.

Just like TVs removing many jacks and even DVis and just havin...

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sir the numbers you called are not the same locations. i said "must of" and you go off and say i'm a liar... calm down. unless you call every single one of the Greater MTL area and some how get their numbers. then no amount of guessing will say you or I are correct.

"LIAR" *sad*

just so you know it was the one on in NDG , i know the management team there, going to call them out. because the friday they were taking pre-orders and i ...

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why doesn't the real media grill the nintendo executives on these type of question. this should be made very public and those companies need to know they are low forit.

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it is not nintendo that gives the 3rd party titles.... the 3rd parties must make up their own minds on what they release.

EA releasing Mass effect 3 on the wiiu then releases the trilogy on the other system... EA pretty good at given nintendo shit and then saying their games don't sell (pulling support)

3rd party game Bayonetta2... sold well for the install base.

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would it be possible that the EBs are just saying that to making it look like they don't have enough and have people scramble?

TO..not talking like this is Northwest territories lol

what's the postal code of that EB.

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2 units.....? really?

in TO of all places. the EBs in montreal must of gotten like 30 to 50.

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Way too expensive?

was expecting that 250? like many leak rumors?

see i remember when consoles used to come out at 499$ or higher... still sold out.

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i think your 2 console per store is vastly exaggerated, i took the time to combine all the EB,Gamestops,BestBuys,Walmarts and one other big chain with world wide store locations including canada.

even giving 30 per store came up to 740k aprox.

2Mil is a decent amount to get the ball rolling. Think the balancing act for something really new and not yet proven and no way to know the demand is always a sellers problem.

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there is no other tag to this thread but Switch, yet we have all the good ol anti-nintendo team here. Big surprise on the first poster (still surprise he's on this site but he must be loved by half and hate by the others..)

"Switch will be Nintendo's last console - and that's a good thing for gamers" opinionpieces

it's clear people won't stop until nintendo is a software only...sad

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well maybe your right.... 99% won't so even if the 1% do... that's what 7.5B people - 99% = 75Million.. i would still love those sales.

but seriously the commercial is just showing off the system. Sure this won't be the last.

something about marketing, you have to do a lot of research and try for the stars..hope to hit the moon but most liekly will hit a cloud lol (a miss ).

but if the switch was your job to promote... what ...

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do you really think it's not more powerful than the WiiU? I MEAN SERIOUSLY...

forget the games, the price all the internet back and forth. I am really curious on this.

don't even bother to re-post. please PM me. i want to discuss this.

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people still complaining about the 250~300 ... god. boo hoo... It cost 399.99 CAN. I paid 450$ with tax

i blame all those early rumor leakers that open their big mouths. if they were saying it was 300 the whole time then we wouldn't have this non-sense. but people had their minds set at 250.Just goes to show, take what they say with a chunk of salt.

line-up is fine for me, just making sure i get one this time... not going to be an other NES mini scena...

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system seller for the holidays... and it will do exactly that.

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he did say the software is region free, which is games.. he never said apps..

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i mean the real world load times of modern games we have on current gen vs this. i'm sure we'll see some side by sides.

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what i really want to see is the load time data ....

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enjoy your Angrybirds and clash of clans touch screen.

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