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1.6 - re: Final Fantasy VII
THAT would be megaton.

I think that would be a naquadah enhanced gigaton #1.9
Ya definitely. I think they would have to make the battle faster and more intense though, but I think the core of the turn based battle system should remain. I don't want to see a FFXII/XIII battle system, even though both of those are pretty fun.

I would almost be more excited to hear the redone music OST. Hopefully they would get Nobuo back to arrange the tracks, and possibly compose some new ones. #15.1
A little off topic, but I think it is stupid how Oracle is on their way to a database monopoly. They have their own proprietary database (Oracle), as well as two open source ones (MySQL and Berkeley DB). I hope MySQL is still able to remain successful, and not have Oracle shift priority to just Oracle. #1
Demon's Souls might be a possibility, but IMO, this sort of thing doesn't work quite as well as a third person type game.

Oblivion on the other hand would work amazingly well with this control scheme. #3.5
-QUOTE------------------------ ------------------------------- ----------------
According to John C. the alpha build of RAGE ran in 60 FPS on the 360(PC too) while the PS3 version ran at 20-30 FPS.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------------

Keyword in there is alpha. I seem to remember in a follow up interview that he said that they were confident that they would be able to get the game running at 60fps by the time of release. #49.4
KZ2... #21.1
It practically looks like a Youtube video. #13.1
You apparently havn't played too much Killzone 2 since the game is still played by lots of people, it might even be one of the most played exclusive games on the PS3. #20.1
Glad I didn't download this yet. But even if I did, I probably wouldn't have any problems since I wrote a program to control my laptop fans :D #28
What would possess you to do a thing like that... #2.2
No when you launch the game, the PS3 will default as outputting 1080p, even during gameplay. It will just upscale the graphics to 1080p whenever there is gameplay. So you don't need to worry about the PS3 having to constantly switch between 1080p and 720p. #102.3
Lets hope more developers will be able to use this technology. Even if it is just first/second party developers, those games could become significantly better looking. 5-6 milliseconds is huge, especially for a 60fps game. #3
I feel sorry for you. #6.2
While they are highly suspicious, IGN and other major sites have posted them as official screenshots. And after the scandal that Square tried to pull with those photoshopped screenshots, they must have decided to put out real screenshots of how the game looks. They must have been so embarased by how the game looks, thats why they tried to get away with the fake photoshopped ones. Square's evil schemes were caught pretty quick, so they try to redeem themselves by releasing these real screen... #25.1
I was playing the demo the other day, and I was surprised how intense that fight scene was. My heart was rushing pretty hard, similar to how it was with some of the FPS games that I have played. I definitely see what cage has talked about for the past while about you will try your hardest to keep your character from dying. #15
It was a pretty great game, but it was too short. I was done in probably an hour and a half. #6.1
For me it is between MGS4 and Uncharted 2. Both are masterpieces. #11.1
I watched that episode last night. I'd say it was above average for the more recent seasons. #1.3
I won't stop playing until I get the platinum. I think I might get it in my next two playthroughs.

But I am pretty busy now that the winter term in school is currently in session. So my progress might be slow >.< #2.1
It is an Asian website, so it is 'here' for them.

And the title was left that way most likely to get more degrees :P #15.1
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