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I hope they add...
I hope they add Linux support at some point. Maybe not day one, but Bioware did this with NWN, and it was fairly well recieved. #4
I could be wrong, but I think exclusivity only lasts for a finite amount of time. Company A will give Company B a certain amount of money so that Game X stays exlusive for Y months. The more money, the longer it is exclusive. #6.1
Apple is way more monopolistic that people realize. Most people just don't notice because of their relatively low market share(for OS). #3
I think this is the first 360 game released so far that I wish were on the PS3. Though if what Geoff Keighley says is true, it might end up appearing on PS3 once all the dust settles. If it does, I might consider buying this game :) #18
Is that why Heavy Rain has about 22 different endings? #5.3
Camping is one reason why I think Killzone 2 has some of the best online.

In KZ2, if you try to camp, I can garuntee that you will get killed very quickly, because no matter where you are on the map, there is almost always at least 2 ways to get to your position. Almost all rooms(including the home base) have 2 entrances, usually on opposite sides of the room, which makes having a successful camp alot more difficult. Other than maybe being a sniper, camping is almost non exista... #6
It's called depth of field, and without it games will look flat and unrealistic. As long as the bluring techniques are high quality(And by the looks of it, HR has some of the best bluring I have seen on a console game), then bluring will enhance the quality of the picture significantly. #5.2
Hmm, that is a good point, though I wonder if because the PSP's average age is probably higher than the DS, it as a result makes the PSP's piracy more prevalent. Young gamers probably would not know how to do it, let alone even understand the concept of piracy, same with very very old gamers(like grandmas playing brain age). #3.2
PSP was and is a pretty good system, but Sony made one or two major mistakes with the system.

I think the biggest issue was having only one analogue stick. The number of good games on the system would have increased significantly, and would have allowed for more hardcore games possible(which I think was Sony's original intention, though that has somewhat changed with the PSPgo).

Also I think another major problem, was the UMD. While I like the idea of the UMD, it n... #3
Though it is difficult to see from the quality of the screenshots. The track environments seem to look very good. Notice the trees in some of those images, they look pretty impressive. #3
I bet the number is way higher than 100 million. Not everyone has their system connected to the interwebz, so those miis are not tracked. #4.1
I hope they can improve the graphics in this game. I think I have seen better looking PS2 games than this.

I am a MASSIVE Stargate fan, and I might get this game regardless of the graphics, but it would sure be awesome if they could make the game look really good. After all, the game is exclusive to PC, they should be able to take advantage of that.

Also, this might be wishful thinking, but I hope they port the game to Linux, That way I don't need to go into Windo... #1
Actually, IGN said the 360 version wasn't quite as crisp as the PS3 version, though both performed the same.

Chances are, the 360 version has either lower resolution textures, or compressed textures(probably the latter). #15.1

I don't have this, but apparently it is pretty awesome(According to podcast beyond!).

When I get the game, I'll probably get the steering wheel, and this stand all at the same time. #10.1
MGS4 had one cutscene that was not in game(it had in game graphics, but was a video).

If you watch the epic cutscene at the end of the chapter in chapter 3, you will notice a small amount of compression going on, and furthermore, you cannot zoom in like you can in all other cutscenes.
But other than that, all other cutscenes were 100% in games as far as I know. #3.4
I think they were claiming there would be over 1,000,000 / car, but as it turns out these models were only in the picture mode, not in the actual gameplay. The cars were probably in the 100,000 - 200,000 range. #6.1
I honestly expected the 360 to outsell the PS3 for December.

I am pleasantly mistaken :) #40
At the end of the article, it says that the exploit could affect the PS3 as well. #1.1
Thats a crazy expansive list they have there.

I wish Demon's Souls would have won(Logically it should have since DS beat DA:O on PS3 => DS > DA:O, and yet DA:O won GOTY). But alas, I have not played Dragon Age, so I guess I can't really object to that. #1
I went to the official website, and nowhere did I see it said these were 360 screenshots. They could have been from either system.

EDIT: Silly me, the screenshots clearly have 360 buttons on them :P #6
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