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"Writing Code"


Ya I agree. But I think Nomura is one of the few people on Square Enix who know how to make a good game in this era of gaming. #4.1
Those are lamo bands.

Where's amon amarth, or opeth. And for music when pwning noobs, theres no better than Cannibal Corpse. #20
I'm not a big fan of Chrome on the desktop, but I agree that it is the best choice for the PS3 since it uses fewer resources than Firefox, and it's interface seems better matched for a console than any other web browser due to it's simplistic approach to it's user interface. #6
I think some people are getting desperate. All this is saying is that they are going to higher someone with some current generating game development experience. There is 0% chance that NG will make a 360 game, unless Sony decides to sell them, but thats not going to happen. #48
GT5P had a much stiffer control compared to the Time Trial demo. The time trial just seemed easier if you are able to do it right (harder if you don't know racing sims). #7.2
The game did drop it's framerate quite a bit, it just that the game did a really good job at hiding it through many of it's post processing effects. Hopefully though KZ3 does not drop it's framerate at all.

And also, in regards to this article, I agree. KZ2 has been the only fps that I have come back to after completion (platinumed). #3.1
Practically anything that doesn't involve trying to catch a big red ball. #2.1
Off Topic but...

Read the comments, it is epic. #1.5
I doubt Sony gave Valve any money, however I would not be surprised if Sony did approach them and provide them assistance to help develop their games for the PS3. I know that they have done this in the past with other developers(Beyonnetta for example). #1.1.6
Now try getting those graphics on a system with 512mb ram, and a 7000 series GeForce. It wouldn't even look close to Killzone 2, let alone Killzone 3. The amount of optimization that goes into (good) console games is immense, but with a PC performance isn't as important since people can always upgrade they systems, especially for a game like crysis where their main concern was the best graphics, performance was second, though by the sounds of it crysis 2 will have much better perfor... #9.3.2
^I'm wearing a Killzone2 tactician uniform. I thought about buying it for a very long time, and I finally got it after lots of thought. #1.2.2
*goes to farm cloudstone chunks and pure bladestone* #1.7
Thats one of the best thing about Sony's huge library of first party developers. #1.12.1
I never thought of that before. Great idea! #1.1.3
Announcing either a portable Xbox or new Xbox system would take away from Natal later this year. People might hold off from getting Natal if they know there is something much better just around the corner. #38
Yes I realize that OSX is based on BSD, but I still stand by my point in that both do very similar things. Both have a very similar terminal, thanks to both being unix based. If you are using Gnome, the UI is fairly similar. And while the software on both platforms are entirely different, for 99% of proprietary software on OSX (and Windows) theres at least one open source alternative, many times the open source version is far superior to the proprietary one, though there are a few exceptio... #7.5
4 more days indeed. I'm going to format my partition and install the 64-bit lucid, as I am currently only running the 32 bit Karmic. #3.2
In my eyes, Mac OSX is just a Linux distro that you pay for, making it pointless to use. #7.2
I'm guessing you've never actually used Linux before... #4.3
I have XP still on my computer, but I only use it for storage now, I have not booted into it for months.
I am running Ubuntu 9.10, and I can't wait for 10.04.

If this rumour ends up being true, it could be great news for Linux gamers. It might also serve as a catalyst for other developers to make games for Linux. #3.3
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