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Not having Demon's Souls on this list is a crime!

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Great update. I'm going to download this and check it out.

The only thing I wish Home did more is integration with the rest of the system. It would be cool to go to my virtual home to launch games, and do everything that I would normally do from the XMB. Similarily, it would be cool to use my avatar for other things, like use it in actual games, like you can on some games for the 360 and wii.

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Can't wait for this!

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It only does everything

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Disregard this post...

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The multiplayer in KZ2 doesn't have as much of the heavyness to it (the massive acceleration that the gun had while rotating). They decided to go with a more constant speed with the multiplayer.

I think the same seems to be in effect with KZ3, albeit the screen does seem to be moving much faster than in did in KZ2. Also I am glad they were able to reduce the input latency. IMO the latency was not a part of the 'heavyness' but an actual bug or performance issue....

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They re-wrote the engine essentially from scratch. And not to mention the premium cars are so detailed, they map just about every fine detail there is on the car.

I think the engine (physics and graphics) + the premium cars is what took them 80% of the time to make the game. I don't think you comprehend the detail there is in this game.

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Ya I figured the PS3 would overtake the 360 in 2009. It definitely made up lots of ground, the the slim/price drop didn't effect the North American regions as much as I would have thought.

I think I can say with a decent amount of confidence that the PS3 will overtake the 360's sales early next year, if not this christmas, depending on who's sales data you use :P

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Indeed. Not to mention that UC2 is (I think) the most decorated game in history. There is even a Wikipedia page for it's record breaking number of awards. --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

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This reminds me of Kojima, when he would always say things about the game that aren't 100% perfect. Like Blu Ray disc didn't have the storage to have the 4D graphics that he had envisioned.

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@ryuzu: I totally agree. It seems as though the more realistic the physics got, the worse he enjoyed the game. I think he just enjoyed being able to do unrealistic things with the earlier physics which were on the PS1. Now that things are much more real this time around, things like being able to use the side rail to steer your car while going 300 km/h instead of breaking is no longer possible.

I prefer realistic driving, and true skill.

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I have beat the game I think well over 10 times, I have the platinum, and have logged close to 250 hours into the game, and I am still playing it. It is probably my most played game this generation, and that is quite the accomplishment for a pseudo single player game.

Its great that this will bring in more players, and possible hope for a Demon's Souls 2

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Bubbles for you, that made me laugh.

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The only use I would have for this, is for multiplayer games with no voice chat support. There arn't too many of them, but a good example is Demon's Souls. It can be tedious playing with other players and trying to coordinate strategies by text chat. It would be more effective to use voice chat. But the cross game part I doubt I would ever use.

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The MAG one is the best, followed by the GOW one. I can't believe MAG didn't make the list.

"Son of a MAG"

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Ya I'm kind of glad it is. I'd rather not have a purely downloadable library. And also the price is pretty rediculus. It should have launched at no more than 199.

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Linux FTW!

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He has been involved in almost every final fantasy since, I dunno like FFV, he used to do mostly character designs, but now he also does lots of directing and such.

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