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Ya this is probably mainly for a stress test for their servers, so they can gauge what sort of problems might arise server side.

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I think MGS3 subsistence had a behind the shoulder view, but it would be nice to have for MGS1 and 2. Or at least have a first person view for MGS1 for all weapons.

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I might agree with you if the story was boring, but with a story so deep as MGS you can't help but enjoy watching them. Of course you might not like the game's story, but that's not really the game's fault.

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Tell me this doesn't look epic!


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The game is probably going to be much longer(10 hours+?), and there will probably be 2 or 3 longer cutscenes which take up most of that time, so chances are it will be mostly continuous gameplay, except for a few epic cutscenes at the beginning middle and end of the game.

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I never said that the PS3 had bad memory, its just that there is never enough memory. If the PS3 had 2GB of memory, I'm sure that ND would be using 99% of that.

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Another Reason
why Bluray is the future of console gaming. well at least for another 10 years according to analysts.

While I agree with you, that is not what this article is referring to. It talks about the ram memory, and how at times the game simply would not fit in main memory(I bet that firmware update helped them out near the end of development, maybe they were the ones who asked SONY to do that)

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Holy compression batman!

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Using a Blue Eye Stone you can allow another player to summon you into their world and if you defeat the boss, then you will be back in body form at 100% HP.

To lose less health while in soul form though you should wear the cling ring(found in 1-1).

Also the easiest way to go to body form is by using a stone of ephemerial eyes. I wouldn't overuse this as there are a finite number of these in the game (unless you glitch), so you won't be able to get...

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Seeing that picture makes me want to put another 400 hours into that game.

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lol that happens alot in that world, until you memorize where all the holes in the floor are.

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3. No Caster adjustment? I can't even think of a reason they would leave this out. Every racing game since maybe 1996 has had caster settings in it. this is a crucial part of suspension tuning, its just stupid not to have it.

4. No asymmetrical tuning!!! This CRIPPLES NASCAR. Any idiot in the street will know you need postive camber on the left and negative camber on the right to get the maximum contact patch, its what they do in REAL LIFE, so why isn't it in the REAL...

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I hope that in UC3 they up the bit rate for the pre-rendered videos because whenever there was a pre-rendered cutscene, they were always washed out, and I could see some artifacting. I would actually go as far to say that the real-time footage looks better than the pre-rendered videos for this reason(except for the animations, which are superior in the pre-rendered scenes).

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I don't care for the 60fps, but I would like a more stable 30fps than KZ2. GG did a great job hiding the frame drops with all of it's post processing effects, but it would be great for gameplay reasons to have a more constant framerate.

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Uncharted 3 will probably have the best heat waves and sand physics ever seen in a video game!

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Screen tearing was non existent in UC2. I think they even used triple buffering O_o.

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That is one of the worst reviews I have ever read.

First of all they posted screenshots from Gran Turismo HD not once but twice, so I'm not sure what that is about.

Then he goes on to say this:

"Whilst in real-life I’ve had a Ford Mondeo fish-tailing on a dirt track in New Zealand under heavy breaking and I’ve had some dicey moments on snow and ice in Yorkshire, I’ve yet to experience that type of behavior on bone-dry tarmac." ...

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UC2 has some pretty crazy shadows, heck even UC1 had pretty decent ones.

It's great to hear they arn't just brushing these minor issues under the carpet. Even though by themselves these issues are quite minor, there are many of them, and they do kill the realism at points. GT5 IMO is both the best looking PS3 game, and the worst looking at the same time. If they can fix some of these problems somehow, it might just be one of the best looking overall.

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Hopefully they will re-release these cars as premium, or at the very least make them look current generation and also have cockpit views.

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Instuctions for Linux:

1. Plug PSEye into USB port
2. Open Cheese (or any other of your favorite Webcam programs)
3. Enjoy!

No need for downloading any drivers.

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