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"Writing Code"


I guess this was recorded in mono. The author mentioned that it sounded much better live. #1.2.1
I like it. Sometimes patches fix so much that the game becomes something completely different than how it was on release. #3.1
You never know. For all we know David Hayter already finished all the voice work :P #4.1
Rainbow moon was a fun game, but it got a little repeditive, and the combat was pretty non-strategic, and next to no story. For the price though it was awesome, but I hope the sequel improves on those points. #4
Looks like this game is getting the scores it deserves. #1
I'm pretty sure that the frame-rate problems are a result of the trailer. Just the way that it is stuttering, I suspect that it was an encoding issue. I'm surprised that they would mess that up though, but then again it would not be a first time they did something amateur like that #1.1
It probably would not be hard since they now have steam running on Linux. They are probably planning to just have a linux distro dedicated to just running steam, which could eventually be used for the rumoured (I think?) Steam Console. #1.1.1
I could see this game being amazing when it first came out on the PS2(sorry, I never played it when it first came out), but after playing the HD remake I felt the same as this review. The gameplay just seemed dated, and I also found it repetitive. Ico on the other hand was awesome, probably because the control system was so simple, and it is hard for a simple control scheme to be dated. Both are great in 3D I should add, especially ICO, I was left wowed many times.

For me... #4
I don't know why Quantic Dream doesn't just make the game 24 fps, just like a movie. This would allow for a more consistent frame rate, and would probably allow for maybe more post processing effects. #4.1
I would buy a Vita in an instant if Type0 is announced for it. #2.4
It is cool that they are including Wickenheiser (Captain of Women's Team Canada) #1.1
Awesome game, one of the best in the series. #2
I'm probably going to really get into PC gaming again once this happens later this year. #6
Last time I checked, video games weren't around when this guy was around #90
Kurt Russel indeed

And the crazy thing is, he could probably even pull off the voice. I think David Hayter would still be the only logical choice though. #1
Super Stardust HD, and Ico/SOTC say otherwise. #2.3

One of the best episodes!

I think Jason would make a pretty good Kratos though, just throw on some white/red paint and shave his head and he would make a pretty great Kratos. #3.1
Awesome video. The ending was awesome! #1
Ya, HR I'd say was dangerously close to being inside the uncanny valley, but man this video might just be on the other side of it! #1.12.2
This is something I'd like to see more of with MMOs. This way anybody can play and try it out, and if they seriously want to be competitive, then they will buy everything needed to be successful. For me it is that subscription commitment without playing the game yet which blocks me from ever playing any MMO. #25
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