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"Writing Code"


They should probably just start taxing Fox News. #1.2.1
I think it is realistic because the blade is probably made with a super light weight fanstasy metal, like Mythril. #2.1.2
In the beginning of a console's life it has to be supported immensely by first party titles, to give people something until 3rd parties start to develop games.

I don't think that games are enough though. I think the biggest problem by far though is marketing. There is simply no hype for the system, and I don't think another Mario game is going to help any of that (it will for the hardcore, but not the rest of the 100 million people who bought the Wii). I think... #1
Not if you are a decent driver :P #6.1
I guess this was recorded in mono. The author mentioned that it sounded much better live. #1.2.1
I like it. Sometimes patches fix so much that the game becomes something completely different than how it was on release. #3.1
You never know. For all we know David Hayter already finished all the voice work :P #4.1
Rainbow moon was a fun game, but it got a little repeditive, and the combat was pretty non-strategic, and next to no story. For the price though it was awesome, but I hope the sequel improves on those points. #4
Looks like this game is getting the scores it deserves. #1
I'm pretty sure that the frame-rate problems are a result of the trailer. Just the way that it is stuttering, I suspect that it was an encoding issue. I'm surprised that they would mess that up though, but then again it would not be a first time they did something amateur like that #1.1
It probably would not be hard since they now have steam running on Linux. They are probably planning to just have a linux distro dedicated to just running steam, which could eventually be used for the rumoured (I think?) Steam Console. #1.1.1
I could see this game being amazing when it first came out on the PS2(sorry, I never played it when it first came out), but after playing the HD remake I felt the same as this review. The gameplay just seemed dated, and I also found it repetitive. Ico on the other hand was awesome, probably because the control system was so simple, and it is hard for a simple control scheme to be dated. Both are great in 3D I should add, especially ICO, I was left wowed many times.

For me... #4
I don't know why Quantic Dream doesn't just make the game 24 fps, just like a movie. This would allow for a more consistent frame rate, and would probably allow for maybe more post processing effects. #4.1
I would buy a Vita in an instant if Type0 is announced for it. #2.4
It is cool that they are including Wickenheiser (Captain of Women's Team Canada) #1.1
Awesome game, one of the best in the series. #2
I'm probably going to really get into PC gaming again once this happens later this year. #6
Last time I checked, video games weren't around when this guy was around #90
Kurt Russel indeed

And the crazy thing is, he could probably even pull off the voice. I think David Hayter would still be the only logical choice though. #1
Super Stardust HD, and Ico/SOTC say otherwise. #2.3
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