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"Writing Code"


- Nolan North returns to be Drake and Chloe Frazer is played by Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1, FarSCAPE).

um wow thats awesome. Having the voice of Vala Mal Doran will make the game just that much more awesome because it will remind me of how awesome Stargate SG1 is :D #32
PS3 had some really great momentum going, up until the 360 price drop. Ever since, the momentum has slowly been dissapearing over the past few months, and possibly at the worst time. PS3 has just had 2 huge exclusives last month, but it was unable to fully capitalize on that because of the reduced momentum.

PS3 needs a price drop soon, or else all of that momentum it had, will have been for nothing... #11
So i though 360 games didn't get patches right... ;) #10

Actually it affected very few people, at most 1%. And it was fixed almost immediately.

With RROD, it still has not been completely fixed(though it seems as though is has been improved a little). RROD affected about 33% of all users, and apparently the same problem affects 100% of all 360s made before a certain date, which means that all of those people's 360's, if they have not broken down already, will at some point. #1.3
Wow thats actually a really cool use of the sixaxis. #21

straight from the horses mouth. 4.33 million copies sold so far. #8.5

This is supposed to be the game that defines the 360's graphical supremacy over the PS3? Look at the vines/grass whatever on the side of the building; I think the PS2 could produce better textures than that.

If you honestly think that looks like good graphics then you are obviously a fanboy. Epic even said themselves that they are squeezing jus... #5.4

uhh RROD? Its been 3 years, and people are still getting it... #2.5
@POG: I couldn't agree more. And i'm a PS3 fanboy! #7.4
Last year when the PSP slim was released, the world economy was also not being crippled. All of the systems sales have taken a hit in Japan recently, probably because people saving their money. #4
Maybe the control layout is mind control :P #12.3
I will probably get dissagrees for this, but I think LBP has more potential to take away from the wii's market than the 360's.

For example, I was talking to a friend of mine who only has a wii, and for the most part is a casual gamer. We then began to talk about the PS3 and one of the first things she mentioned was how she was uber excited about LBP.

Games like Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 may help to chip at the 360's lead over the PS3, but not the wii. To accom... #17
LOL @ "The Internet Explorer in PS3" #49.1
I don't know if this is very accurate, at least for StarCraft II.

Near the bottom, it says that they will support DX 10, and they might even have some exclusive DX 10 effects in the game. #1
I applied for the beta a few months ago. I am a huge stargate fan so I hope I manage to get in :D #1
That was the Cell Broadband Engine which previously got the 65nm a while back, now the same is happening to the RSX(Graphics Chip). #20.1
I think price was the biggest problem with UMD movies. Most of the time, the UMD disc was more expensive than the DVD, which makes no sense at all.

Now that it is around $10, it seems like a way better deal. #5
*Puts in Uncharted Disc* #30
I cant wait to play the game again. I played it 4 times over when I first got it, and now I have a reason to play it again. I might have to play it a few times to get most of the trophies though. #2.6
I was Laughing out loud to many of those :P

Also some of those didn't seem like bugs, but rather rare coincidences, like the GTA one with the airplane, unless i missed something else there... :P #12
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