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Ya thats probably my biggest complaint(though it's not so much of a complaint since the fact that the character models have reached the point of the uncanny valley is saying quite a bit). Thats not to say other games do not have this problem, but ya, there really isn't much the developers can do about this as it is essentially a phenomenon that happens with robotics and advanced character models.

For those who don't know what the uncanny >> valley
However, as soon as you start adding in the SPEs, then the PS3's processor starts becoming immensely more powerful than the 360, which is the case for most PS3 exclusives.

"the point im making is that how can you justify buying something for 25-30 bucks that you will use 1 or 2 times, over XBL being 50 a year as well. i don't get it. you actually use XBL for the whole year, you have that movie and watch it once, its a waste of money."

I just got WALL*E on blu ray last week and I have watched it like 5 times already, and I want to keep watching it because it is so good. I don't know anyone who buys a movie to watch it once, thats called r...

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Ya Linix is pretty sick. I am on Ubuntu as we speak :)

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Ya whats with the references to HD DVD like it is still around

"For others it may boil down to decision between the HD DVD v Blu-ray playing capability and which format to choose."


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Oh I remember math blaster, that game was awesome!

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Oh man I love moodle. Its what my university uses for all of the computing science courses. Its a great system for course management!

I don't see how it can be used with gaming though...

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Ya I didn't mean that it won't ever be needed, perhaps I should have said...

"Thats pretty awesome, but honestly not needed YET"

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Thats pretty awesome, but honestly not needed unless you are using it for game servers or something.

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That was my favorite part!

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I certainly will be.

I plan to become an actual video games programmer. I live in Edmonton, so Bioware is an obvious choice!

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I don't think the wii is going to last as long as the ps3 and 360.

When the system first launched I was confident that it would only be a fad, and while I may still be correct, this fad has been going on much longer than I expected, I thought the sales would die down pretty good by the end of 2008, but it seems like it is still selling extremely well. However, I do believe at some point, much earlier than most other console life cycles, the system will just no longer have that...

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I'm coding a game in Java right now (6000 lines ftw!). Looking at C#'s syntax, I should almost port it over to C# when it is done because the two laguage's syntax look very similar :P Then it could be played on the 360.

Also I am learning C right now :D

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Nice tutorial. As much as I'd like to have Windows 7 beta though, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 instead :D

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^Most recent performance tests indicate that in most areas, Windows 7 performs at least as good as XP, and in many areas it actually performs better!

So basically 7 > XP > Vista

Vista was a small step back, but by the looks of it, W7 will be one giant leap forward.

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I used to use CCleaner, but now I use Registry Mechanic. It has a few extra features for maximizing your computer's performance than CCleaner does.

RM is something you have to buy though. Luckly my dad bought it, and was allowed 3 computers to use the program :D

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One problem with Linux is that noobs won't know how to do practically anything. Alot of the time you have to go into the terminal and enter some commands to get something done(most things you dont, but some stuff you kind of have to do). Some people have a tough enough time figuring out Windows, so figuring out Linux will be just totally foreign to them.

I am taking a C course in uni, and we are totally learning Unix, this is really my first experience with Linux. I am going t...

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I think what the article means is that most games since 32/64 bit era have been "3d", they will still being played on a 2 dimensional plane. Now it will be possible to play games in multiple planes, meaning that what we used to call 3d, is no longer the same as it is today.

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Sony should announce a price drop and PS3 bundle for this game. That would increase sales by huge amounts!

And those trailers look sick, but it's the same trailer as the one posted a couple of days ago...

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