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In my opinion Demons Souls was equally great as Dark Souls I. And while I found Dark Souls II pretty great as well, I didn't spend nearly as much time as I did with the previous two games.

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Cars/Buggies whatever you want to call them have been in most of the 'sci-fi' final fantasy games (ie. 7, 8). There was an interview with I think Nomura like 5 years ago and he said there would be airships and an overworld (What we see in the trailer is probably part of the overworld)

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I thought the single player was garbage myself (it got a little better about half way in but was still pretty terrible). The multiplayer was pretty fun though. KZ2/3 had better stories, although I wouldn't say the series is really known for its story telling.

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@thrust If it is not a stable 30 or 60 fps then you will typically see judder (or screen tearing if not vsync'd), so that 6-10 fps will be noticeable.

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They will probably never get to that price. The systems have a lot more going on in them now, an example of that is the built in harddrive, which systems like the PS2 never had (built in). I think next year we will see both the 360 and PS3 at a 150 price point, which will be their lowest price.

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Enemies in Survivor and Grounded mode take far fewer bullets to go down (so do you). If you use the revolver, it is a one hit kill anywhere on the body (unless they are wearing armor). And I think the 9mm it is two shots, but one if it is a headshot. So they ramped up the realism for both of those modes.

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This is the only possible correct answer!

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Agreed, Remedy are one talented studio!

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My friend way back in the day had a Genesis, we spent lots of time playing some Sonic! Unfortunately I wasn't really a gamer back then, so I missed out on the Genesis greatness. Now that I have begun collecting games the Genesis is on my top wanted systems, I'm just waiting to pick one up at a garage sale :D

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But it won't be the simulator experience, which is why I play simulators in the first place.

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Just upvoted/commented, hopefully they get the message.

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If I can't play using my G27 then the game is a certain no buy for me (including most other racing games).

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They really turned things around with FFXIV!

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This better happen. And like franwex said above, it would great to change the inverted camera controls.

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Praise the sun!? wait, different game...

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Definitely a fun game (Rainbow Moon). The amount of content in the game was astounding for such a cheap game. I think I had over 100 hours into it (lots of grinding!). But I agree that the story got pretty bland after about 10 minutes. I am looking forward to the sequel.

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This is a little off topic, but I'd love to see a Naughty Dog FPS game so that they could show most other developers how to do a proper single player story in an FPS. (I'll be honest I don't play a ton of FPS games, so there might already be lots with amazing stories, like Half Life?)

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I'd rather 1080p 60fps

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Oops wrong reply

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Donated $11 :D

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