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"Writing Code"


Lets hope more developers will be able to use this technology. Even if it is just first/second party developers, those games could become significantly better looking. 5-6 milliseconds is huge, especially for a 60fps game. #3
I feel sorry for you. #6.2
While they are highly suspicious, IGN and other major sites have posted them as official screenshots. And after the scandal that Square tried to pull with those photoshopped screenshots, they must have decided to put out real screenshots of how the game looks. They must have been so embarased by how the game looks, thats why they tried to get away with the fake photoshopped ones. Square's evil schemes were caught pretty quick, so they try to redeem themselves by releasing these real screen... #25.1
I was playing the demo the other day, and I was surprised how intense that fight scene was. My heart was rushing pretty hard, similar to how it was with some of the FPS games that I have played. I definitely see what cage has talked about for the past while about you will try your hardest to keep your character from dying. #15
It was a pretty great game, but it was too short. I was done in probably an hour and a half. #6.1
For me it is between MGS4 and Uncharted 2. Both are masterpieces. #11.1
I watched that episode last night. I'd say it was above average for the more recent seasons. #1.3
I won't stop playing until I get the platinum. I think I might get it in my next two playthroughs.

But I am pretty busy now that the winter term in school is currently in session. So my progress might be slow >.< #2.1
It is an Asian website, so it is 'here' for them.

And the title was left that way most likely to get more degrees :P #15.1
Not only that, but how could they possibly enforce this? How would the system actually check that you are actually over 18(or whatever age). #5.1
Way back when, I'm pretty sure that Nomura mentioned they even had an airship working for the overworld map.

Of course this could be scrapped, but they do currently have this. #21.2
QUOTE: Epic PR fail. Surely they could have come up with a lie that sounds better than "It was too hard for us"

Chances are it was worded a little less harshly in the original version. I think this is just a translation. #1.14
Uncharted 2 did an amazing job with it.

Probably not a spoiler, but if you havn't played the game, then read with caution.

When you reach the village, it is so lifelike it was almost chilling, and while there were really no conversations going on there, the village seemed incredibly lifelike. #2.1
I hope they add...
I hope they add Linux support at some point. Maybe not day one, but Bioware did this with NWN, and it was fairly well recieved. #4
I could be wrong, but I think exclusivity only lasts for a finite amount of time. Company A will give Company B a certain amount of money so that Game X stays exlusive for Y months. The more money, the longer it is exclusive. #6.1
Apple is way more monopolistic that people realize. Most people just don't notice because of their relatively low market share(for OS). #3
I think this is the first 360 game released so far that I wish were on the PS3. Though if what Geoff Keighley says is true, it might end up appearing on PS3 once all the dust settles. If it does, I might consider buying this game :) #18
Is that why Heavy Rain has about 22 different endings? #5.3
Camping is one reason why I think Killzone 2 has some of the best online.

In KZ2, if you try to camp, I can garuntee that you will get killed very quickly, because no matter where you are on the map, there is almost always at least 2 ways to get to your position. Almost all rooms(including the home base) have 2 entrances, usually on opposite sides of the room, which makes having a successful camp alot more difficult. Other than maybe being a sniper, camping is almost non exista... #6
It's called depth of field, and without it games will look flat and unrealistic. As long as the bluring techniques are high quality(And by the looks of it, HR has some of the best bluring I have seen on a console game), then bluring will enhance the quality of the picture significantly. #5.2
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