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Don't forget, remasters/remakes give the new generation the chance to experience it, or for those who missed out on it the first time, they can now play it. Especially those games that became rare for one reason or another.

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I think I really want to play this for the gritty military/robot action.

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I know right, I can't keep up with the games to the point I have to start writing lists so I remember what to buy when I have the time and money for it.

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I always hated how the PC gets the crappy ports and the console version is the best.

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I actually wouldn't mind remakes of older Nier/Drakengard games because I never played them, maybe a remaster would be more fitting while they work on new games. Nier/Drakengard games are all connected to each other anyway.

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True, but you need competition to keep everyone honest, otherwise they drag their feet and we'd get terrible games/consoles/handhelds. Microsoft have really dicked up this gen, not because it's console has bad hardware, but because of the decisions surrounding it. If they didn't do reasonably well last gen, PS4 may have not been as good as it is this gen. Even the Nintendo had to pick up their game after their failure that was the WiiU, it's ...

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I'm not surprised FFVII didn't show up, because Square-Enix.

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I don't feel that it was a bust, it was better than Sony's E3 showing this year.

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TBH, I appreciate 13 more after 15 came out, I know I'm the minority here, but 13 did better overall than 15.

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I just wanted to add, they obviously dropped alot of plot points that was never really explained, e.g. Noctic's sickness

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This is what annoyed mean about the open world, it was pretty barren as far as cities or town (outposts) are concerned. I really wanted to wander around big cities like Insomnia or Niflheim.

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I've got the feeling they have changed the story significantly at least once but unfortunately we'll never know for sure. We only have the trailers and interviews leading all the way up to the final game to know that some things did change.

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Magic was ridiculously over powered, that's pretty much how I won most of my fights despite being under leveled. I would prefer ATB or turn based myself but to each their own.

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I would prefer a return to the style of older games, the last decade or Final Fantasy hasn't been that great for me with a few exceptions.

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It makes sense to port the WiiU games, because you know, almost no one bought the WiiU, give me Xenoblade Chronicles X and it'll be really hard for me to pass up on the Switch.

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Really? I just use the web version because it's more comfortable for me, I'll have to check and see if it has it on the actual console.

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I don't even put Persona 5 and Nier in the same category, but personally I like hard categories for my games (e.g. P5 = JRPG, Nier = Action). Personally I think Xenoblade 2 looks kinda terrible but to each their own, it wasn't what I expectrd when I heard there would be a sequel.

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This, give this man a cookie!

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Personally I would rather everyone have fairly objective opinions and discussions on gaming in general but we can't manage that with most people, the fanboys make these kind of articles and the discussions the worst.

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How are people even making statements like this? Were Nintendo fans always this bad? Because I don't remember them being this bad.

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