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I actually wanted a region free update for the handheld, it's the only reason I've held back on buying one as I'm not sure if I should get an American or European 3ds. #17
Nope, probably not going to happening in my lifetime and probably won't happen Australia by the time it happens in every other country.

Updating telecommunications infrastructure is expensive, by now, every country should be preparing or moving towards fibre optics (Australia has more or less dropped that plan... great).

I won't buy games digital because I haven't got internet capable of it, so I only buy physical, if I can't, I just don't... #6.2
this is just like the PS3 wasn't doing well it was doomed, the PS4 is doing well but apparently it's doomed.

I just buy the Playstations because they have most of the games I want to play. I'm fined with the PS4 being a very beefed up version of the PS3, it's pretty much what I want as long as I get the games I want (JRPGs, unique and interesting games, ect...).

These past few years have been great for PS3, especially if you like Japanese gam... #52
I've already plonked down the money from my Atelier Ayesha and Neptunia Victory preorders. #2
Why won't you take my money Square?! #15
So what options do I have if I want to play this game in Australia? Would I have to buy the non-existent UK version? #10
I would like the PS4 to have backwards capability in-case my PS3 dies (hopefully that won't happen until long after it's discontinued). #8
For me, 12 was easily the worst game in the series. I couldn't care for the characters or plot so I didn't care if any of the characters died or some bad happened to the world (or the battle system). At least it had the most content for a FF.

I considered 13 a mixed bag, decent characters (disliked most at the beginning, liked most by the end) decent music, great graphics, battle system was fast past but played itself for the most part but the plot was below average... #10
I didn't even bother with Gran Pulse, I spent like 10 minutes there before I decided to continue due to the lack of anything actually being there. e.g. Towns, people, mini games, ect... FF13 was ok but it wasn't the Final Fantasy game I wanted it to be. #1.3.4
They really should finish the games already on their plate like Versus and it would be nice to see a kingdom hearts 3 since we have like a billion spin-offs now. #6
I never could understand why 12 got such high praise, I struggled to finish it because I couldn't care for the characters or plot of the game. For me it was the worst FF I've ever played.

On the upside the game did have a lot of content compared to 13 (still vastly prefer 13 over it though). #1.6.1
Scottis, there's always Ebay. But it is great that we're going to get an 18+ rating now. #3
The more I see of this game, the more I want it and I haven't even played any of the Tales games before. #2
Didn't they say it was being released in September IRC? #2
Oh god, the amount of hours I sunk into games during PS1/PS2 eras. I just wish this generation wasn't so lacking, especially the JRPGs. #20
Pretty disappointing so far, why do the screencaps of XIII-2 remind of the beginning of FFX? #18
PSP? No one sends PSP games over to Australia anymore, oh well, at least I'm guaranteed FF Dissidia Duodecim. #8
I haven't really cared much about the series since I finished FFX-2 (a lot more interested in Persona now), however I'm still looking forward to Versus 13. #1.2
I feel this generation is pretty much the worst...
I really enjoyed and brought a lot of games during sne/ps1/ps2 period. #50
I must be getting old.
Personally, I'm enjoying the ps3/360/wii generation less then the ps2/xbox/cube generation. #20
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