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Personally, I think it's a better game than FFXV, it doesn't suffer from the effects of development hell.

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FFXV didn't really have a strong villain until you get about 3/4 of the way through the story. They didn't foreshadow it either, what a waste of a potentially good villain.

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If anything, Microsoft has consistently f***ed up this gen, for the sake of competition and preventing Sony from becoming complacent, I hope they eventually make up for this. They really need to develop or lure 3rd developers and crank out those IPs. Personally I hope the Switch makes for some decent competition.

Even one of my co-workers are selling his Xone and buying a PS4 because he's not happy with the library of games to play. Another is just letting his gather d...

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Can we just move on from FFXV? It was enjoyable enough despite it's flaws, I just want a new entry in the series now.

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Armored Core please! They haven't made one for this gen yet and the series hasn't had any attention for a while now (I'd like a decent sized single player campaign this time).

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If it's one thing I have to hand to the FF-XIII-verse, it generally improved in all aspects by the time we got all three games. Lightning Returns was a big improvement over the first game. Maybe they should have shorten and simplified the story in FFXV (there are so many confusing things happening with the characters because it's just thrown out there with no foreshadowing or it happens off screen).

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True, it's obviously lacking so much story content, but I just want a new Final Fantasy game now (god, please don't do any sequels or spin off of XV).

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New armored core?

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I'm up to chapter 14 and I'm just about had enough of it, just going to try and finish it now.

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So much wasted potential, in this state, the story for the game may as well be a throw away plot. This really could have been one of the best games in the series.

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I blame the media's JRPGs are stagnant and need to change barrage of articles, we still get some fine games, a recent example for me would be WoFF, it's excellent with only a few flaws. I also enjoyed Neptunia V2 as a budget title, Legend of Heroes: trails of cold steel was good too (personally I don't enjoy it as much as I expected but most people can't say it's not a good game with just a few flaws).

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I just want some good survival horror, it's something we've been lacking in this generation, I really wanted another Silent Hill but it looks like we won't get one.

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I would have been much happier, had they put more effort into the characters and story, the game play is enjoyable enough on it's own, just not so much everything else. I thought Doom was excellent (I hope they give us a good sequel but I don't want them to spoil the game as well). WoFF was also excellent but I think they could have done more with the gameplay.

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I think WoFF was their best, but hardly anyone will agree with me on that one. Personally, FFXV is just an ok game in my books, I blame development hell.

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No, we need an obligatory oniichan type character!

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I disagree, the mechanics are fine, but the events from the movie and anime should have been included in the game somehow, it doesn't feel like a complete game without it. I'm on chapter 6 and still don't feel a sense of direction with the story, it's just kind of going through the motions. This is more the type of game I would dick around in rather than invest alot of time and effort into.

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I get the feeling alot of people will be finished with the game by that point.

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I really don't think they should have been included in the list since they were online games despite being main numbered games.

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To be fair, Final Fantasy can sell on brand name alone, but I do agree that quality decreases noticeably after FFX.

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I wouldn't mind playing the PSX games again, I never finished 8 because one of the discs my friend lent me was busted (right near the last dungeon too). And I played the crap out of it until that point. I sunk alot of time into the games from 6 onwards.

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