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I was waiting for Vega but now I'm not so sure, I game at 1440p, so the 480 is sounding tempting.

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I had the same feeling watching the latest trailer, I used to be somewhat excited for it, but after so long, not so much. hopefully it'll be a pleasant surprise.

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That's how I've been feeling lately, the latest stuff looks to be all good, although I'm going to miss the ATB style battle systems and turn-based battles.

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Try Armored Core 3 or Silent Line if you can, that's pretty much Armored Core's golden age right there. Personally Last Raven was my favorite but it was tough as nails to beat.

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They really do need a break from it, it gets a bit old and stale when they release a new entry too often, plus they do have other IPs that could use the attention for a while.

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Super excited for a new Armored Core, I've been sustaining my mech lust on Gundam Breaker 3 lately.

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I hope not Hvd222, I just tolerate Steam, I don't particular like it as has completely taking over PC gaming and more or less destroyed physical editions of PC games.

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I'm happy we're getting another future/sci-fi setting again, it really changes up the formula. I think people are over-reacting, then again, most of them will buy it anyway.

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Me too, but only after that generation has had a good run (6 years is fine), and technology has improved and become cheap enough for a decent improvement in the next console.

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I'll say the genre diversity has been much better, not dominated so much by FPS like last gen. Plus if you like Japanese games, then it's a good gaming gen since we're getting localization of stuff we wouldn't normally get or at least Asia-English versions. The PS4 has been good to me so far, I'm trying to spread out my purchases so I don't spend too much money and give myself time to finish by backlog.

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It's so hard to find good horror/survival games these days, I would love to see more. Looks like Open-World is the "in" thing at the moment though.

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True, I think gamers are just burnt out on the genre, too many sub-par games. I'm glad this generation has a bit more diversity this time around.

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To be fair I think Battlefront is too lacking in content even though it's a Multi-player game. Lack of content will cause a game to stagnate a lot faster as people get bored.

I really want my games to have a worthwhile campaign with a decent multi-player feature to play with my friends.

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There are so many people I wanted to slap for giving FF13 such a glowing review, even one of the guys on the local radio gave it a good review. "Square as made FF accessible to normal people!" He can have 3 slaps for that closing comment...

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It seems all good to me, it just needs some balancing, the multiplayer trailer really appeals to me. I hope you can use the PC version for LAN parties, haven't been to one of those in ages.

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Personally I think Blizzard should have had more balls and kept the old pose. Although I do find the new pose sexier anyway, it's not like cutting or adding the old pose would have changed the ESBR or any other rating system's rating for the game. Alternately Blizzard could have stirred up this controversy to get the game some more attention, who knows.

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I think Blizzard should have had some more balls and just kept the pose. It wasn't that bad to begin with and I defiantly find the new pose sexier (each to their own I guess). It's not like the ESBR or any other rating system would have changed with it added/missing the old pose.

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I actually think this game will sell 10 million despite everyone's gripes with how long we had to wait, the delays, change of consoles, ect... Final Fantasy is a high profile title, it can sell on name alone. I'm more curious about how much money they spent over the past 10 or so years in development, are they going to make all that money back? Probably, but I imagine they spent a sh*t-ton of money.

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I honestly still think we'll get 5 years, although I'd like another year or two. AMD/Nvidia's new GPU production needs to ramp up before they start making APUs for Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/whatev er. Other next gen won't be a satisfying leap (at least not for me, considering how pleased I am with the PS4).

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If it didn't need good internet to play and didn't chew through data, I would play.

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