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I'm turned off pc gaming by steam and uplay, my internet is craphouse and PC gaming is mostly digital now. #22
I would prefer BC since I own large collection of games and I know my old consoles may eventually break one day. Unfortunately the PS3 broke BC and newer versions dropped the chip for the PS2 BC. The PS4 is different architecture again so it drops BC for the sake of cost. The only time I buy remasters is if I missed out on that game in the previous gen (e.g. Ico/shadow of colossus and Zone of Enders). I wouldn't mind paying extra for the BC if it was an option. #38
To be fair, some of his concerns are legitimate, personally I do consider FF15 development to be quite troubled. Thankfully the demo of the game does put me somewhat at ease and assure me that we won't have a repeat of Duke Nukem forever with this game.

I wish some things had been done differently (e.g. different outfits for the main characters instead of the boy band look) and I would have like development to have been significant shorter the what it has been. I'm f... #4.2.1
Well this explains some of the unusual localization choices (e.g. Galgun being a recent example), not that I'm complaining about it since it benefits me. But I still question why some of the obvious choices don't get localized, like Type 0 didn't get localized until the HD remake (blame the Vita is dead in the west mentality) and we're still missing out on the recent God Eater titles for some reason. I just think the localization choices are odd, especially for games that woul... #1.2.4
I'm surprised we're getting this localized, although there are other games I would have preferred localized first like God Eater Rage Burst. I'll still support this for the sake of getting more niche games. #5
Me, too, as soon as a retail disc is released, I'm jumping on it. #2.1.1
Definitely, there was way too much catchup for many years. Lack of available media, no hdmi 2.0 (you could use Display Port instead though), no GPUs cable of reliably playing 4k. Nice idea but bad execution. #12.1
Fries1223, I actually expect middle to end of next year to have GPUs available that can easily handle 4k because we're jumping from 28nm to 16/14nm. 4k has been around for a while but we haven't had much media available for it or any GPUs capable of reliably driving 4k.

Prices may be a different matter altogether though. #1.2
I didn't even know about Dragon Quest until 2004 and online shopping wasn't commonplace for me until another 6 or so years. Even then I didn't see much in the way of ads nor did anyone seem to have it displayed on their shelves (otherwise I might have brought it). #4.1
Funny thing, I live in Australia and the store in my town does this too. Then again, EB almost, always has a sale going on. #4
I still face palm at the fact my own countrymen voted Tony Abbott in. Nothing surprises me about Australia these days. #10.1
I know there were all sorts of rumors but I was hoping all of them were new cards. So in the end we got 3 or 4 new cards (Fury/Fiji line) while the others were updated and re-branded cards (I was hoping they would all have the HBM tech too). #4
This is what I'm super excited about but lately I've been getting the feeling it'll be a let down. Still, fingers crossed that it will be amazing as the rumors say. #7.1
It had to happen sooner or later, happens in most other businesses/industries in life, doesn't make anyone less annoyed about it though. #5
You don't want to be a Duke Nuke'em or a Final Fantasy fan then (the wait time is horrendous). At least we won't be waiting that much longer now. #8.2
Free Sync/G-Sync would be nice but I don't think we'll see it on TVs. If we did it would more likely be Free Sync over HDMI (I'm pretty sure they recently got it working over HDMI), since it's not locked down like G-Sync is. Surely an online update for TV/Consoles could be possible in most cases (it's mostly on the software side of things as far as I'm aware, whereas G-Sync is more defendant on the timer module in the monitor/tv). Alternatively there are plenty of larg... #3.5
I honestly wonder if Everquest should be there instead of WOW (if we're going for an MMORPG that defines that genre).

So many games define history and gaming culture. #1.1.3
Yep, I brought it for Japanese games and RPGs. Just gotta cross my fingers and hope everything I want gets localized.

I do wish it got more support, but the games lineup for the Vita unfortunately doesn't have enough wide-spread appeal for it. #6.2
Too many games these days lack up to 4 player local play, plus my internet connection is too crap house for online play. I love having two or three friends over and playing the N64 or playing games and networking several xboxs together (I wish more games on the PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xone did this). #1.3
I don't mind waiting, I wasn't quite happy with the character lineup and Arcsys generally makes an upgraded version (complete?) version at some point. I guess it depends if your willing to wait or not, or if Arcsys makes an downloadable upgrade for the game. #4.1.1
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