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You could have a F**k awesome job that most people don't. I may be able to afford all the games I want this gen easily, but it'll take me a long time to finish them (especially with the longer games like Beseria, Super Robot Wars and Persona 5).

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How quickly people forget, that and the PS2 generation was a pretty great time for video games.

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Sony had a focus on games with the PS4 from the get go, they dropped how the media center of the living room after the PS3/360/Wii generation. I'm pretty sure a Sony rep specifically said that games would be the primary focus at some point.

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@VforVideogams @LOGICWINS

I think it's too early to call the Switch beating out the PS4 at this point, it'll do well, but at this point it doesn't look like it'll beat the PS4. And I wouldn't count console refreshes in the list since neither will be major system pushes for most consumers (if we counted the refreshes we'd have to have the PS4 slim as well as the Pro and Scorpio). Don't forget that the Wii U was also a massive failure and Nintendo ...

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I think it's safe to say that the PS has genre diversity, most people can at least find a few games they like on it, it caters to a wide variety of people. It's much more limited with Xbox, I just think shooting games (dude bro?) like Halo or Gears at first, then I struggle to think of anything else. Then again, I think Nintendo struggles with genre diversity as well, but they have consistently strong first party games.

It's foolish to think...

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Not necessarily a good thing, look at how FFXV turned out, take a reasonable amount of time to make a solid game. *crosses fingers* Please be good *crosses fingers*

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This is what I hate about the series, rehashing the same events, they could have chosen a different war. But COD players often whinge about change/lack of change. Personally I was enjoying the last few sci-fi-ish games.

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With online stores available now, you can get games $30 or $40 cheaper or just wait a couple of months for a price drop. Although used games probably helps out stores like EB more than anyone else.

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I'd be happy with Asia English releases, they're pretty damn serviceable but it makes buying DLC more complicated. Plus we get games we shouldn't normally get (Super Robot Wars V is a very good example since it's a licensing nightmare).

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Isn't everyone just having a dick waving contest at this point. Personally I'm not overly excited about either console's refresh.

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I have to disagree, spec-wise the PS4 and Xone are very similar, there isn't not a great deal of difference between the two machines, and they both get the same multi-plat games for obvious reasons. In the end, since they're so similar, it's the exclusives or brand loyalty that decides which one the consumer purchases. I know plenty of people who own both.

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But the higher the resolution, the less CPU matters performance-wise, 4K is pretty damn demanding on the GPU, the CPU doesn't factor in much when it comes to frame rate and graphics.

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8GB should be plenty enough for graphics, most modern PCs only ask for 8GBs for "high resolution textures", but still, that seems like a lot of ram to use for a console OS as well. They've got enough ram to burn though considering it's 12GB in total.


When you take all the consoles catalogues into account, the PS4 is insane, no exaggeration. They've got a pretty impressive lineup this year, although that was probably more luck...

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It's weird we're getting so many anti-PS4 comments and articles lately.

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Roach approved!!!

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Isn't it because we have to wait so damn long for a game from Square-Enix? Plus you can't count on them to guarantee the quality anymore. It's not exactly on top of my to buy list, FFXV wasn't until less than a month before it's release.

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I don't really care for the remake, it could be good or it could be bad, Square-Enix is very hit and miss in recent years. If anything, Falcom is fairly consistent with the quality of their games, plus, it's probably safe to say that Trails of Cold Steel tells a better story than a modern Final Fantasy game (this is coming from someone who finds Trails of Cold Steel clunky).

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I actually haven't brought any remakes or remasters this gen except for Gravity Rush and it's still a pretty great gen since there's always something I want to get eventually when time and money avails. I already own more than 2 dozens games as it is.

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How is the plot stilted? It's not perfect but well done, it's a vast improvement over Zesteria and I find it to be a better game than say Final Fantasy XV. Although I'll give the author her kudos about the battle system, it was too easy and simple compared to previous entries.

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I thought it was a spoiler until I read the article, standard fair for this series, you could kill your starting Persona in the previous games too.

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