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Why two?

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Where did you pull that factoid from?

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TBH, I really want alot of those Nintendo exclusives, Nintendo does have good strong exclusives on their systems.

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It kinda feels like they've given up. Why they don't ramp up their game production stuffs me, it's not like they don't have enough cash to splash around and pony up some exclusive support.

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"for every 5 exclusives you get 2 maybe 3 that fit games you want to play."

Those are pretty good averages for any console to honest, then again, Microsoft just can't pump out anywhere near that amount for it's player base as it is.

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You don't care about performance, if you did, you'd main an high-end PC, you can even use your PS4/Xone or any other controller of you choice on them if you really want to. Personally, I'm probably looking to buy a Switch in the next few years depending how it goes to complement my PS4 and high-end PC (and my 3ds/PSVita). As for the games, I've been buying 1 or 2 games almost every month (I just bought 4 new ones because they finally had price dro...

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I think you actually advocating for a wide variety of genres, shooting games are ok but not my jam personally, I do purchase quite a few of them though. Sony pretty capitalizes on this and can provide for a wide variety of gamers.

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Playstation was selling better at the beginning because Microsoft screwed up their reveal of the Xone's features and ended up backtracking on them. At that point, they damaged the brand and pushes those sales to Sony instead. Although I do agree that Sony makes good stuff (I just brought one of their 4k TVs and 4K blu-ray players).

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I don't get all this talk of power, it's a console, if you really cared about power, you'd own a high-end PC (4k gaming is barely possible with today's tech, why bother with it right now?), Vanillia PS4/Xone are technically almost identical. Considering how alike both consoles are, it's the exclusives that become the deciding factor, why would multi-plats be the deciding factor? You can get them on almost ANY console, and they look better on a good PC. The only other diffe...

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TBH, as true as it is that Xbox has no games, I'm getting tired of hearing it and arguing about it, why Microsoft doesn't do double time to try and fix the issue baffles me.

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You can look at games objectively though, for example, you know you don't enjoy the game but you can acknowledge why its a good game. With P5 being so polished, it then comes down to personal tastes and preferences.

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It is weird, especially when you get all those improvements over the coarse of the series, P5 is the pinnacle of the series' evolution.

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If I remember right, Final Fantasy in general seems to get alot of female players.

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Sony's exclusives game is strong, this year has been a pretty damn strong year for playstation games-wise, I'm hoping that momentum will continue next year. I'm struggling to keep up with all the releases, meanwhile my time and my wallet are crying in the corner.

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I was trying to wait for the mid-gen refreshes, but then all the games I wanted started coming out and I caved. I've only just been able to afford a decent 4k TV by going halves with mum. But the TV I wanted was on sale, so I got a good 4k Blu Ray player and a couple of movies. Really wished the PS PRO was out when I bought a PS4 but I couldn't wait personally, I don't think it's worth getting a pro since I already have the PS4.


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Vesperia had an older protag, not that old, but still. I always though they chose younger protags because they could do more with character development. Once people get to their 30s, they get a bit set in their ways.

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*fingers crossed* Please do a good job.

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Well, multiplayer in Doom was dead a long time ago, so it doesn't really matter either way, I see this as a push to get more people into the multiplayer.

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I strongly disagree with the article, it's full of all sorts of retardation (seriously Patcher, just give me your job). Games like Persona 5, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Nier, Bloodborne, ect... Are console defining series, how's the Xone doing with the "mass market appeal" games only in comparison to the Playstation? Mass Market games appeal more to the casual gamer than the hardcore players who purchase games one/twice or more a month. I actually own more "irrelevant&q...

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I've been waiting ages for a price drop on this game (I wanted to do a splurge purchase on Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Horizon Dawn before my holidays).

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