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Physical when? #3
For me, project diva is where it's at, I like guitar hero and it was my first rhythm game, but I prefer others over it. #2.2
I could have sworn they had mentioned it was but I can't find a source for that, go figure. #3.2
Please be excited... for a mobile game!

I'll be very suprised if this isn't a star ocean game (new/port or remake).

*Edit* This was supose to be a reply to the posts above. Posting fail. #1.6
I'm hoping for another future set one like Advanced Warefare except with multiplayer split screen (I really miss going 4 VS on the couch). #1.1.2
I would like them to encourage some more 3rd party support for the most part. I can't see why anyone would be against free publicity though, that's money you don't have to spend on advertising, unless you game/console is crap house. #5
Yes, If I remember right, the original Xbox didn't get popular until Halo came out, in turn that probably attracted more console purchases and Dev interest in the system. Pretty much every console has their system sellers that push those sales. #1.1.1
I think I still have a year or two of good gaming to go with it, I probably won't buy a PS4 until the end of this year or sometime next year. There are still games I want to buy for it and the PS4 has games coming that I want (assuming most of them get localized). I played my PS2 for about 2 years alongside my PS3 (played some great older titles I missed out on). I expect the same with PS3/PS4 until the PS4 really takes off games wise. #18
Well the original Senran Kagura games were beat em ups, but Shinovi versus and Estival Versus play very similar to DW. #5.1
It is great, I've done a fair bit of Tales of Hearts R but I haven't got back to it for a while now. Tales and Persona are pretty much my go to series for my JRPG fix. #4.1.1
I'm interested too, also, I'd like to ask if you mostly digital or physical releases. I'll probably end up buying the largest hard drive I can when I buy a PS4. Are game installs really big if your going physical releases only? #5.2.1
Already started this on 360 a few weeks ago and I'm a little more then a quarter of the way through the story. Still, really would have liked to play the PS3 version. #4
It's nice to finally get a taste of it and it's looking/sounding good, although I still wish they had given each of the main characters distinctively different outfits. #12
I have an imported Vita but use EU and AU copies of games and PSN accounts. Things can a bit confusing switching between XMB and games. The hardware is pretty much the same regardless of where you buy the consoles/handhelds anyway (I think the confirm/cancel switch is one of the few things they do change). #1.2
^ pretty much this. This article really should have been written early/mid PS3/360 gen. Towards the end of last gen and this gen those games have really taken off. It also helps that the Japanese have stopped trying so hard to westernize their games and we're getting localizations of games that normally wouldn't see the light of day over here. Nowadays you can never be sure what will be localized since the chances of it happening have magically increased for some reason. #5.1
I would think most of the Japanese buy the Vita version moreso because handhelds are more popular over there. That and I suppose it's easier to do multi-player that way (they can socialize with people in the same area).

The PS4 graphics look ok to me but I guess you can't expect it to be alot better since they have to consider the Vita as well. #1.3
I actually wanted a region free update for the handheld, it's the only reason I've held back on buying one as I'm not sure if I should get an American or European 3ds. #17
Nope, probably not going to happening in my lifetime and probably won't happen Australia by the time it happens in every other country.

Updating telecommunications infrastructure is expensive, by now, every country should be preparing or moving towards fibre optics (Australia has more or less dropped that plan... great).

I won't buy games digital because I haven't got internet capable of it, so I only buy physical, if I can't, I just don't... #6.2
this is just like the PS3 wasn't doing well it was doomed, the PS4 is doing well but apparently it's doomed.

I just buy the Playstations because they have most of the games I want to play. I'm fined with the PS4 being a very beefed up version of the PS3, it's pretty much what I want as long as I get the games I want (JRPGs, unique and interesting games, ect...).

These past few years have been great for PS3, especially if you like Japanese gam... #52
I've already plonked down the money from my Atelier Ayesha and Neptunia Victory preorders. #2
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