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This kind of "journalism" is getting old. I've also played the preview build. It is about 10 minutes of game-play that is mostly cinematic.

It looks beautiful. Plays like a dream, has a brilliant cast and a bone chilling score to boot.

These bloggers are just trying to get a few extra hits by writing something controversial about an unreleased AAA game.

Can barely write a piece like this with the very small taste they got from... #77
I have the Xbox One version and it seems muddy. Aldo very disappointed with draw distance. #48
Fifa 15 "Legacy Edition" which is basically the same FIFA game that people have been getting since 2012 just with updated kits and squads... then they charge full price for it.

Not really FIFA 15, just like FIFA 14 was not FIFA 14 on WII, 3DS, or Vita. #6
You should get both. They are both insanely addictive. #6.1
These guys are productive in updating the streams. Two banned, one working at the bottom! #10.1
Don't be a Hayter. #2.1
So RDR meets GTA? #5
Yeah... I find that kind of strange too. Maybe once the main story is over you can free roam as Bruce and switch to Batman when called upon and still beat up bad guys? I hope so!

*edit some silly grammar mistakes* #6.1.1
I just hope that Rocksteady is reading this if it isn't true... because I think we can all agree that this is the Batman game we want to play. :) #3.1
Stick with the PS3. It paid off with Instant Game Collection and junk. #1
... got it for uPlay. uPlay keeps crashing so I cannot play this game. :( #1
Looking forward to the game. Loved Arkham City. If any of this stuff is true then it is going to be the best damn Batman game ever.

Otherwise they need to track down the guy who sent them that email and give him a job at Rocksteady. #1.1
These guys do, and it's pretty damn funny actually. This site was apparently put together by former gaming journalists... so I guess they had enough of "taking things seriously".

Why take ourselves so seriously? Gamers don't enjoy a little smut? Are we too high and mighty for that?

And why not discuss sex and nudity in video-games? If it's there, it is worth discussing.

I do however agree with you about the drunk pregna... #5.1.3
Fortunately all that kind of stuff gives you a good warning before viewing it.

As for this article, I don't see what the fuss is about. Whoever has played FC3 has seen the sex scene. These guys are just expressing their opinion on the sex scene.

Not all gamers are kids. I kind of appreciate this site for acknowledging that. #5.1.1
Lol... about as credible as most gamung presses. At least these guys do more than just post press releases. Hahs #3
Oh... man. Gotta say, these kind of articles are a little bit of a guilty pleasure. Even gamers need their smut :)

With that said... I prefer Elena over Chloe. #2
It's moments like these that made me the gamer I am today.

Great article. #1
This article seems more like a "come at me, bro" taunt.

Everything can be hacked. #1
A sleeper hit? Every review I read makes me want this more and more. #1
... I am starting to get a little scared of what kind of boss battles will be in Dark Souls 2... #1
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