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If you read the article, you'll find I'm not suggesting that. The brand has lost $2 billion every year since release. It doesn't matter if Xbox One is selling faster; that's the novelty. But as the novelty wears off, sales will slow.

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Two episodes of what?

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Actually I think Heavy Rain was trashed for horrible voice acting. I loved the game personally, but people have their opinions.

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That's where the legal side of this enters. It's a complicated issue, and one that would take hours to explain. The way American laws are framed, by buying any consumable media, you are merely renting the use of that. Same goes with music, TV shows or film.

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I don't think the question to consider about alternative gaming journalism is if it's a necessity. It can coexist with the established gaming media as a separate form of expressing feeling and emotion in a game.

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It's not revolutionary. EVE has the exact same system.

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What you said didn't make sense... but I'll spell out my argument anyway.

Basically, Microsoft doesn't have a lot of noteworthy exclusives. At least not shipping with the console this Christmas. Which I do say in the article, if you took the time to read it. (And thanks if you did.)

Compared to PS4, the one game to catch fire on Xbox One was Titanfall. That's the bulk of my argument.

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I think Yahtzee's style is meant more to entertain and less to criticize. Seeing his reviews, they don't make you think so much as laugh. Ebert rarely used humour as a review device, whereas that's Yahtzee's main push.

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This coming from an established name from an established studio. Does he not realize how hard it is to get your start in games today? So many people want to enter game development and become the next Notch, thus finding funding or a publisher willing to even take a glance at your title is difficult enough. Even worse is getting the press' attention.

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It also came out recently that Bing searches bring up five times as many malicious websites as Google does.

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I have to disagree wholeheartedly. That's a one-dimensional view. It's in the public interest to know what games have sold how many.

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Way to perpetuate a stereotype. This "article" is purely trash.

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True, but again, you probably don't play multiplayer either (assumedly). Gaming is by-and-large a tailored experience, and many gamers prefer to brag about their game accomplishments instead of salivating in the greatness alone. Just saying that it leaves a breadth of options for everyone.

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My apologies for not knowing this! I had heard of it being implemented somewhere first, but I couldn't find where so I didn't include that bit in the article. Still, OnLive was well ahead of its time in many respects and the console guys are just now playing catch-up. Sony is the first company to execute this to a worldwide audience is what I should have said.

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If the tidbit is newsworthy enough, you'll see it reported on by other websites.

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So a reporter hinting at news is news itself?

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It might not be the first for Netflix, but it's the first to debut on their network exclusively. Along with that the service has others in the framework, including Orange is the New Black.

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Could THQ *have* survived.

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"According to a commenter on our own site..."
Did no one read that line before clicking that link?

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