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I thoroughly enjoyed the beta, but I too would have loved to sink my teeth into some hard nosed PVE. My Witch was an absolute blast to play with, but she killed everything so quickly I never got to use her full range of abilities. PVP should be great though. I may end up buying the game based on castle sieges alone.

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The lack of PVE worries me too. I love raiding, and I would love to put these combat mechanics to use against some bad ass elites. Even without healers I think raiding and dungeon crawling could work wonderfully with set group limits.

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Thanks @otherZinc !

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Square Enix is shooting themselves in the foot and burying their future with decisions like this one. They need to fire their CEO.

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The point of this article is to encourage gamers who arent already part of Best Buy GCU to join now if they're planning to take advantage of this promotion. If anyone's planning to buy 2 games at regular price just to get the third game free, you might as well join GCU now! Also, many people might not know that Best Buy still honor your GCU discount with this promotion (the cashier at Best Buy initially charged me full price for the two games even though I told her that Im a member of...

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Best Buy will price match but won't match other store's promotions like Target's Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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You can order online and they ship for free

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I totally agree. MGSV is practically flawless. Something tells me Fallout 4 won't be any different.

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Yep, "life is strange" isn't it? Episode 1 and 2 worked flawlessly with 21:9 aspect ratio, but then this feature is no longer available with Episode 3.

I hope this gets fixed because like many have already said, it's very annoying to have these problems in the 'next gen' era of gaming where even much older games like Dishonored are perfectly capable of displaying at this 21:9 ratio.

We should keep picking at this topic until a fix i...

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Lets hope the DLC impresses more than the main game itself

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This looks like the perfect type of game for busy folks who dont have enough time to sit and play a game for several hours a day.

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Given that the demo is only available with Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, many are going to want to know how good the demo is. So this is where reviews like ours come in.

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That's a really high score. Will need to check this game out.

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Black Ops 3? Now all it needs is a release date and Activision is set for another billion dollars. Ka-Ching!

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Its scheduled release date is March 31, 2015 (tomorrow). Our review is based on an early press copy of the game that was available to us.

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A little too late for that :)

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the microtransaction aspect of this game is comical!

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It's good for developers to give gamers that option, especially for busy working professionals who don't have as much time to invest into their games but don't mind "paying" catch up.

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Alien: Isolation is a new breed of gaming. It is so well crafted that at times during your gameplay it doesn't feel like a game, but more so like a virtual experience.

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