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Exciting time to be a gamer. Can't wait to try PSVR and PS 4NEO

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dear lord noooooooo....... he is a legend and pioneer of gaming. I'm sad right now.

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Not trying to hate on Nintendo but it seems they still stuck in the past while their competitors evolving. It's almost like they are too afraid to take risk or try something new. I don't know... that's just my view and opinion.

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I be getting the ps4 just for this game

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nice to hear the playstation father enjoy it

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This game and bloodborne going to be amazing. I recently bought a ps4 for bloodborne, now I will get this game too.

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Just looking at Norman picture alone, I have a feeling this game going to be amazing awesome.

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you must be trolling or seeking attention. never compare dark souls to ryse. please grow a bigger brain before you start to comment.

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cool awesome news, best deal around.

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I think Mark Cerny is not only smart but a genius and innovator.

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Legendary Yoshida

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They should just let him keep it. That's just me

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it's one of those exciting time to be a gamer.

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no offense, this kind of stuff happens all the time. I got worse voicemail troll/harassment in my xblive mailbox. Why is she even on xblive when she can't handle these things?

learn to ignore and get over it. now it's a whole different story if someone says anything disrespect to me in real life, I would bash their brain out.

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i'm already excited for this. must buy day one

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what's with all the thumbs down? I love BoF and glad to see a new series coming out on tablet or smartphone. 0_0

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damn people give it a break. I don't even like xbone but this game looks awesome. hell, if you give me anything related with Rome, Spartacus and Vikings I be all over it.

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omg i can't wait for this. bring back good memories of the time I played BOF 3 on psx.

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Hope so, I love L4D series, I had a great time with it.

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