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I've been playing it since the beginning, and it's great to see a LOT more people playing the game these days.

Hopefully it will work out for SOE, because out of all of the MMO's I've played, I think that DCU is the most fun to actually PLAY. It doesn't feel like an annoying grind, the combat is genuinely fun thanks to the combo system and cool powers, and the traversal skills being available at the start, and the lack of a death penalty really makes it a ...

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Second Sight was one of my favorite games last generation. It had a GREAT story, and the game play was pretty good. I don't think I've played a game where it felt so good to have psychic powers.

Sadly, the generice Psi-Ops, with it's horrible story got more props, mostly because it had slightly better controls than Second Sight. Everything about Psi-Ops screamed "generic action game," from story to characters, but the gaming media ate it up, as usual. No...

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Racism? No, I don't think so.

There are plenty of other black characters in the game who aren't stereotypes, like the undercover cop who you do a sidequest for. She's awesome.

Tish is just a drunk, and not very bright. The fact that she is black is inconsequential. There are plenty of non-black characters that are just as bad as Tish.

Also, the voice acting is generally terrible in the game.

I think people are get...

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What a waste of time this article was.

As for the HD Collections, the PSP God of Wars are two of the best in the series (with Ghost of Sparta being arguably better than God of War 3, especially in the story department).

I play the SH games every year, and they hold up incredibly well, and are still amazing Survival Horror games, especially considering how weak survival horror games have been this generation. Resident Evil 4 is so much better than RE5, it'...

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I thought that Resistance: Retribution was pretty awesome, and it wasn't handled by Insomniac, so as long as Sony keeps the franchise in their stable (don't sell it off like Crash and Spyro), then I can see the franchise continuing, even without Insomniac's touch.

Although, I have to admit, some of my enthusiasm for a new console Resistance release after IG would be dulled a little.

Maybe they'll move the franchise to Vita only. Resistance: Bu...

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I'm a diehard SH fan, and it seems like some of you guys are viewing the old Voice Overs with rose tinted glasses.

The voice acting in Silent Hill is notoriously bad. The new voice acting in the HD collections is slightly better than what we got in the original releases.

Some people like to bitch about everything, but all I care about is playing SH in HD. I can't judge the total voice acting performance on just a few lines of dialogue. I felt the same...

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Vita for me. It has the features and games that interest me. I'm just not very big into the 3D thing. I like it, but I don't think I'd like to play a portable with 3D, on that tiny screen (although at work, we just got in some new 3D phones we were playing around with, which was surprisingly cool).

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Carmack is one of the most knowledgeable and honest developers in the industry, and I've always had a respect for him.

At least id took up the challenge, and continued to work with the PS3 until they overcame it's hurdles. I think it says a lot to a developers dedication to their craft when they can tackle complex architecture and come out on top.

Not all developers can do this (sometimes it's a time/budget/manpower issue), but some of the larger ...

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it's about damn time.

i was expecting this to happen for a while now, but it's awesome to finally see them join the SCE fold. Sony does well at building their studios, while the competition seems content to either close down studios, or not expand.

Sucker Punch is a great developer. i guess inFAMOUS and inFAMOUS 2 did well enough for Sony to decide to put and offer out there.

it's going to be great to see what SP comes up with wit...

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Thank all those gullible teenagers who spent millions buying map packs for CoD and horse armor for Elder Scrolls back at the start of this generation for the "DLC Generation."

I remember when developers put extras in games because it was cool, not because they could sell you the feature later. Granted, I grew up in a time before hard drives, so, there's that, of course.

In either case, these Batman skins look awesome. I'm definitely looking ...

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I loved inFAMOUS 2 (i only beat the good ending. i'm doing my evil playthrough currently), but I wouldn't be upset if there wasn't an inFAMOUS 3 starring Cole or any of the primary characters.

Personally, I like the idea of a developer just creating one or two games, and leaving it at that. I'm a little tired of the "Hey, we don't know if this franchise is going to be big, since it's a new IP, but we're planning for a Trilogy anyway, which bas...

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I think this guy mistakenly purchased Crackdown 2, not inFAMOUS 2. Common mistake.

Anyway, reviews are pointless this generation. A number at the end of a review means nothing these days. It's all done for shock value and hits.

I remember back in the day, a review actually had useful information, not the reviewer treating it like his live journal entry for the week.

As for inFAMOUS 2, it's pretty awesome. I'll be putting up a revi...

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Sony doesn't own Dragon Quest, Square-Enix does.

Sony only owns Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, and Jeanne D'Arc.

It's up to Square-Enix to produce a Dragon Quest VIII HD Remaster.

I didn't leave it out because I forgot about it. I left it out because it's not owned by Sony, which is what my post is about: Sony owned PS2 properties that I'd like to see brought into HD.

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A lot of the franchises some of you are mentioning, Sony DOESN'T OWN THEM.

Sony doesn't own Spyro, Crash, GTA, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.

It's all up to the content owners to decide if they want to do HD Collections.

But since HD Collections are:

1) Cheap to produce.
2) Selling rather well.

I can't see why Rockstar, Square-Enix, EA, and the rest won't hop on board.

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No, Sony took away Other OS because douchebag hackers like GeoHotz weren't content with the already provided Linux support that was there to give hacker something to tinker with, and began digging into parts of the system that Sony didn't want accessed using Other OS.

THEN, hackers like GeoHotz got all butthurt when Sony took away Other OS, because it was a feature that was costing them money with each update (they had to constantly test the Other OS function with eac...

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I used to have the disc version of inFAMOUS, then I gifted it to a friend.

I downloaded the free inFAMOUS from the Welcome Back program, loaded the game up using my disc i1 save (Good Karma playthrough, not 100% complete: sadly, I lost my 100% Good/Evil playthrough when my PS3 died), and it loaded up fine.

I played an Evil playthrough on i1, but I didn't beat it (i'm about 20 missions in).

I loaded up inFAMOUS 2, and it asked me if I ...

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Silent Hill 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, but it certainly wasn't because of the voice acting.

The Silent Hill series is known for shit voice acting, so the fact that they are recasting the voices actually makes me MORE interested in this collection.

My hope is that they get some GOOD voice actors there.

Although, I really did like Heather's voice actress in SH3. It'll be a bummer to have a new Heather, but all the ot...

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lol. Nah, it's not a gaming laptop, it's more for my artwork and writing.

Besides, I'm not too big into the FPS genre, and while BF3 does look pretty fricking phenomenal, it's not on my "Must Buy" list for the year.

I'm trying to cut down on game purchases this year after last year's smorgaspord. I really only have a few purchases left for this year, or I'm sure my wife is going to kill me.

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I do like that Carmack has always been pretty straightforward and blunt with his opinions.

He never seemed overly negative towards the PlayStation platforms, despite preferring PC and Microsoft, like Gabe Newel was.

He's one of those industry guys who I don't mind reading their opinions on the industry, as he's pretty perceptive, and as far as I can tell, honest.

Rage looks genuinely impressive. Not sure if I'm going to pick i...

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I don't understand this question, because the issue with it is inherent in the very question.

Can HANDHELD CONSOLES really compete in the world of IOS/ANDROID?

Smartphones are not consoles. They are barely gaming devices, truth told. They are certainly capable of playing really fun games, but I've found that since I got my smartphone, I don't use it for gaming. I use it for phone calls, web browsing, and an MP3 player.

When I want...

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