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The PS4 is showing its true power with killzone shadow fall and driveclub :)

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Just one word about driveclub graphics..(love).

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Thats the x360 version? I think it looks too good to be current gen graphics O.O It only says XBOX in the title, he couldve said XBOX360 instead?

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Theres 2 videos of the xboxone single player on youtube, it had just been uploaded, the title says "XBOX", judge for yourselves. The xboxone version looks significantly downgraded compared to the first gameplay we saw months ago before the e3.



ive got a Sony pulse wireless stereo headset elite, i hope these work, they werent cheap.

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Yeah its for game saves only and compute or whatever.

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The fact hes praising the ps4 bf4 graphics yet i havent heard anythung about the xboxone version, so what i posted is just a hint!

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bf4 ps4 vs xboxone, heres the answer, maybe!

@LevelCapGaming How is the BF4 ON PS4?

LevelCap ‏@LevelCapGaming
@BIGVON869 really good. 64 players and graphics are awesome.

@LevelCapGaming Thanks ,Do you have some game play of the PS4?

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It looks pretty obvious xD

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Everyone read this, its about bf4 ps4 vs xboxone, it seems to be the ps4 version that looks better, not sure though.

@LevelCapGaming How is the BF4 ON PS4?

LevelCap ‏@LevelCapGaming
@BIGVON869 really good. 64 players and graphics are awesome.

@LevelCapGaming ...

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Id do the same and probably will not buy bf4 if the most powerful console gets downgraded. The x360 was the winner of the current gen for being slightly more powerful than the ps3 and the multiplats did show it, if the ps4 is more powerful this time around and they downgrade it, then, thats fked up!

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The way he said "you will be surprised by which one looks better" sounds like everyone was expecting the ps4 version to look better and that its the xboxone that looks better, idk! This is intriguing.

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They best tell about the cpu otherwise people will think its weaker than the xboxone cpu!

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Sony said theyd answer everyones questions about the ps4 next week, perhaps, theyll announce the speed of the cpu!

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But remember when the first games for ps2 (pes and fifa included) played like shizz and they couldnt use patches to fix it? That sucked too :)

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This is getting better, i cant wait to give my baby orders to do this and that through the mic!

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This post is duplicated.

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BF4 multiplayer maps look kinda depressing.

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Kz sf and ryse look stunning.

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The new Super mario 3D looks pretty.

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