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"I say good day!"


Okay, I see where you're coming from. You are almost certainly right, there will be many people trying to make a name for themselves as critics and will change their behaviour to achieve this goal e.g. exaggerating negative points.

I do think it's difficult to spot this though, and more often than not it is just a reviewer giving their genuine opinion.

The Metro is just a crappy UK newspaper and I very much doubt this reviewer is trying to shock to ma... #31.2
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I've just been going through pointing out to commenters that it's okay for people to have different viewpoints.

Sorry for ruining the n4g community :( haha #43.1
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7/10 is pretty low for video game scores. How many outlets go anywhere close to a 5, even for games with massive bugs, terrible microtransactions and tired gameplay *cough* AC Unity *cough* - also sitting at 70 on metacritic.

You see the video game scoring system starts at 6 and ends at 10 which is why everyone's so upset whenever their game gets an 8 for example haha 8 means average. #40.1.1
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Completely incorrect. Why didn't you just click the link or google Metro before leaving your comment?

It's definitely not the pinnacle of journalism but your comment succinctly displays your attitude to opposing viewpoints. Thanks. #38.2
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If the reviewer didn't like the game surely it is acceptable to give it a 4/10?
You don't review games on how many man hours were put into making it, you review it based on the final product. It's not disrespectful to critique someone's work, as long as you give fair reasons for doing so. If you feel this review is disrespectful, fair enough... but just looking at the score really tells us nothing in that regard.

Would it make sense for you to play a... #31.1
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And on buses!! #20.1.1
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And on buses! #9.1
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I disagree. I like hearing from people with different viewpoints on why they dislike a game or genre... it helps when thinking about purchasing a game. What's the point of only reading things you agree with? As long as there is a preface or a mention as to their opinion on the genre I think it's fine. #2.5.3
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You were getting ripped off then and you're getting ripped off now :P

Fair enough if you can see the value in it but I can't. Shame, since the beta was so fun. Pretty much experienced it all though in 2/3 days I feel. No point spending that much on quarter of a game. #26.2
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Yeah... they had to get it out in time for the film. Such a shame, because it could have been the game of the generation had it been delayed for 6-12 months and been released as a full game :( #1.4.1
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My "animals do that" argument was merely in response to your assertion that life is programmed a certain way, it had nothing to do with the morality of a certain action one way or the other.

Depression and suicide are not immoral. If more whites commited suicide than blacks it does not follow that being white is immoral. Even with immoral acts like murder, if whites commited more murder than blacks, it would not necessarily imply that white's are immoral. There... #11.6
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Lovely strawman there. Prove to me you posses a developed brain by providing a logical argument as to why two women rubbing their vaginas against each other is immoral.

I wait with bated breath...

Keep having fun! :) #11.3
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Cool, thanks. Fingers crossed for popping in the old discs. Don't see why that technically couldn't be done to authenticate a download and authenticate while playing. #9.1.3
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How can the agree/disagree ratio be 50/50 with such an ill-informed comment?

Life isn't programmed - homosexuality is evidently naturally occurring... unless you think the gays are just pretending to be cool and fit in...

Look at the information on homosexuality in humans and other animals. It's interesting.
A lot of this site really has a lot of backwards views. Sometimes sexist, sometimes homophobic, always illogical :) #10.2
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Do you know if they will use discs as authentication to play, if it will be a subscription or just normal digital purchases? #9.1.1
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I bet they don't let you play off of a disc or use a disc as authentication. Bet you they make you buy games you already own. #3.1
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It would be so anti-consumer if Sony don't make this work with discs. Entirely pointless if you have to rebuy games you already own. #1.9.1
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I'm not sure you can prove that it is the exact same guys that also complain about short campaigns... seems very unlikely to me. Sounds like you've just made that up tbh.

Even if it is true, it's possible to find 100+ hours of content too long and less than 10 hours content too short. Having a preference towards 10-20 singleplayer experiences seems reasonable to me.

Personally, I prefer tight games that are maximum 15 hours. I want as little time... #3.1.3
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What was that footage being shown here? Some Silent Hills concept/trailer? #6
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