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MGS5? I think you're mistaken... MGS only goes up to 4.

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Did you actually have fun for 15-20 hours? That doesn't sound disappointing tbh, 20 hours of fun, a lot more than most games!

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That's what has me hesitant to lay into him just yet. For Activision, EA, Ubisoft etc. lying and misleading is par for the course but indie devs like Hello Games live and die by their reputation. Seems crazy to lie about such a massive feature. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

The only explanation could be they are on different server instances and therefore couldn't see each other. Mr. Murray needs to clarify quickly...

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I think that is the crux of this discussion. If they were on different servers this story doesn't prove anything. For Sean Murray I hope that is the case, otherwise he told a massive lie to sell games and has basically lost all respect.

If it was day time for one player and night time for another does that imply they were on different servers? I'm not sure. I find it really hard to believe an indie game dev, who all rely on integrity to some degree would lie like t...

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@Edmix I dont't think many complained about stealth... considering you could shoot you're way out of any encounter with little difficulty. Try that on any other MGS game, see how far it gets you.

I'll just leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
"Best in the series" Frinker, 2016

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I've had my eye on this for a while - love the gameplay mechanics and art style.

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Honestly, all that list says to me is that the best games on PS4 are PS3 games. Uncharted 4 is the best game I've played since TLoU but half the games you listed are from last gen. That's not a good representation of the PS4 imo - you should have left them out. There's enough quality to not have to talk about PS3 remasters.

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Sky are bastards. They claimed against Skype because of the name and "cloud" logo too - and won. It's crazy. Although I can kind of understand Sky Drive as it may cause confusion - and people did phone Sky to try and solve SkyDrive issues, Skype is a different market domain with a totally different name.

Sky also overcharge massively for their tv package and increase their broadband prices significantly each month once the inital period is over. Terrible custo...

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Well done Psyonix. Blazing the trail.
Sony better not stop this happening or they have proven that they aren't interested in the gamer at all.

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The AI wasn't as groundbreaking as they made out, human enemies had terrible peripheral vision which had to be exploited at higher difficulties. It was nice to see enemies so visibly cautious and jumpy when searching for you though, I've never really seen that in a game.

The shooting was fantastic imo, the swaying reticule was genius and again I hadn't seen that in a game prior to TLoU.

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Sounds like you're describing Uncharted 1 to me tbh... that game was all cover shooting and platforming with a few puzzles. Even the boss was all shooting. Still a great game at the time though.

Uncharted 4 had a lot more going on in terms of gameplay - better traversal, wider areas, better vehicle sections, more options with the addition of better stealth, plus set pieces, and a few puzzles. It wasn't just not stop action as you are making out, the vehicle sections...

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Does look visually impressive, and I've never played a Battlefield game but everytime I've watched gameplay videos, there seems to be a lot of walking around with not much action. The maps look so big you can go almost minutes without seeing an enemy by the looks of it. Is that just the style of the game? Or is not every map like this? Do vehicles make this irrelevant?

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4 was much better than 3 for me. 3's pacing was all over the place, a few big plot holes and over emphasis on hand to hand combat which has never been that great in Uncharted. 4 focused on stealth and had a far better story arc imo.

I didn't like the new characters in 3 at all either which obviously was a big negative. The villain was poor, and Cutter and Chloe were pretty annoying. I liked all of them in 4, except maybe not Sam - he wasn't massively likable in...

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The shenanigans of Phil Fish has nothing to do with the quality of the game. It had some pretty cool and ingenious puzzles, better than Limbo in my opinion. Limbo nailed atmosphere, but did nothing for innovative puzzles IIRC. Too easy and too short.

You can tell from Indie Game the movie that Phil Fish has some psychological issues. He still made a great game though (or possibly his mate that he screwed over did) - I don't really know the story because I don't care...

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It's got a pretty high metacritic score so it's not just IGN. Maybe it's being reviewed on it's quality rather than quantity or nostalgia.
It's obvious you're an RPG fan and have a problem with short games with no replay value. Perhaps people have a different opinion to you?
Maybe it has some groundbreaking and innovative storytelling or gameplay?

Ultimately, you haven't even played it, so to be that dismissive of a possible ama...

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I can kind of see what you mean about Limbo. It was pretty good, great atmosphere but the puzzles weren't amazing or difficult and it wasn't very varied. I definitely consider Braid, The Binding of Isaac, Bastion, Guacamelee, Fez, Rocket League to be a step above in the indie game sphere.

No idea about this game though, first I've heard of it in about 2 years - kind of came out of nowhere. Must be good based on the current metacritic score.

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I was incredibly satisfied and also happy, to me I did not see it as being the end end. Just a well earned hiatus.

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I would love to see Uncharted take a rest but come back with a new (obvious) protagonist in maybe 5 years time. Nate's story is done, and was amazing... But the game was so good, you can't help but want another. New characters would keep that ending intact and allow the series to continue.

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It would be nice to have but I won't be buying this since I already have a PS4. The added value does not justify the cost to me. If power was important I would have built a PC ages ago. I'm more interested in games which is why I'm currently trying to complete Crash Team Racing at the moment. Those gem CTR tokens are a pain though, amiright?

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Trinity - the three persons of the Christian Godhead
Unless you want to shoe-horn in the number 3 somewhere, PS5 being called PS Trinity makes no sense. Morpheus (dreams) is related to VR. Neo means new. Trinity has no link to PS5.

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