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"I say good day!"


I can't believe they didn't have L2/R2 buttons and L3/R3 on the sticks in the first place.

I don't think there was a technical limitation at all, maybe they were worried about the durability but I'm sure it would have been fine with a bit of thought.

Would have been such a better console if they had done that. You need all those buttons for modern gaming.. a touchscreen/pad is not a good enough replacement.

This, lack of supp... #15.2
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Didn't they already use that on the first game? Geralt is a forgetful bugger, isn't he. #5.2
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I would defend the game in this instance, depending on how they implement it.
It all depends on how long the it takes for fuel to replenish. Most EA games are rubbish for this.. e.g. the Sims, Dungeon Keeper and The Simpsons mobile games - all ruined by wait-to-play gameplay.

Ubisoft have done the same with the mobile game Trials Frontier but it actually works because fuel replenishes fairly. It's a great game that now, thanks to a recent MP update, you don't... #1.3.8
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It doesn't really matter if it's not their fault. Your paying for a service and if you can't access it stands to reason that you should be compensated. What your basically saying is people shouldn't care, but then what incentive is there for Sony to get it back up and running as fast as possible?

It's a bit of a joke that what they have given is a miniscule 10% discount on an already overpriced store.. All this will do is make them some dosh when people fe... #8.1
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Clicked to check if this was timed or not... absolute joke!. I don't actually expect anything from Sony since I wasn't affected by the outage - good old Christmas PS2 - but if I had tried to play at that time, I'd be pretty pissed at this gesture.

They'll make money on this when people buy games they don't really want.
This is like holding a raffle to apologize. #1.1.4
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I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure remote play is just a direct connection from device to device once initial discovery is done.

So the only gaikai technology which might be involved is any proprietary compression algorithms Sony acquired... Or they could just be using standard open source compression.

There's nothing very special about remote play which is why things like remote desktop or Chromecast exist doing essentially the same thing.
... #6.3.2
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"At least you wouldn't be so isolated from reality with AR." is a strange negative against VR to me. I thought people wanted more immersive video games?

I'm not sure how you can be more interested in AR than VR in terms of their application for gaming. For a start AR has been around and working for a lot longer than VR, and it hasn't produced much more than gimmicks. I think if it's done better it would be good for UI stuff and some cool gaming funct... #3.4
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I'm usually a wimp when it comes to scary games but I don't think P.T. was that scary after the first 15mins. The atmosphere was terrifying at first but then I felt like I had no control over getting away from the ghost so accepting that dying was going to happen (with no real repercussion) made the game lose the fear. It was still intriguing as to what was going to happen though.

A full game in this atmosphere and where mistakes have consequences would be very scary! #7.2
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Looks cool. Games like this scream VR to me. That's the future of gaming! #15
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What kind of upload speed do you get where your PS4 is? Is there a recommended minimum?

Remote Play doesn't work for me and I think it must be my slow upload speed. Unfortunately ISPs here don't like giving you higher upload speeds :( #24.1
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I would remove Red Dead and add Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
Red Dead Redemption wasn't a tear-jerker in the slightest. #7.1.2
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Inarguable proof here that N4G is a Sony stronghold :)

Look at dat agree/disagree ratio... #6.1.2
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I don't think it's a terrible decision.. They're trying to balance getting consoles in homes and selling at a profit. They've got the ball rolling and probably hope word of mouth can continue that momentum even at the higher price point.

But MS ultimately doesn't care about the console race as long as they have a respectable and growing install base.. Which they do. Their shareholders will be after good profits and margins more than beating PS. #1.9
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*GTAV spoilers may follow*

Spot on BiggCMan. A colleague was just talking about one of the missions on V which sounded good fun but for the life of me I couldn't remember it at all. There's only about 4 missions I can remember and two of those are side quests.

And that ending was pretty terrible it has to be said. Pointless decision thrown in at the end.. Much like the far cry 3 ending.
And who was the bad guy in GTA V? Honestly can't reme... #1.1.2
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That's actually a really good point, games are almost never released in a fully finished state anymore.

The only problem I would have with an all digital future is PSN and Live overcharging. For convenience though it is fantastic - downloading Infamous First Light from work on to the PS4 so I can play when I get home, try doing that with physical media! #2.3.1
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I would love to see no man's sky style exploration coupled with mass effect's great combat, missions and story. That sort of fluidity is what 'next gen' should be about! #13
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I bought portable ops but haven't been able to finish it, the gameplay isn't very enjoyable :(

Is Null really gray fox? I thought solid snake beat human Gray fox on a minefield in metal gear and that's how he became the cyborg ninja in metal gear solid... #4.2.3
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Speaking as a massive MGS fan I don't think these are necessarily problems... The codec calls are iconic but why stop the gameplay when it can just be a voice in your ear.

As long as the story is great and is told well why would any MGS fan be upset that cut scenes might be shorter? I'd rather more of the story was told through gameplay.

The only think I'm annoyed about is the situation with hayter.. I don't even know if Sutherland was any goo... #3.2
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I agree with a lot of this article. The alien species in ME are much better and they interact with you and each another a lot more than any of the characters in Star Wars (pretty much all human).

I think it mainly comes down to 3 games with over 100 hours worth of content compared to 6 films less than 20 hours. Video games are a much better medium for letting players get lost in a more fleshed out world at their own pace. #5
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Indie games can often be surprisingly amazing... Currently I can't put down the binding of Isaac rebirth and I think it could be the best game I've ever played! Also really enjoyed guacamelee and braid over most big budget titles.

Indie vs AAA doesn't make sense, it just comes down to game vs game. #11
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