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Whatever you do... DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE! #6.7
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Someone will have to buy it new if you want to buy a used copy... #17.3
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He always puts spoilers in his review though so I'll be watching it after I play it. #1.5.4
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Listening to tapes is a rubbish way to tell a story. You can't concentrate on it when playing the game and it's boring to just listen to lots of dialogue. #36.2.1
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For me Ground Zeroes didn't feel like MGS since Snake didn't feel like Snake. He had almost nothing to say throughout the game. A large part of MGS for me is the character Snake and in Ground Zeroes he felt like a different character. Apparently Kojima is going for a more silent protagonist to allow the player to have Snake as an extension of themselves which is all wrong imo.
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New illegitimate son character in Uncharted 4?

...can't even blame that on auto-correct either :( #6.4.2
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I agree.

Ground Zeroes didn't feel like MGS, despite big gameplay improvements. I think the main problem was lack of cutscenes and dialogue combined with the replacement of Hayter and disinterest from Sutherland which damaged the soul of the game.

The open world trend is being oversued at the moment but I think Kojima has always thought MGS should be open world. And really MGS has always been sort of open world, limited technically to loading screens betw... #6.5.3
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One of the things aside from the open world gamplay (not the open world itself but the mission structures) that I don't like the sound of with V is the lack of cutscenes. You say in your other comment hardly any in 15h of gameplay. That's worrying to me. There was hardly any dialogue in Ground Zeroes and the soul of the game suffered for it.

How are you meant to make a connection with Snake and other characters if you hardly see them interact? The fact that you don... #6.4
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Isn't the first level part of the free demo?

If you download the demo and fire it up you've immediately become part of this statistic so the number is not very surprising. #4.2
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Red Dead Rumpelstiltskin #14
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How you came to that conclusion only buddha himself knows...

Seriously, feel free to reply how you drew this conclusion from the article. Thanks. #8.1
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I thought Peacewalker was brilliant at first but the missions did get very repetitive. I feel like V is Peacewalker Mk.II which means it could be brilliant if the problems are improved. #4.3
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Am I reading a different article to everyone else? Judging by NerdStalker's comment below, no one is actually reading this article lol.

All the writer said was the world felt barren with travelling a drawn out experience.
If you've watched some of the gameplay surely this would be a worry for anyone.

Graphics look gorgeous but I can't help but feel I'll be wasting hours just travelling from one filler mission to another.
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Then you clearly didn't read the article.

Lack of content and empty environments in open world games is always a worry. People complained about having nothing to do in Liberty City in GTAIV never mind the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan.

Red Dead Redemption was a drag by the end after so much time travelling from A to B and I am getting this similar impression from MGSV. Mission padding is definitely a worry also.

I would love a linear M... #1.3
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Nice eyebrows too. #6
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Could be improved though...
Accessing games could be faster using a tiled approach so for example multiple rows of 6 columns would mean the 7th game would only take 1 move to reach rather than 6. Then your 13th game would be 2 moves rather than 12.

I would also like to see more customization. #4.3
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Lol nope. It's to make more money in the US market. #6.1.1
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Tbh this is a fair statement in my eyes.

2013 VGX got very bad press and was the last of it's kind so the first sentence of the statement makes sense.

From there, the rest is just a logical conclusion drawn from a game with lots of hype - "people might end up being disappointed". I would go further and say people *will* end up being disappointed because it clearly will not be to everyone's taste and I think there is still confusion about the... #2.2
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Multi-level arenas might also be cool. And 4 teams against each other on a big square pitch would be crazy fun.

I'd just play it man, it's the most fun PS4 game I've played. Well worth the small risk. #4.2.1
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I think you just have to hit the Options button on second and subsequent controllers and that should do the trick. I don't know if you can drop in/out mid game but on the menu screen that was all that was needed. #3.3.1
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