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"I say good day!"


The half-finished aspect was only part of the problem though... The problem was the repetitive mission structures, repetitive side missions, underwhelming bosses, dead play time where tens of minutes can be spent doing nothing, poor dialogue, poor storytelling... All of which would have been solved by a linear game.

Best gameplay but worst MGS. How good would have MGSV been with MGS3 style linearity, maybe slightly more open... but at least some linear progression throughout... #3.2.3
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I picked up my dusty move controllers the other day. They are actually so well designed in terms of ergonmoics. Glad they will be used for VR as a different experience to a standard controller.
Improved games like Heavy Rain and RE5 immensly. #2.1.7
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How fast is wild fire actually sold? Evidence please to back up this claim!

Hot cakes, I could understand... but wild fire? Where can you even buy that anymore? Health and safety gone mad I tell ya. #4.3
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I'm not sure they should approach it differently in the future. Remember how amazing Phil LaMarr was for Vamp in MGS! I couldn't imagine his voice being any different..

It would be awful if a very talented voice actor like LaMarr couldn't play a role he was suited for just because of his race. #4.1
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Thanks for the perspective actually... all you really need to get your value for a year is 3 games you enjoy.

This subscription year for me (starting November) I've had Far Cry Blood Dragon and King's Quest.. Helldivers could be my third. Also yet to play Grim Fandango. Still have 9 months to go. For my tastes, worth the subscription. #38.1
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Jinxed it :P #11.1
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Googling the answer doesn't count as figuring it out by the way :P

Did anyone legitimately find all the stars in Braid? 1% seems reasonable. #13.1
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It's definitely a unique mechanic... I wouldn't like it in every game but it does add to the tension when being chased. #3.2
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Bowling. #12
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Home was so retro, even when it released. Let it die. #10.1.2
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MGSV definitely should be on the list... it's sitting at like ~94 on metacritic when it deserves no where near that score (obvs imo).

But seriously, read the review I wrote on here and I think you'll struggle to argue against the points I made and why it therefore deserves around a 7 out of 10. As an MGS fan I would give it about a 5 but without any bias I consider 7 to be a fair score.

It is not the outstanding game every media outlet has portrayed i... #1.4
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I would describe it more as a sleeper hit! Great, fun game. #1.2.2
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License to print money. Fun games though so I'm not surprised.

I don't buy them anymore personally for the same reason I don't buy sports games every year - it's more or less the same game. #9
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MGS4 revisited Shadow Moses perfectly, I'll probably never have that feeling playing any another game again.

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'Drive like a madman'... lifted straight from Driver 1 :D

This game looks pretty great. Loved the first two. #8.2
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Yay, sounds like fun. I'm going to purchase something to increase my levels of fun. Hopefully they make me wait for it to unlock once purchased to add more value.

I used to hate when options were given to you right out of the box in games. Remember how rubbish cheat codes were? Or how totally lame just being given character or gun customization was? No fun at all. #5.2
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I agree with you, and would be interested in hearing why you think child porn should be regulated whereas something like, violent racism shouldn't? Where is the justification a part from societal standards or personal viewpoint? I find this hard to get right in my mind, in that really it is no different to what you're arguing against.

Interestingly, Ground Zeroes has audio of child porn and abuse in it with Chico and Paz. Was this acceptable?

Obvious... #1.5.1
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So you agree it is unfinished, only it was deliberate. Thanks. Exactly why there is a negative in my review.

Remember liquid also had that strain of the vocal cord virus with him as well - a massive part of the main story left hanging. What happened to it? Why would Big Boss, Miller and Ocelot be reckless enough to leave it in the hands of an angry child? It's widely accepted that this ending was cut so I don't know why you are defending it.

Do you th... #4.1
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That's not a great example considering that was meant to be a mystery of previous events and alludes to the virgin birth of jesus. What we're talking about is an incomplete story arc.

Why did they bother rendering some of the mission 51 cutscenes and put it on disc? If it got to that stage it was pretty far along. It was obviously only deliberate if they plan on releasing the ending via DLC - What will you're response be if this does happen?

Not s... #3.1
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The storyline involving Liquid Snake. He takes off with Sehalanthropus and no more is said of it. There was meant to be a mission 51 which dealt with this but it was cut from the final release. You can check youtube for the scenes.

There was also meant to be a whole Chapter 3 apparently. It is clear the game was not Kojima's finished vision.

TPP is gameplay focused at the expense of story which is clearly a problem, especially for a Metal Gear game. Prev... #2.1
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