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Why do you need a video game for the most noble of Japanese past-times? #4
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I really like the look of No Man's Sky and the soundtrack is the icing... but I feel it might suffer from not having much to do in it - at least judging by the gameplay they have shown. The premise is kind of like that game Proteus that was free with PS+.

It's unlikely that a game based so heavily on exploration can provide enough for me to keep playing - it needs some sort of compelling story or reason on top of that to add some meaning to the exploration.
... #3
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I was referring just to these games specifically and the writers who wrote them. (Although apparently Far Cry 3 is meant to be some kind of satire on modern gaming but I don't think that came across very well).

A binary choice at the end of a game is rarely done well. Maybe Bastion is the only game I can think of that manages it through a good build up and intriguing plot. A big difference with that game is the mute protagonist which lends itself much better to choices si... #1.2.2
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I don't remember any choices except the last one, and it was the most stupid choice I've ever seen posed in the entire history of storytelling.

Either kill you're friends who you've spent the whole game trying to save, or don't. That was how it was put to the player... so stupid.
The whole story was linear so why shoe-horn in this stupid choice at the end. Great game apart from that.

The choice at the end of GTAV is similar in that... #1.2
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There was a Fiat Panda in there near the end also. #19.1.1
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Yep, it's based on the movie. I think it's going to be like the Stuntman series of games but recreating the NFS movie.

Apparently with Kinect or PS Camera you can actually cast yourself as an extra in the gamefilm... can't wait! #2.3
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I think it's pretty short sighted to dismiss VR and by proxy it's cousin AR as fads. The whole premise of changing the reality in front of us has massive potential that goes beyond just gaming.

You can already see when implemented well this stuff works e.g. car HUD technology.
With the huge investment going in to these other products (Glass, OR, HoloLens) it would be surprising if it all just disappeared after a generation.

I think the differe... #1.2.6
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Good news for Rockstar, I'm happy for them - that's why I bought the game full price which is a rarity for me.

I didn't really enjoy GTAV that much though - story and characters were very weak. I don't think I liked any of the characters and definitely not the main 3.

Trevor was over the top even for GTA, Franklin was ok but had absolutely no relevance to the story and Michael was pretty annoying overall to me.
Terrible ending pretendi... #22
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Oh yeah, I forgot I had a beta code for this game from Wolfenstein.. Great!

This is what a teaser should be like for a game like Doom btw! #25.1
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I might actually buy this AC installment - I have a soft spot for games set in the UK because I like to see how authentically characters are written re. accent, slang, mannerisms etc.

Also the last AC game I played was Revelations in 2011. 4 years might be enough to make the series feel fresh again.

I'll wait for reviews on performance, gameplay and story to see if it's worth a purchase. #7
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I'm kind of feeling the same - and not because Konami seem to be messing everything up lately.

I remember when MGS3 was coming out I tried to get as much information as possible about the game which at the time for me meant magazines. And when the MGS4 release was approaching and I was away on holiday all I could think was I hope the plane doesn't crash so I can get home and play some MGS!

With V and Ground Zeroes, I haven't got anywhere near the... #1.3.1
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Off topic: I still can't believe Kojima put himself in Ground Zeroes...that was so lame. I love a hidden credit but actually modelling yourself and designing a mission for you in a fictional universe is ludicrous.

Anyway, at least we still have PES :) #16
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I would go out and by that if it's not on PS+ this month (do Ubi games typically end up on Plus?).

It's a great game for a good price. #4.1
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I'm kind of torn on this. In general I'd say there are more quality games nowadays and less poor ones - most pre-2000 games released now, leaving aside graphics, would be critically panned. But I'm playing Tomb Raider III just now and for all it's faults, bugs and graphical drawbacks, I much prefer it to the TR collection games and think it's on par with the latest Tomb Raider reboot.
The difficulty of the puzzles and platforming make it more compelling than a stra... #1.4
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Ooooh short answer "yes" with an "if", long answer "no" with a "but"... #4.1
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I think a lot of UK providers have small print fair usage policies where they throttle your connection if you go over a certain limit for the month. Almost all advertise unlimited data, but only a few truly live up to the name. #3.2.4
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Spoilers on a joke...smh. Only on a site like this with the oversensitive patrons combined with their inability to read past article headlines could an April Fool's tagline be used.

Geez. #12.1
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Surely the right thumbstick should be switched with the face buttons for a more ergonomic resting position for the right thumb? Isn't that the reason many people prefer the Xbox controller to the PS?
Most games involve moving a character and camera in 3D space, therefore symmetrical sticks should be good if you prefer the left thumbstick where it is. - See the Wii U Pro controller.

I prefer the thumbsticks in the lower position since I feel you get more accurate... #10.3.1
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I don't like the idea in principle.. since it assumes shorter games have less value. Sometimes this can be true but there's nothing worse than hours of padding which only detracts from a games enjoyment.

Then again we have sites like how long to beat which does this. Probably good for the consumer if they have more information to base their decision on. I would hate developers to start padding games or force multiplayer to up that number though.

I... #1.1.2
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I would love an Indie game like that but I don't think we need 3 games so similar to one another... If Tomb Raider could go back to it's roots of puzzle solving and exploration I think it would work. #5.1
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