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It would be nice to have but I won't be buying this since I already have a PS4. The added value does not justify the cost to me. If power was important I would have built a PC ages ago. I'm more interested in games which is why I'm currently trying to complete Crash Team Racing at the moment. Those gem CTR tokens are a pain though, amiright?

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Trinity - the three persons of the Christian Godhead
Unless you want to shoe-horn in the number 3 somewhere, PS5 being called PS Trinity makes no sense. Morpheus (dreams) is related to VR. Neo means new. Trinity has no link to PS5.

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Adam Sandler

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It's true, without knowing it's not possible to be 100% sure, although there has been a lot of negative information coming out of Konami which hints at bad management of the business. ( or

You and that 'opinionated' guy above need to relax - you're both projecting your own poltics on to this.

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Sounds like Xbox is exactly the same as Steam now just with different content, more exclusives and MS manufactures their own consoles. Do have to pay a subscription for online playing, on Xbox PC though? Pretty awful if so. You'd be better off with a PC Steam account and a steam box in terms of value. I guesss it always comes down to content at the end of the day though. You can't get Halo or Gears on Steam. That subscription though, risky business.

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If you read what he said he was respectful to the competition while also promoting the company paying the bills. Lies is a ridiculous accusation to make.

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What are you saying BlakHavoc? Gamers should support utter crap on the off chance they decide to develop a better game in the future? So the option for everyone who wants a Crash sequel is to buy the remakes no matter how they turn out. That isn't how it's supposed to work you know.

No doubt they are testing the waters of a full Crash sequel, but if it turns out as a mediocre remaster and gamers don't buy it meaning Activision don't invest in a sequel, it...

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Didn't Insmoniac do Sunset Overdrive? That game looked very Sucker Punchy in gameplay style. Although I never did play it, it looked good in terms of traversal and fun which is two important parts of a Spidey game. I think they can do it justice.

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Wasn't it 10 years ago people were saying that? When every shooter is modern or near future, something like this really stands out.

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The SP was brilliant but it was the MP that made it stand out - and the MP is why people are interested in the remaster - get player numbers up so the MP can be enjoyed again. Otherwise, people would just play on PS3/360/PC but the numbers aren't there anymore.

Enjoyed the article though, great reminder of how good the SP was.

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Obviously it's a great game based on the general critic and user reception but I think price also has a lot to do with the high sales numbers. The standard £50 releases are just too expensive. Great to see cheaper experiences being explored.

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Yeah, that's a worry for me too. Hopefully they only make changes to textures, resolution and lighting and leave all the physics and movement alone. It's essential for a remake of CoD4.

tbh I'm a bit apprehensive about the nostalgia factor too. It was almost 10 years ago, my tastes have definitely changed in that time. I might not enjoy it as much this time around - I might just leave it as a fantastic memory rather than trying to recreate it.

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They'll release them together to inflate the numbers for the new game... then in a few months time it will be released separately. Classic business decisions. Classic Activision.

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Looks good. Could be my first CoD since Black Ops 2 (providing MW remaster is included).

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Gaming is more popular now though. Looking at market share of PS2 vs PS4 at this stage of the cycle would be interesting. I'd guess PS2 would have a bigger market share due to the reasons you gave but would be selling slower since less people bought consoles back then.

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Haha loved getting that sweet Martyrdom kill.

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It is strange she decided to focus so strongly on that.. his views go well beyond gender politics. Her rebuttal would have been far stronger if she responded to the main points he's making as they affect everyone in the tech industry, especially games developers, and their work life balance - rather than focussing on comments said at a different time. She is in such a strong position to challenge him, being his daughter working in the field, and decided to focus on the gender side of thin...

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That guy would be a terrible boss/manager - absolutely no empathy for the long hours and hard work put in by developers.

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Ah, I see...phew. Fair enough. Still very sceptical of that percentage though, I'd bet consensual sex orgasm rate is lower.

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