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That may be so but it doesn't have to be shoehorned into each and every game or story. At least that's my opinion...

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Thanks, I just wanted to buy the controller!

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I haven't played a lot, I'm still level 15, but have no major complaints so far. Though I would like some kind of PvP mode other than the Dark Zone.

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Definitely agreed. Gamers are just too entitled these days and I'm not just being "old"; it is after all what we're seeing elsewhere in the society, too.

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Interesting game, thanks for the article.

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I was almost sure this game was cancelled. Nice to find out it isn't!

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Have to agree about the eSports bit. But I think they will have spoken with Microsoft before planning the DLC...And then again, MS was cool with Halo 5.

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Such a disappointment, I hope the campaign will be decent at least.

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Ugh, this sport is really weird...

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Seems a cop-out of sorts, there have definitely been shooters with great stories. Though it might be a little easier for action/adventure or role playing games.

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CryEngine games are always so beautiful.

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One of the worst PC ports of the last two years.

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That's absolutely right, they set the bar high for post-launch support. If only all developers used that standard...

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Agreed! Codemasters could really use Evolution's technical expertise. They were never that great at making amazing graphics.

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This game was such a disappointment to me.

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Have to agree with that, I would pick quality over quantity any day of the week!

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Looks cool.

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I love Rocket League. It's really true that the best things in life are free!

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Quantum Break is certainly the highlight of the week for me.

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Same here, wish they made more of them but then again it wouldn't be as special when it's finally released.

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