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I'd say Titanfall 2 is the evolution of the first. It's better in every way.

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That was a really hilarious marketing campaign in hindsight. Now no one from Microsoft talks about the cloud at all...I wonder how Crackdown 3 is doing.

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Would have been way too expensive

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Not bad at all for a debut title.

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I won't buy it. From what I've read, it will be barely more powerful than a smartphone...Nintendo keeps disappointing

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I'm a graphics whore, so I need it. I just hope it doesn't become a regular thing in console cycles, or I'm screwed between PC upgrades and console upgrades...

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This looks great!

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Wow. Now I feel like a delay is coming our way...

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Loved this. Though it is a bit too similar to Journey

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Good, I have a visitor ticket but I was a bit worried with everything going on. Though I'm not very fond of queues...

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These Steam machines flopped so hard. I knew it.

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This is perhaps my most anticipated game overall. Just Rare at its finest.

Please take your time

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Amazing addition to a great game.

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On the same day of ReCore..That's not good. The poor game already has low hype, but at least it's something different

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Nice game, but side-scrollers aren't my thing

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I want to see it on PC soon. That's where it will truly shine.

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Wish they brought this over to PC!

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Not surprised. HTC and Oculus rushed in like noobs, Sony will crush them in the VR market

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I hope to be there next year. The new consoles will all be there!

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I hope that's just one of many things they changed, Watch Dogs disappointed me a lot

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