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I just hope this year Konami brings the PS4/XB1 version to PC instead of PS3/360...

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Wow, that excuse to lock frame rate is really lame. I bet they made the noob mistake to tie physics to their specific frame rate (30FPS) early in development and then they discovered they couldn't decouple it...

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So these old-ass consoles will be limiting us for years to come. How sad...

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Nice guide. This game is really cool!

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Always loved Dead Rising, glad to see Frank is back in business!

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Good, I'm not touching these VR gimmicks (yes, I believe that's what they are). Slowly saving to get a good 4K HDR TV as soon as prices go down.

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Excellent news!

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Yes! Dead Rising 4 will be great with Frank, I can feel it

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A bit weird, but Batman rocks forever and ever

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True! He's very funny, not to mention the most ripped of all developers. I enjoyed The Order so I'm looking forward their next game

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I wish they would stop making dozens of survival games that stay in Early Access for years. We just need a handful of good ones.

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The Division at 4K is just gorgeous!

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So beautiful, thank God I can play it on my new PC at Ultra settings!

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Such a disappointment. I'm afraid it might die now

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True, I don't understand all the concerns popping up on gaming forums. This can only be a good thing. Hope to hear more on both at E3

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Agreed on the score, a solid FPS but nothing extraordinary

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I thought this was going to be out soon...Guess I was wrong

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I think they're the best single player FPS games released in a very long time. Though I have yet to play the new DOOM which I hear is very good

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Ugh, can't stand digital card games and they're everywhere nowadays

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You're right but they went back on the right track with Dragon Age Inquisition. And that one was still shackled by the old consoles, so I have great hopes for Andromeda

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