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So beautiful, thank God I can play it on my new PC at Ultra settings!

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Such a disappointment. I'm afraid it might die now

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True, I don't understand all the concerns popping up on gaming forums. This can only be a good thing. Hope to hear more on both at E3

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Agreed on the score, a solid FPS but nothing extraordinary

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I thought this was going to be out soon...Guess I was wrong

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I think they're the best single player FPS games released in a very long time. Though I have yet to play the new DOOM which I hear is very good

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Ugh, can't stand digital card games and they're everywhere nowadays

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You're right but they went back on the right track with Dragon Age Inquisition. And that one was still shackled by the old consoles, so I have great hopes for Andromeda

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We have the best superhero movies and TV series and yet no decent superhero game apart from Batman Arkham. So sad.

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Can't wait to play this on PC.

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I love this setting, hope it's true

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That may be so but it doesn't have to be shoehorned into each and every game or story. At least that's my opinion...

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Thanks, I just wanted to buy the controller!

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I haven't played a lot, I'm still level 15, but have no major complaints so far. Though I would like some kind of PvP mode other than the Dark Zone.

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Definitely agreed. Gamers are just too entitled these days and I'm not just being "old"; it is after all what we're seeing elsewhere in the society, too.

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Interesting game, thanks for the article.

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I was almost sure this game was cancelled. Nice to find out it isn't!

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Have to agree about the eSports bit. But I think they will have spoken with Microsoft before planning the DLC...And then again, MS was cool with Halo 5.

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Such a disappointment, I hope the campaign will be decent at least.

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Ugh, this sport is really weird...

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