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It's an awesome feature. I love it.

Seriously, matches only take about five to ten minutes. If you can't think 5 minutes ahead for your important social activities than just kill yourself...

Also you get the 40k$ back in 4 matches. #41
Ofcourse it is....
Its one of the most overhyped series of all times... Giving a game that is in general just a copy of its predecessor a perfect score is retarded. I'm not saying it's a bad game, its just not groundbreaking. Every part in the series is "the same" with minor upgrades.

And if the story in singleplayer in MW1 was good the story in MW2 is so terribly stupid... Oh god its just retarded beyond words... #18
old news LOL #12
I kinda love water levels LOL

They were really awfull in sonic but i loved the Uncharted Upriver level, the waterfalls were really beautyfull.

The levels in the GB and GBA Super Mario games rocked too (except the water torrents in warioland in his castle) ;D #23
MMOS are for fat lifeless geeks #5
I got a code, thanx for the guide. #17
Retarded article. #7
Crapy scans...
In my days "scans" meant someone actually put some effort into makeing them... Not just a snapshot with a Nikon Coolpix by someone who obviously doesnt have a clue how to take photographs...

Anyway can't wait for the game. I bet it will be awesome. #11
Isn't really an "in depth" comparison but i'd say they look completely the same. #10
Let's not care so much. Who reads Forbes anyway. #20
well companies always liked to brag with big numbers so nothing new here. i know that i'm more of an exception because i work in IT and use several different computers at home and at work, but i myself probably downloaded firefox more that 50 times in the last few years, and if every update counts as a download you can multiply that number at least by four. so all in all 1 billion doesnt really impress me...

its the trend and the % that count, ff has 20 and ie has 70, ff is risin... #12
To the guys sayingPS3 looks blurier: I dont think you are looking at the pictures right... Look at the lower left corner (when you got the 360 picture selected, in the upper bar the PS3 icon apears blue and vice versa, so look at the lower left corner for a tag).

Because the PS3 definitely looks more crisp than the 360. It's not a big difference and probably isnt even noticable in motion, but in the screens the 360 has blurier textures. #81
So this guy Anton Gordon is an atention seeking retard noone cares about. #43
Onion news ;D #3
where is the amazing screenshot?.... #3
lol, why would you make a movie based on a game that is practicaly based on movies... makes no sense at al... the GTA series practicaly "rips off" a bunch of movies... money talks bullshit walks... #11
why do xbox360 screens have some numbers in the upper right corner? looks as it would be taken with fraps or something like that? #33
It's about building hype... #5
Don's care much about GTA:IV DLC...
I'm a big fan of the GTA but i think GTA4 was a step back in the series. The graphics are great and the story is a bit deeper but thats it. GTA4 wasn't as FUN to play as San Andreas to me and it certanly wasn't nearly as good as Vice City. I haven't played GTA4 in ten months... I rather played VC and SA, so i don't realy care about any DLC for it as i most certainly would't buy it. I mean, more missions in the same dull city... No thanks.

Judging by the response of th... #39
no big deal
Planescape Torment had 800.000 words of dialog. And it was more intelligent and humorous. I do agree thou it is quite an effort to cast, record and process all that text. #7
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