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Cool teaser. Looks like there will be more emphasys on malee this time. Can't wait for some gameplay videos.

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They both look like dookie from where i stand.

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i loved inFamous, the game had it's weakpoints but as a whole it worked very well. cant wait for the sequel

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I loved Bioshock but was dissapointed by the sequel. Can't see why anyone would want to pay 30$ for it now...

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Anyway, the PS3 and 360 versions look the same to the naked eye.

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Wow, you're one bitter person...

fyi: The article says they used an average PC on high details.

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xbox version looks better but the difference is not that big

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This article is a bit misleading as it sugests that PS3 is in some kind of trouble.

This is because of the good sales in March (because of GoW3). The sales for USA for PS3 in April actualy werent that bad as they were on pair with the 360 (in the past 360 usualy sold much more in the US epr month).

The NPD's hardware sales data for the month of April is reproduced below.

Nintendo DS - 440,800
Wii - 277,200
Xbox 360 - 185,4...

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Not happy to hear this, but it's not all in the resolution. The gameplay movies still look good and if the gameplay and the story deliver than it will be a good game. Can't wait to play it.

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What a mayor duche.

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Not much of a choice... On one side an epic story, gorgeous graphics and immersive gameplay and on the other side outdated graphics, nothing special of a story and (IMO)awfull gameplay. SC:C is a lot weaker than its predecessors and so comparing it to MGS4 is just silly...

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Video quality is too low for a comparisson here... I've played both versions, the difference is noticable but not gamebreaking. Get it for the PS3 if u have both consoles.

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Interesting. The character model is much better and close textures are crisper on the 360 but the distant scenery is much better on the PS3.

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Well we've known this for some time now, not realy news... People who played both versions already said there is a noticable difference in the graphics, it's not gamebreaking but if you have both consoles you're better off with the PS3 version.

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"So, if your Parents, gradparents, and kids want to buy it and think it is cool and fun..are you going to call them stupid?"

My close relatives are smart enough to ask me about my oppinion, but (some) still stupid enough to dissregard it. It happened before with the Wii when my cousin asked me if it was any good, i told her its a gimmick and that she will play it for a few weeks and then she will put it in a closet. It came true, she bought it still and it is now a ver...

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I still think Natal is going to be a success and will outsell Sonys motion controller at least at a ratio of 3 to 1. At least in the USA if not everywhere.

There are simple reasons, Microsoft will know how to sell it (it already does, with the huge self-hyping) and casual gamers are stupid in general and will buy anything that is labeled as revolutionary and cool and super mega dandy popular... Even if it is a total gimmick...

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I guess i now know whom to send my broken PS controllers to...


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What a silly comparisson LOL

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Havent read the article, but the title just makes no sense...

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Well i for one don't care which has better graphics... It's not just the graphics that make up a great game.

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