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They are already 3 years too late LOL #10
No. Thats not right. You are a retard. Thats right. #2.2
Well i have the tendency to finish the game before i criticise it. It wasn't all that bad and i realy wanted to find out how the story ends...


There are three endings depending on what you do at the end, you either shoot "the good guy", "the bad guy" or both of them.

What saddened me the most was that this game had only 2 bosses, both of them actualy werent that bad but they were both in the first half of the... #2.2.1
Well finished the game and i dont think it deserves anything more than a 6. #2
I didn't realy care about Zeke LOL #4
@ Lou-Cipher
That depends on the site. There are actually unbiased sites and magazines in this world, that don't give 20+ titles per year a score of 90+. #1.1.5
I didn't play the first game, but i was a little dissapointed at Crackdown 2. From graphics to artstyle and gameplay everything feels a bit last gen.

Maybe i expected too much, it is by no means a bad game i just think it needed more polish. I will still play it trough for sure, because there are little other games to play right now. #28
Retarded article. #11
xbox360 looks better but it is a crappy game anyway i played it for a half an hour and hated it #12
Forca is a very good game but it is a bit overhyped. #51
This game is retarded. #6
Well at least once the French didn't surrender LOL =) #7
ffxiii was a truckload of shit

so we probably can say that if they want to make another GOOD ff they will probably have to remake an old one LOL #23
Nice read. #1
lol awesome :D #1
After the shit that was FFXIII i honestly don't care about Versus any more... #8
Cool teaser. Looks like there will be more emphasys on malee this time. Can't wait for some gameplay videos. #38
They both look like dookie from where i stand. #19
i loved inFamous, the game had it's weakpoints but as a whole it worked very well. cant wait for the sequel #15
I loved Bioshock but was dissapointed by the sequel. Can't see why anyone would want to pay 30$ for it now... #3
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