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no new footage here... #8
This realy is pointless... #7
This Nintendo guys are really a bunch of effin jews... The Wii should cost 150$ on launch, by now it should cost 70$... It's massively overpriced but thats because people are willing to pay so much for it... #17
Also: I didn't find this footahe impressive... #6
Yeah i hate that too... #1.1.1
old news #18
Nice, i wish they were in higher resolution so i could use them for desktop backgrounds.. #3
Except for bribing the audience with a free xbox, Microsoft didn't have any big anouncments on E3, LOL #19
I find unboxing videos gay. Can't wait to try Move out before i buy it, i hope some local store will have it set up. #8
Well i played Transformers and i played Crackdown 2 and in my opinnion the Transformers game in anything but good so i dont know if it deserves more than a 5... On the other side Crackdown2 is pretty playable, i havent played the first Crackdown game so i can't compare them (people say they are completely the same, even the city/map LOL) i would give Crackdown2 a score around 7. #2.2
Not in a thousand years. #5.1
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It's realy a great game. #3
Such mutations are actually very common amidst cattle/livestock. #6
If you look at the fork it is as big as the plate, so maybe it's just a little bigger steak on a little smaller plate. #1.1.2
They are already 3 years too late LOL #10
No. Thats not right. You are a retard. Thats right. #2.2
Well i have the tendency to finish the game before i criticise it. It wasn't all that bad and i realy wanted to find out how the story ends...


There are three endings depending on what you do at the end, you either shoot "the good guy", "the bad guy" or both of them.

What saddened me the most was that this game had only 2 bosses, both of them actualy werent that bad but they were both in the first half of the... #2.2.1
Well finished the game and i dont think it deserves anything more than a 6. #2
I didn't realy care about Zeke LOL #4
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