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Don's know what is so "stunning" about the comparison but hey, who am i to judge...

Anyway the game looks like shit on both consoles IMO :D #20
Anything can help you loose weight. A stick from a tree can help you loose weight if used regularly and with a sensible diet. #12
I blame poor sales of Enslaved on a poor game... #27
Either way the specs are prety weak... #3
Not realy a trailer... more like a teaser... #34
This guy just isn't serious... Fallou 3 and Fallout: New Vegas had so many glitches and bugs, some of them were even game breaking, preventing you from completing quests and stuff... Both are great games but saying they were "fairly bug-free" is just a joke. #23
Geohot didn't hack jack shit... Fail0werflow hacked the PS3, Geohot is "just" using their hack. #8
Only viewable from 3 angles. Crap. #18
The hackers couldn't do squat until the service usb key got "reverse engeneered"... They just use the "big bad Sony removing OtherOS" excuse to turn out like this noble chivalrous bunch of mind their own bussines hackers.

Anyway after watching one can realy see that this guys are smart and they know what they are doing. Congretz to them. And Sonys E... #36
They look the same. #16
cpt. obvious to the rescue #7
No support on GOOD racing wheels on xbox 360... NO THANKS #81
This game sucks, kthnxbye #13
Playing on hard core is the only right way. #2
I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it looks like you are retarded. #3.1.6
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I played the game trough... #3.1.2
No it's not. It's mediocre at best... #3.1
The graphics are bad on either console... And it's also a hell of a boring game... #7
Well i hate to breake it to you, but U2 isn't meant to be a hack and slash title, hence it doesn't have a great melee combat system. It's a third person shooter. It has a great cover system which enhances the gameplay, many different weapons (grenades, different pistoles, shotguns, automatic rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers...).

Enslaved on the other hand has ONE weapon with two different ammunition types. It is not meant to be a shooter so shooting and... #9.2.1
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