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Pure speculation. #27
This game looks just pathetnic... Ever since the fake E3 video and than the first gameplay videos, i ask myself every time i see new footage, why don't they just scrap this shit. Oh, right, it's a SW game, it will still sell in millions, just like Force Unleashed 2...

Why do they need special motion capture equipment for capturing that woman for the dancing/workout game, can't they just use Kinect, since it's so accurate and all ;) #9
Make it for the Vita also and you have my $$$. #20
I'd rather have them use the word cheater not hacker. #4
Well if you ask me Oblivion and Fallout had a much better UI and items handling. They were both multiplatform games made for consoles too. So i dont think one can only blame consoles for the bad UI in Skyrim... #1.1.2
Barely noticable difference. #3
Probably the fault of lack of proper recording equipment but this sounds like total shit. #5
This (graphics) look nothing like what we have seen so far from other developers for Vita. This looks more like something for the PSP. Gran Turismo for PSP looks much better than this. #1
Well i think they would have to change that (selling overpriced hardware) if they were to seriously enter the console "war". #2.1.1
Actually that is not exactly what the article is saying. Read it. #4.1
Doesnt't look anywhere near BF3 quality... But it does show a new trend where iPads and smartphones won't be only platforms for casual games. #24
Nice. #6
If you can't compare GT5 to F3 then what can you compare it to? Is it a game totaly out of genre, a unique marvel? No it isn't. Face it, they are in the same category and Forza3 has more content and is an all arround more polished game.

And even if GT5 had a 10 times better driving model (which it doesn't, they are on pair), they would still be comparable, because they are each others direct competition.

GT5 is a great game, but it was not polishe... #25.2.4
Well i own both so i don't need to be informed by anyone, because i can form my own oppinion.

And anyone who says that GT5 was a polished game at launch is just looking the other way. #25.2.1
It's a shame how almoast a year after the release of GT5 the game hasn't evolved at all...

Looks like Forza 4 is going to kill GT5. #25
Nintendos E3 presentation of the WiiU was rather dissapointing. Can't remember anyone being swept of their feet... #12
Well mr. Molyneux is a man of many words but few deeds. #36
Looks like a huge pile of shit this one doesn't it... #7
And what exactly is this bad news?

I am on my second playtrough with DNF and i think it is awesome. It doesn't happen often that i play trough shooters twice in a row. DNF is more fun than any generic shooter out there right now. #37.1.1
IGN is just retarded. This game might not be technicaly on pair with 2011 shooters, but it's nowhere near a 5.5/10. And duke never was about best graphics anyway. Remember that Duke Nukem 3D was actualy a 2.5D game and wasn't graphicaly revolutionary for it's time. And it wasn't suposed to be, it was all about FUN and Duke Nukem Forever is all about FUN too.

I can say with ease that this is one of the best shooters in years. It beats all the Call of Duty games... #37
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