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The gaming industry is huge and it's divided into many genres and characters in certain games are meant to target specific audiences. That does not make the whole game or the whole industry sexist. It's just like saying The Twilight Saga is making the whole movie industry sexist because of its stereotypes...

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A great concept but i wouldn't get my hopes up for it to shine in the next genereation or at least 5 years and probably even more.

Just remember the first Kinect proof-of-concept/promo videos that looked realy awesome and compare it with the released product which was garbage...

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I don't believe anyone would cancel a project at 99% completion.

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It hasn't been officialy confirmed for any of the above titles that they will be in 1080p natively.

Since Nintendo officialy said their 1st party games will run 720p natively i am a bit sceptical about 3rd party developers making their games 1080p.

Would be nice thou.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Sure it can run sidescrolling minigames in 1080p. So can the PS3/360. But the more hardware intensive games (anything 3D) will "only" run in 720p.

But 3D games run in 720p on PS3/360 and one cant say that the graphisc are that impressive anymore. So 720p is an high enough resolution, the question is how good the other aspects of graphics will be on the WiiU. From what we have seen/heared until now it will be a bit better than PS3/360 but not a whole lot.

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No one plays D3 anymore, back to D2 :D :D :D

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Dragon's Dogma is the best FRP of the last few years.

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Well if transsexual prostitutes are sexy than i guess she is sexy...

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@ madjedi:

WTF are you talking about?

Nintendo won this generation by far, they sold more consoles and software than Sony and MS together...

They shifted their focus to the new console they will launch by holiday season and which i'm sure wil be flying of the shelves...

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Well OK. 20 hours sounds great. If you can call this pile of shit gameplay...

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Pure speculation.

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This game looks just pathetnic... Ever since the fake E3 video and than the first gameplay videos, i ask myself every time i see new footage, why don't they just scrap this shit. Oh, right, it's a SW game, it will still sell in millions, just like Force Unleashed 2...

Why do they need special motion capture equipment for capturing that woman for the dancing/workout game, can't they just use Kinect, since it's so accurate and all ;)

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Make it for the Vita also and you have my $$$.

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I'd rather have them use the word cheater not hacker.

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Well if you ask me Oblivion and Fallout had a much better UI and items handling. They were both multiplatform games made for consoles too. So i dont think one can only blame consoles for the bad UI in Skyrim...

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Barely noticable difference.

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Probably the fault of lack of proper recording equipment but this sounds like total shit.

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This (graphics) look nothing like what we have seen so far from other developers for Vita. This looks more like something for the PSP. Gran Turismo for PSP looks much better than this.

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Well i think they would have to change that (selling overpriced hardware) if they were to seriously enter the console "war".

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Actually that is not exactly what the article is saying. Read it.

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