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The tasselated (or whatever this tech is called) grass textures make it look like everything is floating.

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I'd rather say "Why not either?"...

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How is this news? Doesn't this page have any moderators at all?

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It's a shitty game and you don't have to play it through or for 30+ hours to know that...

Go to Youtube and check for a Mafia 1 Mafia 3 comparisson video and you might get the feeling why this game is such a dissapointment.

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fake, gay, lame

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"GTA V PC Is 65GB In Size, And That's A Good Thing Against Piracy"

Well that is some pretty ridiculous logic... People who buy the game also have to download those 65GB, so it's also a good strategy against paying customers hahaha...

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Well I just have to say that texture quality has nothing to do with 4K.

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Well... They should be... Lying pieces of shit...

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Interesting since when i compare xbox one and PS4 trends the PS4 stil trumps xbox one, even in US ( ) not to mention worldwide ( )...

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These patents were filed back in 2012...

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"Star Wars: Commander is your next Star Wars game": If the title is to imply, that this game is any good for you, then let me just say: NO,IT IS NOT, it's a piece of garbage like every other "F2P" mobile phone game. Unless you will pay up, you will experience very little here. Fu** this shit.

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Well this two games are so different i don't really see them competing with each other that much.

1. One is a muliplayer game the other is a singleplayer game.
2. One is a first person shooter, the other one a third person open world "platformer"

They both look beautiful and fun to play, but in a different way.

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1000 > 200

...thanks, i never would have figured that one out by myself.

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I think we can all agree these are concept art images, not screenshots.

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Not saying he does not deserve a bonus but these corporate numbers are just unbelievable... And since he is probably not the only one who got a bonus i can just imagine how much money has been awarded altogether and how that money could be better used for improving their products and thus customer satisfaction.

Specially in times like these i don't think upper management should be given such high bonuses.

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Every device can "use the power of the could".


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Must be the worst box art in quite some time...

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It doesn't say anywhere that all PS4 titles will be playable on the Vita trough Remote Play...

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Nice damage, but from those three pictures i can't really say it's about to set a new standard.

On the other side they'll probably work some more on it and the result could be even better.

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This would be the worst game ever.

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