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deadpool doesnt even know whats hes talking about lol its painful

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wow that deal sucks

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they wont ship out trust me on that

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does iMARS have a website?

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el gato hd gaming capture card is the best IMO i had the hd pvr and it was nothing but problems with it

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Trading Steam games for the beta code add me on steam phendr

heres my inventory

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i stopped reading after he said " iPhones provide certain gaming experiences comparable to console gaming on the go"

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i agree why would we be excited just because they added a couple new words and how in the world is this news?

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dont they mean naughty dog was groundbreaking console project in the works

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1.It’s a new IP
2.It’s made by Naughty Dog
3.It’s a PS3 exclusive
4.A post-apocalyptic world
5.A character driven narrative
6.An action survival hybrid
7.A choice of protagonists
8.Clever level design
9.A score worth remembering
10.Time to wait

this site just wants hits more like 10 things ppl already knew

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sadly they only go to places where they cant afford an awesome PS3

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such a well made guide

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heres a video showing you how to do it

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i think i found ur gold trophy addiction

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just tried it pretty sick

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found that dualshock and the steelbook case game for 103 buy it now

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doesnt the RPG have a short life span i mean u just pull the trigger and it explodes seconds after... oh wait...

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i agree with roadtrucker what are they going to review next? the plastic wrapper the game comes in?

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bubbles for you sir lol

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