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Yeah i know and they are doing a good job at it I think I should have waited till the 15th to get it cause I just keep staring at the game and it keeps calling me to play it, lol

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Sony why you do this to me, you give me game now but no console, I go crazy

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They need the games people want

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Yeah when I saw that I just had to rewind it, am okay that it got delayed, am a big gran tourism fan but I have been waiting for a good arcade racing game and ever since they announced drive club I was like that is the game I have been waiting for

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I love those tracks but I want pikes peak paved and unpaved

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Porches lmfao

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He is a legend and you you're just a who? Better known as an As?hole

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I love the game but I wish it could been a lot harder, I wish it had gas stations that worked which meant that the car could run out of gas even if it was as an option. I also think some of the missions could have been longer and harder but still this game is amazing and I can't believe is running on this old gen and can't wait to try out GTA O.

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I wish they would have put gas stations and cars would have different limits in distance like real cars before they ran out of gas, cause I think it would have made the game more challenging. Or have it as an option

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I really want it for the PS4 streaming everything else is a bonus to me.

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Lmfao this might be the first time that he will be right lol

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I want to try this controller but are they trying to go for casual players? And I would love to see how it performs against analog sticks?

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Funny I got this game the same day I got GTA 5 and I love it, I think is the best FPS in a handheld ever

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There is a big difference , sony actually cares about its gamers and actually makes games that are targeted to all their audiences. It may not be a perfect company but I respect sony more than microsoft and at least they are showing with the PS4 that they learned from their mistakes unlike microsoft and are actually putting games first unlike microsoft in their console. PS4 it a gaming console first and everything else is a bonus unlike xbone which is the other way around

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Before this, xbones were like PS4 got nothing on ryse. Now what do they have????

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This game is amazing and love the voice acting, best GTA till date. Hope it comes to next gen :-)

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Lmfao at some of the comments this is just too good lol, I can't stop laughing seriously. People be like, simulators are boring lmfao. Turn 10 just did a 180 on their fans lol

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Lmfao, so now simulators are boring ja ja ja ja

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Sorry but with a name like that, they actually thought that it was going to be relevant lol

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I have this for my 4s and now I have to get one for my 5s

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