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And the dumbest response goes to JonnyBigBoss, give it up to him, he will be here all week.

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I guess some people still can't read , GT the real driving simulator.

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Lmfao 5 out of 10 and yet it will still sell millions.

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Damn you polyphony how could you do this, downgrade the shadows and upgrade everything else , damn you i played GT cause of the shadows. So what am I suppose to play now? Lol I could care less if they took the shadows off so they could upgrade everything and am still going to play the [email protected] out of GT6

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It's hard to juggle between all my consoles and my portable, but I don't mind it. I love all the options but I still have some games that haven't been opened and one of those reasons is GT5 and of course other games but still I want to finish some old games before I move to the new ones bit I know once I pick GT6 I will forget about every other game for a couple of weeks lol

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Wow that is crazy enjoy your ps4 cause I am

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Introducing the "sonyntendo wiistation 4U" lol

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Does anybody have a picture of the first xbox next to an xbox one

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I think if you could take the controller anywhere and play over wifi then that would be sweet I don't hate the wii u I think is very promising but I'll just wait till it drops.

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I hope nothing serious happens and this gets fixed I may not like Microsoft but I do like competition. But seriously why is this even happening they made it big enough that it should be running at freezing temperatures lol.

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Yeah i know I really want to get back to Nintendo but I don't feel it is worth it for me right now, and I hope you meant holiday 2013 lol I want them to succeed that's why I think they should drop the price.

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No I am saying they should sell it at $200 the same price as a PS3

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That's a good price

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What game are you talking about GT has no competition.

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That's what am saying I wish it had a hdd too, in my opinion they are asking for too much. Even though other systems cost more they offer a lot more for their value and Nintendo doesn't need to make every game kid friendly I want a badass metroid and starfox. They need to cater to all their fans especially the ones that where there from the beginning and they need to take account that those fans have grown up, I still love Mario and other of their franchises but they just keep making ...

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Can't wait

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If Nintendo wants to sell the U I think they need to drop the price now at $200 and add an hdd and bring the franchises that people want and make them a little bit more mature.

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Sorry about the math is this galaxy note 3 am still getting used to it. Lol but like what I was trying to say like wh15ky said by the time ps3 release it had sold 120 million and let's say xbox had sold 25 M that'd 145 and ps3 and 360 have done 160 M in those 7 years and you put wii in there and that is way more than ps2 xbox and the GC put together, after the PS2 a lot of people went to xbox it came out first plus also ps3 with crazy price to me it is still amazing that ps3 was able ...

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That looks so sick

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I hope so I can't wait to try it

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