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Well I don't have as much time like I used to play games so that's why, and yeah I have most of the old systems I started with atari so I do know what you mean. It's crazy #23.1.1
It's the PS19 :-) I want this now. #15
Sometimes I just sit back and look at how far we have come in games, amazing. #23
I can't wait to play this game it will be different #42
Why can't somebody interview them and ask them why they downgraded it. I would if I had the chance and get it in video :-) #5
So are they abandoning the wii-u? #11
I well never sell my first day PS3 phat, especially for $100. #20
I think he bought the xbox one lol #10.2.1
I have to say they were smart because if it went multiplatform it would have been 1080p and 60fps on PS4 and 720p/30fps on xbone which would make micros look bad #19
Can't wait I wish they would put pikes peak when it was all dirt and now that it's all paved #2
All they need to do is drop the price to $200 for just the 8gb console and the controller and have another sku with a 250 GB for $250 and just release the games the people want the most from Nintendo, like starfox, metroid etc and they will be okay, because if they make another console, they will become the next sega #80
I didn't know ds was a console? It thought it was a handheld. #6.2.1
I hate when this happens, Wish there was a way to be able to play old online games #3
Like sarcasm said and I have always said $199 should be the price for the wii-u and I would bet if it was 200 there wouldn't be any articles like this about the wii-u #3.1.3
I feel so tempted because I just don't have the time like I used to but I do like to challenge myself and that's why I like GT. #13
Yeah i know it probably won't even run it but GT6 is a hell of a game especially with all the stuff they put in, it's amazing how powerful the PS3 is when other games can't even do half of the stuff GT6 does and can't wait to see what kaz and polyphony do with the power of the PS4. #11.2
Yeah i know give it time and you will see how many copies it will sell, GT6 is a really good game and it's amazing what kaz and polyphony have been able to accomplished with the PS3. #10.1
I can't wait to see what he and polyphony do on the ps4 because they did an amazing job on the PS3. Loving GT6 #3
GT has evolved to more than just a game. It is crazy just thinking about how car companies are creating concept cars for GT I don't think even kazunori yamauchi would have seen this when he made the first GT. I can't wait to see what he does next with the next gen but GT6 Is just amazing even if it's in the old hardware it's crazy how much power they have unlocked from the PS3. #5
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