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Bad news. But will it continue? Are there any games that can keep the same thing from happening in the second quarter? Anything that can go up against last year's MGS4 or GTA4?

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The article is about the 10 most important studios to the future of PC gaming, not the ten most historically significant studios.

Epic was once important to PC gaming, but, as the author points out, it has switched its primary focus to console gaming. CB has even admitted to doing most of his gaming on consoles these days.

id was once important as well, but they have done little lately and the only thing they're working on right now, according to wikipedia, is a...

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Very similar to Oblivion. Just swap out the mythical baddies for mutants.

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Good catch on "wastes," though in the spirit of fair play, you spelled "grammar" with an "e". Ironic, no? Especially given the misspelled word...

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Dude, if something is for sale, the fact that you don't have to buy it is implied. No one can force you to purchase anything.

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The author didn't lie. Xbox Live is $70 in Canada.

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