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I'm the 360 was good for about 5 years then it just went down hill and the xbox one is continuing downward

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Last good halo doubt we'll ever get another one. I'd hate to see the hours I put into halo 2&3

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Just beat the game definitely one of the best games of this generation so far imo

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I have 400 hour on a titan. 100 on warlock and 50 on Hunter only one piece needed for to have all 3 32. I'm gonna not be playing as much till something new happens though don't see me ever quiting

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That sucks I enjoyed Murdered Soul Suspect

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I got a back log on PS4. Guess I just don't have as much free time as others I don't know

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Same here had to go to a friends house to try it. Love living in the country but hate the internet speeds

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I cant bring myself to buy a X1 for the same price as PS4 for 350 id be in. Today was a good move by MS but better games is an opinion my opinion is PS4 has better exclusives and multiplats I do want Titanfall and I'm looks forward to seeing how sunset overdrive and halo turns out

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Can't do or say anything now without offending someone or some group of people.

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I see nothing wrong with it.

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Mine gives an error but I can start them back up where they left off

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Every patch they've released huge I don't understand why. Same with Battlefield 4 makes no sense to me Killzone SF have been fairly decent sized on my Internet it will take hours for that COD patch to download. But it's usually not an issue cause PS4 does it while I'm at work

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Seems someone's always offended about something.

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Sounds like it could be Mass Effect

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Glad they are keeping the patches reasonably sized. Seem like every other PS4 game I've updated the DL size are 1-2 gb or more that takes hours on my connection

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Actually the 3DS sold like 37,000 right cause you have to add them together? But vita is doing OK. I have no idea why people pick 3DS over a vita.

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I'm really excited about this game really like the concept. Now my friends need to hurry up and get a PS4

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Better have Halo 2 multilayer

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Could be a Naughty Dog game they said look for info early in 2014 didn't they?

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Well with all those upgrades I'd say it's 30fps still. From the sound of this article this may be the best looking next gen game so far. Idk though Killzone looks amazing. But for those upgrades I'm gladly gonna pay $60 again.

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