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Rockstar is always at Gamescom or E3. They are part of Take-two interactive. The main reason they are there is to talk with investors and retailers. Just business. Nothing more nothing less. There are no secret meetings to show off new games. Only a small group of media outlets sees a Rockstar game in action. #19
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The Invictive will never be avaible at Xur because you have to get it trough the exotic bounty. You need to earn it. I'm gonna buy the Surus Regime. Hear great things about it and sounds cool. #11.2
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What really annoys me is that a lot of players are bitching about the Pocket Infinity. Okay, in PvP it is a bit overpowered because you can shoot 3 in a row, but I earned that gun via the Exotic Bounty which completing was pretty hard. The whiners have to stop and act and do bounties so they can get the weapon. Bungie is nerfing to much and some weapons become useless like the Vex Mythoclast. I don't even want to clear the Raid on hard because the gun is worthless right now. #9
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Guys I am giving a warning to all of you.

I have played the game all week, but there are numerous problems with the multiplayer mainly connection problems. Then you can say: well that's normal because the game is not out yet. But the servers where up for the reviews. The game was unplayable online becaus I got kicked out of so many sessions or a friend of mine got kicked. Suprisingly no single review is mentioning the connection problems. I am sure I was not the only one.... #26
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Mariocart 8

REALLY? Come on... #37
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During a GTTV episode Respawn's Vince Zampella already said that their goal is to finish Titanfall as fast as they can for the launch, (already delayed) but they are gonna look into it: PS4 version. Then he said to Geoff Keighley that Titanfall 2 wil come to the PS4 for sure. So eventually Titanfall as a series will be playable on Sony's new system. ;-) #23
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Dude, Guerrilla Games is from Holland, Amsterdam. Last time i've checked the Gamescom is in Cologne, Germany. -.-

Not the first time foreign people think Holland is Germany. Pretty offensive... #1.13
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@ MR Mike

XCOM FPS in 2013 and XCOM: EU on 9 octobre 2012 and on 12 octobre in Europe. #2
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He got fired and signed a non-disclosure agreement with Activision...

That's what I think... #9
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Ubisoft already gave a releasdate: october 30th...

A month ago... #5
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@ knifefight

That's a bolt statement without giving any arguments. #3
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@ Trendygamers

It's also released in other countries in Europe, such as The Netherslands, Belgium, Germany. And so on. #4
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In the article it states that Motorstorm RC will be released on march the 6th, but this is a launchtitle and already released. #2
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@ Queefy B

Yes, pretty awesome. #2
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@ blusoops

Whoops. Fixed it. #3
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It's not even a review. How did this got approved? Bad! #3
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Lol! Check the title: Tim Willets? What? Fail... #1
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Funny to see that the 8 gigabyte is news again! More than a month ago we (PSFocus) talked to Willits about the mandatory install. We posted a article about that subject here and got 940 degrees. N4G is repeating itself and bad that this article got approved. #30
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N4G is getting worser by the dat! I saw this news on a other site and doublechecked on the BF3 Twitter. The said that there is no date!

How did this get approved? This is not news, but bullshit rumours. The staff of N4G have to make selection who can post news in the future to prevent this load of crap news. #15
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@ HOSe

Yeah Motorstorm was released earlier in Europa. Mostly the US also get this games in the greatest hits. We will see. #4
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