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"I think they should avoid putting MP heavy games on both PC and Xbox. The console gamer has to pay for online, while the PC player doesn't."

So what lol

There diffrent ecosystems, if you dont like paying for online guess what! invest in the ecosystem where you dont have to pay to play online.

Personally as playstation fanboy who has become a pc gamer over the past 18months im really happy and impressed with microsoft pushing xb...

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But digital is overpriced compared to physical anyway?

So your getting 10% back on an overpriced version

Isnt it better to get more money back for a physical version that costs less.

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"no value in it whatsoever etc. What does he do? Let is sit there for no value or trade it in, even if it is a small percentage?"

So why pay more money for a digital version to get a small percentage back

when you could buy a physical copy for much less and get a higher percentage back on the version that costs less?

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pro cod players make gamers look like bigger idiots.

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I bet your not laughing, probalay sat there with a mild small grin on your face at most,

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Some of it is crap,

But as a fan of cs:go the majors with all the "best teams" in the world is actually pretty good entertainment,

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Its not £50 here in the uk what are you on about.

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Games are like movies, just because its "old" doesnt mean its not worth revisiting.

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Good for you

some of us want it

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playstation needs to be 1 ecosystem across all platforms

and im the biggest fanboy of playstation you can find!

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Im a sony fanboy all day long

but sorry this feature would be epic.

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"so a game like farcry primal which is basically a farcry 4 expansion can charge full price"

All ubisoft games these days are just reskins reusing assets etc, look at primal having the actualy same map as fc4!

But no, people complain about a game that has been built from the ground up from a team of 10 people (ithink) asking for $60

so many self entitled gamers! when will they learn the price of video games have never gone up in 20...

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"But you also need to understand Sony does not have the cash to finance a bunch of risky cutting edge new IPs"

THey invested in the order 1886 and every shat on them for it

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Youve got a point,

but i loved both of these games, i even played heavy rain for solid for a whole weekend and platinumed it

loved it

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*Left behind was actually a fantastic piece of dlc and was very refreshing compared to the usual trash that is dlc!

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Best response you could come up with is something completely off topic

well done

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"This is coming from someone that has MGSV:PP and Bloodborne"

So your about 13 years old then.

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Please tell me your joking, both of those games were "facelifed" whilst the originals were still selling strong lol

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Portal already looks fantastic on vive

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plus when them hacks happened, the gaming was affected

im still able to play cs:go lol yesterday and today

and people are still able to play there games

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