I'm fat.


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...oh wait, wrong site. My bad.

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The original Bubsy was pretty fun. Creator sounds like a pretty nice guy. We also got Syphon Filter out of Eidetic - another series I'd love to see make a comeback.

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Kotaku: *kicks publisher in proverbial nuts*

Publisher: OW! That's it, I'm not working with you again.

Kotaku: Pleeeeaaassseee? Think of the gamers!

Publisher: ...fine.

Kotaku: *kicks publisher in proverbial nuts again*

Publisher: We're done.


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Just like any politician, celebrity, musician, or company can refuse to speak with certain outlets that provide biased, shallow, clickbait coverage, so too can game developers. I have no problem with journalism outlets in the game industry who ask tough questions, but Kotaku is not that outlet. They're clickbait sensationalists who play loose with facts, and suddenly they're surprised and incensed that companies won't play ball with them? Then they try and make their qualms look l...

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Worked for me. Thanks!

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I haven't been spoiled by any of them because I have this odd ability TO NOT READ THEM.

It's a hell of a concept for a lot of people, but hopefully other people someday obtain this magic power that I have been blessed with. God willing.

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Hopefully modders work on it; it was the worst wrestling game in years to me, which is sad because I really enjoyed the previous couple of years. This one was uninspired, unfinished, and missing a lot of features that 2K14 had.

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My massive gut tells me she has been in the game from the start, just locked behind a paywall.

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Fatty's a big WWE fan, has enjoyed the games even when they didn't change much from year to year, but this year's offering got features cut more times than if I had a lap band and lipo at the same time. People are better off just replaying WWE 13 or 14 instead. I haven't been this disappointed since Golden Corral kicked me out after 10 hours; I did not have all I could eat, dammit.

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I think me and my supercharged rascal scooter would make a wonderful addition to the next Gran Turismo OR Grand Theft Auto.

Even more importantly, with the graphical power of the current consoles, there are finally enough polygons to do justice to my rotund glory.

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"Billy, this game has been in the family for 6 generations, waiting for the moment when it can be played once more. You, Billy, are the one who will finally play it."

"Thanks Grandpa, I'll make the family proud!"

"I know you will."

*plays as Palutena*

"Dammit Billy"

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Oh poop, that means my great-great-great-great-great- great-great grandchildren (our family is short-lived due to obvious reasons: gorilla attacks) won't be able to play my gravy-stained copy someday.

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Kill hundreds of people in a game = super fun
Kill an animal in a game = super backlash

Good to know.

I resemble a beached whale, so if I get in a game I'm probably safe.

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Pfft, me and Dominos have a running deal where they deliver 10 deep dish pies through the slot in my double-wide door and I don't sue them for what their pizza grease does to my floors and septic system. I think we do well by each other.

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It's still selling gangbusters (and with good reason(s) that are only going to keep coming in the future). If I was in charge at Sony, I wouldn't be dropping the price for a long while.

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Ol' Fatty's on his 3rd liver and probably can't finagle a way back onto the list for a new one. Sounds like a great 20 minutes, though.

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Gamers have accepted feminism, in that 99.9% of gamers believe that women should (and by most gamers are) equally welcomed in the community.

Just because a girl in a game is attractive does not make it sexist.

Simply having a male lead character does not make the game sexist.

Just because a male gamer disagrees with a feminist critic does not make them a misogynist.

Yet we still don't see the gaming media understand th...

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It warms my poorly-circulated ankles (curse you diabetes) to see KOTOR at the top of the list, and also to see some love for the Super Star Wars series... it may have taken some serious liberties with the franchise, but those boss battles were pretty epic.

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The first time I saw it I had 2 concurrent heart attacks. I can't recall what game it was for, though. I think it was some offroad game with a Jeep and a Bronco. Not really a big loss to have not been able to play right then, but still.

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Old cholesterol-ridden Fatty's big ones were always the disc read error from my fat PS2 (still have it with the hard drive inside... not that I ever used it) and my original PS1 overheating after a few hours of play.

Also why no classic "no free slots" on your only memory card? It was harder to decide between a king-sized chocolate milkshake or malt on which progress file was no longer worthy of staying on that card.

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