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Actually, what ends up happening is that there are frequent disagreements and the only difference is that they're civil; nobody ever attacks anyone, unless they only exist to sling personal attacks. And if they are, they get booted out and, unsurprisingly, end up in sh**holes like this. #5.1
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Isn't it great that people get to call whatever they please "clickbait?" Really, it's entirely up to the discretion of the reader to make this determination. More elitism and egotistical self-righteousness.

And hey, whose fault is it that clickbait even exists at all? Do I see a lot of well-researched, well-written articles at the top of N4G? No, never. I see the dumbest crap possible because THAT's WHAT YOU PEOPLE RESPOND TO.

You w... #1.3.4
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solar: "Bottom of the barrel" is an understatement. Thousands of so-called "gamers" passing judgment without reading a word of any article written, and pretending to be superior to every journalist, critic and developer on earth.

It's so painful I don't even want to tell people I play video games, lest they stumble across this hellhole and determine I have an IQ of about 37.

KingdomCome: Thanks, but don't bother. They didn... #1.3
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Hard to say. How many times does the laughingstock that is the N4G community have to be mocked by intelligent communities elsewhere before this place gets the equivalent of a handicapped sticker? #1.1
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johndoe: You're a great example of why journalists can't stand writing in this industry.

You talk about "ignoring the evidence" when all you do is spout conspiracy theories about crap you know nothing about. I've worked as a journalist in a variety of entertainment venues and you're right, gaming journalists are at the bottom of the totem pole. It's because too many of them are amateur bloggers who have no training and no real criticism or jour... #2.2.4
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Nothing, obviously.

All gamers are superior to reviewers, right?

Of course, this implies that no reviewer is as "true" of a gamer as the average joe off the street. And that makes even MORE sense. LOL #11.1.3
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Let me see if I've got this straight:

Most critics I've ever met, and most who post reviews that are most visible, spend their lives interviewing developers and designers, traveling to events, covering various aspects of the industry on a daily basis, and oh yeah, they're probably only doing this because they're hardcore gamers themselves.

And they don't know more than the average consumer who does none of this, and they have no standards... #11.1
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...and some people use actual words and write full sentences. Few on this site, of course. #1.2.1
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Of course you put the blame on the gamers. Where else would it lie? People can write whatever they want; if it doesn't net them attention (aka traffic), they won't bother with it. Gamers keep saying they want it by clicking; hence, writers keep putting it up.

Gaming magazines back in the day weren't free. It was a business model that worked: Pay for a service. If a journalist is rendering a service entirely online and that service is entirely free, the busine... #1.1
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What I find really annoying is the rampant belief that if a site only covers a particular platform, it's automatic that games get higher scores there. It's not even my freakin' site and I've been gaming since the Atari. I have no platform loyalty.

And considering I took a ton of flak for questioning a lot of things about The Order over the past year, I find it REALLY funny that people are now claiming I'm defending it. And if you think that based on the... #27
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Yeah, this is the elitist, egocentric, "gaming masses always know more than critics" (who apparently are never gamers), disgustingly inaccurate view that's tainting the video game community.

Most reviews I've seen over the past few years harshly criticize games for not being innovative or original. In fact, we're seeing super high scores for little indie games that absolutely do attempt new concepts and gameplay mechanics. The major franchises are NOT... #23.1
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wenaldy: Tell you what, chief: Tell the gaming community not to click on "click bait" articles (which are just headlines in the world of journalism that gain attention, despite gamers yet again ascribing a negative term to EXACTLY what they want).

I still do plenty of "thoughtful articles." Always have. But nobody around here knows it because thoughtful articles don't hit big on N4G. Guess what does? Your so-called "click-bait" articles b... #27.1.1
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Mr. Pumblechook: I see. So, your analysis - dead flat wrong, but as you're omnipotent, we have to accept it - must be the only one. And I never called you any names. All I said is that you're obviously ignorant of reality and because of that, you just got mad and continued your base accusation. I already refuted it and explained why. You decided to stick with your overview, which is wildly insulting in and of itself (a symptom of every gamer alive thinking they can be a better c... #1.1.11
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These days, given the increasingly fluid nature of games, I don't think that's a very good policy. #17.1
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Cobra: You are correct. It is troubling but this is the way it is. Unfortunately, nobody really knows how to correct it. It has always been the problem with any sort of 100 percent digital enterprise where you're not actually selling anything:

Everything you produce is free for all. Yes, you have to be on the Internet but it's not like GameSpot gets a portion of the money you give to Comcast. All reviews are free because you don't need to have a subscription... #1.1.8
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Baloney. Sites only exist with traffic, and you only get that traffic by issuing reviews as soon as possible. The site that waits to produce all their reviews has resigned itself to volunteer writers and no income whatsoever.

We all wish it wasn't like this (and it shouldn't be) but this is the digital world. #9.2
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Mr. Pumblechook: As per my statement about the absurdly self-righteous, you make my point perfectly.

Your entire post is anti-game journalism and fueled by these grand ideals that unfortunately don't - and in fact, can't - exist in the industry today. And why? Because the gamers won't allow it.

Those who have worked in the field know what I'm talking about. Unless you work for one of the major sources, you're probably on part-time pay (... #1.1.5
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Yes, game journalists don't play games.

That's just...brilliant. #5.1
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Yes, and the people at fault are those baiting the trolls, but never the trolls, right?

If gamers were more mature and didn't freak out so easily, and if a journalist with half a brain couldn't SO easily predict these freak-outs, maybe that would force journalists to put out articles that have actual substance.

When they do, nobody reads it. Whose fault is that again? #1.2.1
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As for the latter part, I think that's probably very uncommon. The problem is that gamers seem to think that ALL journalists are somehow shady, stupid, or insulting to gamers (or all three). That's an overblown perspective. #4.1.1
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