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Yeah, newsflash for the elitists of the world: A game's difficulty doesn't automatically make it hardcore, nor does it mean that anyone who doesn't play them can't be hardcore. #5.1
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Good to see most gamers have about three brain cells to rub together.

A 10 doesn't mean the game is literally perfect, genius. In fact, if you just took the time to read the scoring policies for the sources and publications, you'd know how each source uses their rating system. The maximum score allowed doesn't imply perfection; no critic every said it did.

That's like saying any movie, album, or restaurant that lands four stars is completely... #26.1.1
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Yeah, I don't bother with the shockingly self-absorbed, I-know-more-than-everyone-else , all-game-journalists-are-idiot s mentality I find around here.

Go enforce your wavering ego on someone else. #2.1.2
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Way to take it completely literally and assume I meant that every last gamer alive should never buy a console a launch.

What a tool. LOL #2.1
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Thanks for the lesson.

And as someone already said, the article does reflect the content. Next time, try reading before lecturing. #16.1.2
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A sea of comments from people who clearly never read one word in the article in question. #16
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Exaggeration and lies.

Know how long I've been reviewing games in this industry? 16 years. 4 different websites. Know how many times I was told to alter a review score because the site was receiving ad money from a company?

Zero. This doesn't happen. Now, the GameStop/Gerstmann thing was a definite fiasco but of course, any time something like that happens, gamers choose to treat it as the rule and not the exception.

99% of all c... #16.1.2
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It makes no difference whatsoever that critics get their games for free. None.

The myth that critics and sources are "bought out" REALLY needs to stop. It's hugely insulting to those who actually work in the industry. #16.1
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I think the definition of "real gamer" is crazy subjective, which makes this question tough. :) #2.1
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No. #2
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The sites wouldn't report on any of it if the readers (aka YOU) didn't give it so much attention every time it came out.

Has nothing whatsoever to do with the sites. Nothing at all. They deliver the content people want to read, and after people read it, they whine that they "had" to read it. #1.1.1
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I think the problem with this idea is that the novelty of LBP appears to be wearing just a little thin. Even the most amazing games have a certain novelty that wears off, no matter how imaginative the developers are. #12
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You've never seen me write anything that's even remotely entitled. It's the one trait that's essentially killing mankind as far as I'm concerned; I would never practice it. As for you, every word you write on here is loaded with egocentric lecturing, and I can't figure out who you think you are, or why you think you can talk down to everyone.

As for the second part, it makes no sense at all. Hundreds more games are released today than before. We ha... #4.1
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No, a review of a game is never "mostly" subjective. Personal preference comprises only a small portion of any good review.

There are objective and qualitative aspects to any game. #2.1
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No higher than 7. #5
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You know why all game journalists get up in the morning to serve the gaming public?

People like you.

...oh, wait. I got that backward. People like you are the reason we want to QUIT serving the gaming public. Now I remember the way it goes.

Hostile, ignorant, and hateful. You wanted to hate it before you read it, wanted to hate the author before you read it, and made conclusions like "doom and gloom" even when "For Now"... #3.1.2
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"Once again I didn't say anything about all gamers being 'critics'. I said critics are just glorified everyday gamers."

Either you're about 16 years old or you really are this ignorant (or both). Either way, I'm not going to dignify that with a response.

"You can't see it too, bad reviews have little to no negative effects on sales anymore."

Also completely and entirely wrong. Every analyst in the... #7.1.4
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More insulting, ignorant stuff. You have no idea what it takes to review a game. It's not about gaming "skills;" it's about a broad knowledge of the industry.

I can write you a review of anything, because I can have an opinion on anything. Doesn't mean I'm an expert. I can tell you what sort of flowers I like in a garden, what dish I like at a restaurant, or what my favorite painting in a museum is. Doesn't make me a qualified gardening, res... #7.1.2
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Because the people reviewing them aren't "random" individuals. They're supposed to be professionals (even though not all of them are).

I know gamers love to think they can all be critics, that it takes no skill at all, etc, etc, etc. It's not only grossly inaccurate, it's insulting. #7.1
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Uh...what's in Salt Lake City? #1.3
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