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Free-to-play Tekken sounds like a great idea, so I'm glad the game seems high-quality. And it's good to hear you can play as more than one character without having to download anything (unlike the upcoming Killer Instinct). #1
Contra > Unreal, Gears of War #15.1
I just looked around on the webs and couldn't find any announced pricing on the game. I will definitely hit up the devs for an answer. #4.1
creatche, his critics don't have to; many, many other game developers have made far better games than Cliffy B.

And remember, Cliffy B. is a critic of gamers. Criticizing your potential audience is not a good idea. #5.2
Belking, it's ironic when people complain about the lack of intelligent discourse, yet they don't address any of the points in the article. #1.2.2
Good for you. As a fan of good shooters (Contra, Metal Slug, Doom, Wild Guns, Sin and Punishment, and, of course, Resident Evil 4), I'd rather not play the outdated Resident Evil games. In addition to their laughable shooting mechanics, they have clunky movement controls. Capcom corrected the idiotic movement controls of the old REs with Devil May Cry. Like the old REs, Devil May Cry switched camera angles frequently, but Dante ran exactly where you wanted him to without as much fuss. #2.1.2
I was a big fan of the old games when they came out. But going back to them is not much fun. I articulate the reasons in the piece. #2.1
Slugfest sounds awesome ... and vaguely familiar. Thanks for the recommendation! #3.1
Feel free to leave your comments on our site as well. #43
A lot of great points in the comments, it seems the battle system is the main point of contention. Why do you guys believe it needs to be one way or another? I'm interested to see your perspectives. #42
A possibility for sure. #6.1
Donnie, $250 sounds a little low for the Deluxe bundle. It sounds like a better price for the Basic bundle, assuming Nintendo keeps the thing on the market.

Also, dudes and dudettes, feel free to comment at about this and other things. I'm seeing some good points here. #4
Hell yes to Freedom Fighters, not only was that game a blast to play, but the soundtrack is so damn good. #1
Still, what developers and publishers say they are going to do, and what actually gets released, sometimes are not one and the same. I.e. Aliens: Colonial Marines. #2
Falcon, you're been more lucky with the PS2 than many others, just like I've been more lucky with the 360 than many others. #1.1.8
The 360 had durability problems, definitely. But my 360 has functioned better than my PS2, and I've used the former quite a bit. By the way, dudes, feel free to comment on the site about anything. It's a new site; we're trying to get things going and everything. #1.1.5
Based on what I've personally observed, I've seen more dead PS2s than anything.

Check out this video, too:

The library thing is just a personal thing. It just struck me as quantity over quality. #1.1.2
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