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I'm guessing you're not a fan of nonstop run n' gun action. Contra 4, like its predecessors, is one of the best action games I've ever played.

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I suffer from honesty. The trailer just wasn't exciting.

Edit for GribbleGrunger: I explain why the trailer didn't excite me in the article. Also, the replies don't really bother me. I was just clarifying a quick point. People are free to disagree. All of us at Fate of the Game want to encourage the free flow of ideas, and we look forward to any comments you might share.

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As the title indicates, I'm dissing the gameplay trailer, not the game.

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Again, the article points out that Xbox One management is now run by three people leading different divisions: Larson-Green, Myerson, and Bates. Hence, the headline.

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Archangel, I think you have broadened the term "Citizen Kane moment" to the point where it no longer has much meaning. Simply put, there is only one Citizen Kane in the film world. Welles' struggle and innovative approach are unique. Thus, there cannot be multiple video games that resemble Citizen Kane.

But really, all of that is pedantic. Here's the question everyone should be asking: Who cares if video games have an equivalent to Citizen Kane?

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It's not just Julia Larson-Green, however, as implied in other articles. This article points out that Xbox One management has been split up into three divisions. Terry Myerson and Tony Bates are the two names in addition to Larson-Green that people should be looking at.

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I was mainly talking about controlling Link with a traditional controller that you hold with two hands.

I also don't think the existence of Zelda II means there is no such thing as "tradition"; after all, the majority of Zelda games are not side-scrollers, and they all recycle themes/items/etc.

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To clarify, the article isn't about the 3DS; it's about the Wii.

Perhaps it's the headline that is ultimately confusing. The headline is a reference to the line from "American Pie," the popular Don McClean song about the death of Buddy Holly. He says the death of Buddy Holly was "the day the music died." So the headline here isn't meant to be taken literally - it's just sentimental.

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Regardless of whether one likes the Wii U, it's absurd to suggest Nintendo is going to drop out of the console market due to one failure. This suggestion ignores Nintendo's history as well as its utter dominance in the handheld market and its comeback success with the Wii. The company is Looney Tunes quite simply because it can afford to.

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I reference the Wind Waker remake in the article, pointing out that Nintendo has an opportunity to win me back on Zelda. I'm looking forward to faster sailing, that's for sure.

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You could input the commands manually or automatically. How is this any different than the classic JRPGs that offered auto combat?

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What about the battle mechanics? I found the battles quite engaging in that you had to switch classes on the fly to beat the hardest enemies.

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I liked how Final Fantasy XIII dared to streamline the JRPG experience. I also thought the complaints about auto-combat were stupid - you didn't have to make it automatic! The battle system was the best part about Final Fantasy XIII.

However, the game had one of the worst stories of any game I've played.

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A good read overall, but I was puzzled by the relatively low score for such an excellent game, as well as the final paragraph's references to titles that, frankly, don't belong in the same sentence as Streets of Rage 2.

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Depends on how you define "LOVE." I'm sure they loved the fact that games sold on the PS2 very well, but according to a developer interview in the most recent issue of Retro Gamer, the PS2 was kind of difficult to develop games for.

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And as I explain in the article, its retro shooter library is unmatched.

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From my standpoint, the analogy wasn't unnecessary and makes the point that I am strongly against anti-consumer policies. Now, if you liked the direction Microsoft was going in, fine, but you're not going to convince me to go easy on what the company was trying to do. On the other hand, I can still recognize that Microsoft can be a good company again - that's the entire point of this article.

And by the way, I was planning on buying the new Xbox before Microsoft ...

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Beating your wife is obviously wrong; screwing over consumers is obviously wrong. We shouldn't praise anyone for not realizing the obvious.

And how is this article negative about Microsoft? Did you actually read it? A preview is meant to be provocative and/or attention-getting, but it's not the entire article.

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Great point. I have a Smart TV that streams more stuff than I can keep up with. Why the hell would I need a console to do this for me?

Case in point, running Netflix on my Smart TV is a lot more convenient than doing it on my 360.

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Hey, this is Jed Pressgrove from I was pleased to read "A More Tactical RPG Combat" in your headline. The Witcher 2 was already a very tactical RPG that required you to integrate sword fighting, magic, and bombs/traps to become the best of the best. Based on what I've played, the only RPGs that rival The Witcher 2's combat depth are the better strategy RPGs or the first two Fallout games (I've heard that Dragon's Dogma is great in this regard, too)...

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