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The reason i can see playing on Easy is if you plan to play the game one of two more times. Then you get the advantage of a harder playthrough with each new game.

I'll often play a new game on hard the first time, then bump it down to easy the next time so i can experience it at a more relaxed pace, and feel like a deathdealing god the entire time.

Will probably start this game on Normal.

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I won't buy another Ass Creed until the main protagonist moves like Ryu Hyabusa. The combat system needs a major overhaul in an extreme way. And i want it 60fps.

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You can't count a generation in a human family tree and a new generation of technology as the same thing. In the games industry a new generation heralds a substantial increase in power and playability. Period, end of discussion. That's how it's always been since the dawn of gaming, and that's how it is now.

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Third week in November is usually the sweet spot. That guarantees an Xmas sellout. But i can see Oct., which might put Sony ahead of MS by a month.

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I love how The Walking Dead beats out Bioshock and Uncharted 2. Who's brilliant idea was that? I tried The Walking Dead and deleted it 3 hours in because i couldn't play it without falling asleep. That's my subjective experience.

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Here's the thing about DLC: You don't have to buy it! You buy the core experience for $60, then if you like it enough and want to extend your experience you can buy extra content on the side. Why does everyone have a problem with that? I love the option of buying the DLC, or not, based on my opinion of the game and my experience with it.

Don't see it as hate.

As far as used games goes, i love being able to trade in games when i'm done w...

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The naval battles in Ass Creed 3 were my absolute least favourite gameplay moments of last year. Will be avoiding this like the plague.

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I've been gaming for 33 years approx., so i know exactly how it feels, that sense of wonder and excitement. It still exists every time i start up a new game. The trick it to explore different genres, not just shooters. If there is a game coming out that has a unique hook to it, that makes it stand out from the pack, then pick it up. Realism that comes with advancing tech is a good thing. Gameplay that comes along with that new tech should also be advancing as well. If you primarily...

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The experience of sitting alone and playing through an epic single player game is as classic as it gets, and i believe still defines a lot of gamers. Some of us just don't care for the BS that's found online, and like to control every aspect of our gaming experience through single player. I've started to warm up to Co-op, thanks to Borderlands 2. But MP free single player games are still what draws me to gaming, and always has. I've been gaming for 33 years BTW.

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Seriously listen. Sony has publicly stated that they will let MS make the first move. If they announce this early they give MS the chance to gain the upper hand in the year or two left before they release their next console. Why would Sony willingly do that? They're going to let MS announce first, show the public what they've developed, then announce the PS4. Then if MS steals any of their ideas the entire world will know it. The beginning of this new generation is critical, an...

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One only has to go into an average department store and see the Angry Birds bedsheets, nightlights, posters, candy, shirts, shoes, hats, wall coverings, and toothpaste to witness the effect that mobile gaming has had on popular culture. It's cheap, disposable, and sets any respectability of gaming back about a decade or two. It's trash.

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To me mobile gaming is for people who are entering the industry late, who haven't grown up playing games. They are jumping on the gaming bandwagon because it's a trendy part of owning a mobile device, not because they truly love gaming.

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I'm not watching because i'm still on the fence...but WTF?! Now there's no hope at all?

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A Twitter post does not constitute an official announcement.

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You can't have every game as hard as the Souls series. It would make every experience a slog to get through. Not everybody has the time to endure that, and would like to just settle for something fun and entertaining. There's no shortage of games like that. Sometimes i like games to be short and challenging. Sometimes i prefer long and easier. Depends on the game and my mood at the time.

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Perhaps they should start with some smart marketing, accompanied by some killer apps that make people actually thirst for the system. 1 or 2 AAA games at launch doesn't cut it. We need Soul Sacrifice and Killzone right now.

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Almost as annoying as escort missions are the "defend me while i hack this terminal" routines. Those are usually tied into the escort mission somehow, and usually make me want to pack up the game and sell it to Gamestop.

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Can't wait to climb to the top of that giant Jesus statue, and then dive into a pile of banana leaves. Sounds thrilling.

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The most obvious solution, and one that will satisfy everyone, is to just put in a reversable cover. Then there will be the one that's there now for the fratboys, and the real cover on the opposite side for the real gamers. Boom, everyone wins, and everyone is happy.

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Very generic. Cancelling preorder. Kidding, of course, i don't have a preorder. Considering the subject and setting, they could have done a lot with it. But you can't judge a game by its cover.

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