waiting for a new monster hunter


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Gta missions need to give more money, and i Wouldn't mind some new missions or a very hard mode.

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Its all thanks to El sondito

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It needs a monster hunter game to succeed in Japan and a Grand theft auto game over here.
So much more games i want for the vita, its fun to play on.

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My friend was so mad cause i got this on my first nightfall, he's been playing since launch lol.

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Yes contact lenses, whilst you're sat there going "you see that shark?" everyone else is questioning what drugs you've been taking XD

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Awesome demo, can't believe i've put more than 10 hours into a demo. Got the new 3DS pre-ordered too can't wait.

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You're right, monster hunter has no story and not the best graphics but i've still put thousands of hours into the series.

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You let go of it to pick up the charger to play some more?

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Can you play this game without controlling two characters? Or does co-op let you control just one character each?
It's the only thing stopping me from buying this.

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Hope one of Luigi's taunts is death stare.

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More than one save file?

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I haven't played infamous 1 and 2, Delsin is pretty badass though, it is hard to make the bad choices with him though he just seems like a good guy.
On a side note he would be awesome in playstation all stars(2?).

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That's awesome, Thanks. :)

Edit: replying i fail at it. XD

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Does this come with sound built in or do i have to use separate headphones?

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Love this site never won anything lol but here goes... :)

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Your avatar looks like he is on a rush using the toilet. XD

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Monster hunter games always have an import data option so you can pick up from where you left off.

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Has this game still got the disqualify thing in for touching other cars? i would get disqualified 73x on some races XD. Still GT5 was awesome.

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I have they can't help without a photo of ID or my dob :(

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And.... i just lost my account thanks a lot. i've tried everything to get it back but i don't have any ID fml spent a lot in the ps store too

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