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"All systems nominal!"


I would absolutely love a new Motorstorm, though it's probably unlikely. #7.2.1
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed to me that they kind of advertised it as a sim though. If the game isn't trying to be a sim, they certainly fooled me with their marketing. Like I said, i'm glad people are having fun, I don't want any game to suck, I'm just surprised to find a pocket of such enthusiastic praise as I've seen very little of it elsewhere. #7.1.1
I'm honestly surprised after coming into this post to see so many positive comments about the game. Everything I've been hearing was saying it was poorly received and lacked features.

Glad someone is out there enjoying it I guess. #7
Weren't they taking ideas for a new Anachronox game a few months back? I believe that was an old Eidos property, so SE would own that.

I know little about the game beyond that it was well liked by those who actually played it. #18
I'm super excited to see what can be done with VR. That said, I refuse to truly get my hopes up until I see that something truly unique can be done with the new tech that isn't just some little demo. #10
Can't wait to wield gaming's largest "short sword" #54
A top news story with no comments?

Now is my chance for glory! #1
Am I the only one that found the guy in the middles' complaints about the uplink and Y wings to be kind of useless and nit picky. It's a game mode, man. Sure, the uplink could probably be contextualized better, but did the y wings doing only one run bother you so much? It's a game mechanic. #7
Am I the only one around here that cares far more about whether or not the game simply performs well and is fun to play than whether or not the actual in game graphics are EXACTLY the same as the trailer? It would be super awesome if they pull it off, but I rather have a solid frame rate and a fun game. If they have o compromise to accomplish that, then so be it. It's a disappointment but, dear god people, it's not the end of the world.

Yeah, it would be nice if they... #44
Seems pretty straightforward to me. It won't have the old instant action mode, but they are making a mode that provides one off scenarios you play with bots. It sounds like they aren't just multiplayer matches with bots, but something a little different. Any details beyond that they simply aren't talking about yet. Give it some time and they will reveal more. #5
What they showed of Watch Dogs wasn't "fake." They had to back off on the graphics due to time, money, and system resources. Remember, that game had to function on EVERY console that existed at the time. They showed a target and then eventually had to compromise due to whatever factors contributed to the decision at the time. They didn't show that original video with the intention that they would purposely dial back everything.

I don't think any of those... #1.14.1
I'm not commenting on whether or not the game will look that good, but not showing gameplay this early can come from a lot of different factors.

The game press who were shown the game behind closed doors are much more understanding of the idea that a game is unfinished. If certain aspects of the game are clunky, they are much more forgiving than the general public. It simply may not be what they want to show the general gaming public yet.

On top of that,... #1.13.1
they have said they are targeting 60FPS, but that statement does leave open the possibility that they wont hit it.

Personally I would prefer them to go for frames over graphics, but if they can at least get a stable 30 than it will at least be a solidly playable game.

Here is to hoping they can pull it off. #1.1.15
I never really thought about this, but you are probably right. I'd now be surprised to see them slap a number on this game. #1.4
Although I can agree with you on a gameplay perspective, I have to disagree with what you are saying regarding the technical side being just fine.

BF4 in particular launched with a giant mess of bugs and problems. I love their games and how they play, but the tech record for battlefield has always been a touch spotty, and it has only become worse with the development of Frostbite with BF3 and 4. BF4 was barely playable for me on PC at launch.

That said, I'... #1.1.3
Although i like the intent and the idea, I do think the actual effect is kind of off putting. It's kind of hard to look at. Maybe they can clean it up a bit and with time it will evolve into something that is less harsh. #9.1
Is there a "What?" button on here? I need a "what?" button! #10.1.2
Actually, this news came out awhile ago. I remember a couple months back hearing them say it was most likely going to be locked at 30 instead of run at 60.

60 would be ideal, but if they keep it from dipping, 30 is certainly playable. Totally understand the disappointment though. #2.1
Off somewhere else not giving a shit?

I think the hype on this one died awhile ago. #6.2
If you think that PC gamer numbers alone can kill COD then you are completely blind to the numbers behind why that game has been so massively popular and able to sell as many copies as it does. You think that magically the PC gaming crowd could EVER rally behind a game so hard as to outsell COD without a significant portion of the console market which is what drives it's sales in the first place? Come on man, that's just silly.

Honestly, TitanFall is a blast. Does it... #1.4.1
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