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"All systems nominal!"


Actually, this news came out awhile ago. I remember a couple months back hearing them say it was most likely going to be locked at 30 instead of run at 60.

60 would be ideal, but if they keep it from dipping, 30 is certainly playable. Totally understand the disappointment though. #2.1
Off somewhere else not giving a shit?

I think the hype on this one died awhile ago. #6.2
If you think that PC gamer numbers alone can kill COD then you are completely blind to the numbers behind why that game has been so massively popular and able to sell as many copies as it does. You think that magically the PC gaming crowd could EVER rally behind a game so hard as to outsell COD without a significant portion of the console market which is what drives it's sales in the first place? Come on man, that's just silly.

Honestly, TitanFall is a blast. Does it... #1.4.1
Yeah, I'd say it sounds like that is EXACTLY why, haha.

No reason to get hyped for a MP only game if you don't care for online MP. #6.1
I find people disagreeing to this statement hilarious.

"Just let it go man, he didn't hate the game."

Actually, not always. This isn't uncommon. It's pretty standard practice to get a list of things you can't say or use in a review, usually with the intent of reducing spoilers for the story or content that is technically supposed to be some hidden surprise.

Granted, this is usually for people who got free review copies and early reviews, eventually when the game is out, well, you can't really hold them down as easily if at all.

Nintendo is app... #2.10.1
There may be similarities in Titan Fall to COD, but, you know what? COD is a great playing FPS, the core mechanics are pretty damn solid. It's problems are bigger then just being a shooter. They took those tight controls and made a new game out of it. It's a different beast. That's is a ton of fun to play.

But I'm just a biased punk right?

Remember kids, if someone has a different opinion then you, they obviously just ignorant fools who haven&... #2.5.1
Holy Hell, people!

Sometimes people have differing opinions. You crazies that think everyone who gives a score that YOU don't like is OBVIOUSLY taking money from someones pockets or carrying some weird grudge or bias need to seriously get you're heads out of your asses.

Adam Sessler gave Infamous a mediocre score, essentially saying the game is decent and probably worth playing if you like those games, but it could be better. One of his main gripes we... #66
I love that you have 5 disagrees on there. What psychopath sees a statement like that and says "NO! You're wrong, we have to be mad and hate each other all the time for no reason!" #6.4
But... Naughty Dog makes great games, and your quickness to jump onto the PS3 fan boy hate train and bash one of the PS3's most respected devs Mr. Blaze doesn't exactly make you look level headed and impartial. #4
Actually guys the textures are so bland up top because the world is covered in ash. If you look closer you can see a few spots where color peeks through,like the signs up on the building as he comes up the stairs. Basically everything is caked in a layer of ash and concrete dust.

Plus the level kind of looks weirdly sparse and unfinished for a modern Battlefield map. Probably due to being early footage. #1.2.4
I remember this post, a decent chunk of the quoted comments were kind of just dumb sexists jokes. Not that some or most of it isn't genuinely rude or closed minded, but come people, sometime a joke is just a joke. #42
I love beta keys! #104
Multiple reasons.

The cost of increasing the server capacity becomes exponential the higher up you go. Once you hit a certain point it stops making economical sense. You combine that idea with the fact that the server load will NEVER be anywhere this high again after a week or so and it just becomes not worth the time, effort, and money.

It really does suck but in the end they have to weigh the ups and downs and make a decisions. Combine this with a company... #3.1
Well you could argue that the hate spewed at the game before it even released gave it a bad rap before it even hit shelves. I know a lot of people that never gave it a second thought because they heard so much negativity around it. Everything changed when i shoved a controller in their hands and they actually played it. Most of them thoroughly enjoyed the game after they actually played it. #2.3.1
Not that I don't really enjoy both games but this argument is like saying two nearly identical sandwiches are nothing alike because one has turkey and the other has ham. There are a lot of shared ingredients going on here. #5.5.1
Total Biscuit has some good opinions and is worth the occasional listen, but I also think he is a bit overblown at times myself. #2.1
The original Prey wasn't a bad game and had some ok ideas, but honestly I thought this game looked FAAAAAAAR more interesting and I would hate to see it go under. Root complains about franchises abandoning their origins but I would argue there is a difference between creating something new and amazing from an existing ip and taking it and watering it down and changing it into something nobody wants. #5
Doom 4, it's going to be Doom 4. #52
I agree, I find most of this kind of finger pointing useless and in many cases detrimental. Honestly, I don't know why so many people care about the whole "Doritos" thing. TV shows have advertisers, it's how they make their money. Personally the guy seems to have a pretty decent head on his shoulders, particularly the bits I've heard form him off camera. #21.1
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