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I have yet to play it, but what I've seen of it so far didn't seem like a huge deal. It all seems fine, but I'll echo the sentiment of a few others here in saying Doom is a much better example of modern day campaign innovation.

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You must be really fun at parties.

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Well, i'm sure there are a few people who care.

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... why are you so angry that he is ok with this amount of time? Honestly, 20 to 30 hours for any game is a plenty long length of time.

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My favorite console is a really tough choice, but if I had to choose it was probably the original Playstation. I have more fond memories of playing games by myself and with friends than any other console. Truly a staple of long nights and good times.

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I'm glad you guys are making an effort to put down news that this. After reading the article and looking at the video, it was obvious the authors didn't really do a good job of understanding the situation.

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This article is dumb and misleading. He got paid to promote the game, not review it. There is a huge difference. One is just how promotion works, the other is a huge violation of ethics.

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I did the firs 3 of my placement matches yesterday and I definitely encountered a couple douche canoes. Had one guy complaining I didn't push my Zarya with his Lucio into a 2 on 5 fight telling me if I can't play my role then I need to quit. My playing wasn't the problem, we just got stomped and he wanted a target to whine at.

Overall though most people have been perfectly fine. I get the impression the majority is aware of the salty nature of other communities ...

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Or, now hear me out, they market the game in such a way that emphasis the choice or existence of either gender.

I'm perfectly ok with, and encourage, more female protagonists in games, but if you have a game like Mass Effect maybe you should find a way to present both.

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I'm super glad it was not. At the 40 dollar PC price tag, I thought this was a perfect buy. Although I've found many FTP games to be enjoyable, I absolutely hate not having an option of just dropping a set amount to have everything in the game. As someone who finds the limits of an FTP game frustrating, this is exactly what I wanted. That said, they can always add extra stuff on top for microtransactions, which I'm pretty sure they will.

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Also what!

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I know what you are getting at and I'm not really defending the guy specifically, but these kind of "if you don't like it or aren't interested why are you here" argument gets kind of old. I've read and watched plenty of articles and videos based on things I'm not necessarily into, but I'm curious enough to hear what's up or what someones opinion on something is. Maybe he came here looking for a different perspective seeing as it's a high profile game ...

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This was basically my thought as well. Not a huge amount has been said and for the most part they have put their money where their mouth is on showing what they have discussed. They haven't given much detail on how trading and the economy work in game yet, but the game isn't coming out tomorrow and I feel like they are simply holding onto that for future demos.

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In support of what you have said, I think it's worth stating that people need to keep their expectations in check and not let their imaginations run away from them. The devs haven't really said much to inflate the hype train. They have simply shown the game bits at a time, and still have time before release to demonstrate features. They have been up front with saying what the game basically is in my opinion. Some people seem to be running a bit far with that.

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I will never understand the inability to to comprehend that sometimes a game simply evolves over the time of it's development. As a game adapts to hardware and gets optimized, you are possibly going to see some graphical details change. It can be disapointing, sure, but so many people seem to rage over the mere thought and always jump to the conclusion "the developer was trying to trick us!"

I'm not saying it's not worth discussing or writing an article...

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Honestly, I was all for the changes they were making. I was willing to acknowledge the faults of the originals and had no issue with them tweaking the game. However, this card loadout thing doesn't sound appealing at all so far.

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I would absolutely love a new Motorstorm, though it's probably unlikely.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed to me that they kind of advertised it as a sim though. If the game isn't trying to be a sim, they certainly fooled me with their marketing. Like I said, i'm glad people are having fun, I don't want any game to suck, I'm just surprised to find a pocket of such enthusiastic praise as I've seen very little of it elsewhere.

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I'm honestly surprised after coming into this post to see so many positive comments about the game. Everything I've been hearing was saying it was poorly received and lacked features.

Glad someone is out there enjoying it I guess.

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Weren't they taking ideas for a new Anachronox game a few months back? I believe that was an old Eidos property, so SE would own that.

I know little about the game beyond that it was well liked by those who actually played it.

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