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Man, you guys must be fun at parties. Honestly, N4G is the last place I want to deep dive on all of this, but most of the non binary folk I know just want to live their lives and would appreciate the occasional bit of representation. It doesn't have to make complete sense to you to not be an asshole and live and let live. I don't agree with every bit of it, but I also have zero reason to go screetching about it. Most of them are just people, and if your ego is so fragile that includin...

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As someone who has a couple friends who identify that way, why would you care if they do?

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Are you trying to say sniping on PC is harder because of more precise controls? I would argue the opposite there friend.

All that said, it just looks like this dude is really good at sniping. I'm sure there is still bullet drop and such to make it difficult at longer ranges.

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I wasn't aware of a price hike for that game, but out of curiosity when did they change it? It could very well be from the gaming turning into aomething bigger than originally intended. The early access version of that game was apparently just an open world survival type thing that was pretty disappointing from what I hear. My understanding is they took that feedback and went to make a game more in line with their original trailers and public perception.

I could be wron...

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As much as I dislike the slapping of Battle Royal into unrelated games, I don't hate the idea of a pirate themed ship based version in the vein of SoT.

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You are welcome to enjoy what you enjoy. I had an online gaming buddy who insisted to me that I could not enjoy BF Bad Company 2 because it was terribly balanced or whatever. It's not my favorite BF game, sure, but I had a lot of fun playing that game with friends, but apparently none of that actually happened and I hated every minute of it I guess.

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They have hits and misses, but I by no means think they should tank. I love Borderlands and the Brothers In Arms games were also well liked. They aren't a perfect company, but they are far from "die in a fire" levels of bad.

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As much as I don't agree with CHEF, there were plenty of mediocre to bad games with the Duke Nukem name slapped on them after 3D.

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I hope this is meant to be a joke and your not actually this hateful and intolerant of a person.

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I think they are specifically referring to ideas like you aren't going to find super wacky goofy out of place stuff like someone running around in pink polka dots and a pirate hat. There is a difference between wackadoo crazy and items that fit within their feel and aesthetic.

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I'd love to hear actual counter arguments rather than a lot of empty "disagrees."

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I keep seeing everyone throw around steampunk, but I feel like most of you who say that don't know a whole lot about that aesthetic. Go google it. A crude prosthetic arm in the 40's does not make it steampunk.

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A game can be immersove without being 100 percent realistic. A great example is the metro games, or games like BioShock Infinite. Immersive and being accurate to reality in a gameplay context are not the same thing, though I can see why people seem to think that way. It's all about drawing you into the experience.

Aso, guys, steampunk is a very specific aesthetic. Love or hate this game, it is not steampunk.

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I have yet to play it, but what I've seen of it so far didn't seem like a huge deal. It all seems fine, but I'll echo the sentiment of a few others here in saying Doom is a much better example of modern day campaign innovation.

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You must be really fun at parties.

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Well, i'm sure there are a few people who care.

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... why are you so angry that he is ok with this amount of time? Honestly, 20 to 30 hours for any game is a plenty long length of time.

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My favorite console is a really tough choice, but if I had to choose it was probably the original Playstation. I have more fond memories of playing games by myself and with friends than any other console. Truly a staple of long nights and good times.

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I'm glad you guys are making an effort to put down news that this. After reading the article and looking at the video, it was obvious the authors didn't really do a good job of understanding the situation.

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This article is dumb and misleading. He got paid to promote the game, not review it. There is a huge difference. One is just how promotion works, the other is a huge violation of ethics.

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