Going Commando


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I can't wait!!! The Raccoon Suit Returns!

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Decent deal, but not worth buying another 360 for.

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Edit @ Below: Read the article before you comment

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WTH Frostbite for NFS? Where do all those motion captures for natural humanistic motions go for this title? Assuming we're only looking at cars 95% of the time.

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On the topic of Hulu Plus on 360, i don't think anyone liked it. Good show.

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Underground and Hot Pursuit FTW

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Lol, must be an Activision activist.

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Tactical FPS at it's finest

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I want to look like Solid Snake

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It's a feature which requires you to be signed into Ubisoft's servers on PC while you play.

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It's teh 3D!!

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Madden makes me sick; I could have told you that before you tried it.

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Are you still there?

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It's shameful because the way they advertise the situation is very unprofessional. I'm quite sure they're aware of the outage in a sense that it will be handled sooner or later. Their advertisement makes it seem like PSN will never be back on. Either way, it's their choice at the end of the day; since I have both consoles and a gaming PC, I couldn't careless about how people spend their money/trade their consoles.

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Yeah I know you guys, but your average consumer would be easily influenced by these things.

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Excitebike, awesome. Can't wait to play on the 3DS

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It's shameful

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I remember I got a couple blue screens when I was overclocking my graphics card for Crysis 2 recently. They suck.

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The S2 is kinda meh..., but the S1 is awesome and sleek. The S2 kinda looks like a George Foreman grill lol

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